Benefits of the Whole Body Vibration Plate

Have you ever tried a Whole Body Vibration Plate? Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is not just a trendy fitness fad. WBV has proven to enhance your health with benefits including:

  • Stronger muscles
  • An increase in bone mass
  • Increase of blood flow
  • Increase of flexibility
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Decreases cortisol levels

The concept of utilizing vibration for health advantages dates all the way back to ancient Greece.  However, but the idea of whole body vibration quickly transitioned from unproven principle to significant technology when the Russian outer space program was using it to replicate the extra weight of gravity for their astronauts that would otherwise get rid of muscle mass and bone mineral density while surviving in space’s zero-gravitational forces environment.

It is also thought that Russians used WBV treatment to improve functionality for Olympic players within the 1980s. Since expert sports athletes have used vibration plates for many years to enhance efficiency, these treatments are beneficial for everyone at any age who seems to be thinking about improving their overall health.

Stronger Muscles

While you stand (with always slightly bent knees) or sit on the WBV plate, your muscle mass contracts and loosens up 30 instances each next. As your system operates to restore steadiness and balance, a number of muscle fibers turn out to be involved in each motion, considerably amplifying the overall effectiveness of any activity carried out on the vibration plate. That is why carrying out squats on the vibration machine requires more energy than carrying them out on the floor. To make the most efficient use of your time on the whole body vibration plate, look at performing your power workouts like leg squats, pushups, leg lunges, and many others. The variety employed in various facets enhances the overall performance of the exercise by triggering much more muscle tissue fibers which leads to muscle progress and elevated muscle tissue density.

Lower Blood Pressure

In study after study, whole body vibration plates have demonstrated a reduction in the hardening of the arteries.  This has worked for postmenopausal women and men in their mid-twenties to an older age. Blood pressure was significantly lowered in each and every study.

Stronger Bone Density

WBV executed 3 times a week for a session of 15-minutes can boost bone density, delivering individuals with a totally drug-free option to weakening of bones.  It is an alternative to the osteoporosis protocols that involve medication.

Better Balance, Flexibility, Coordination

During standard exercise, muscle tissue contracts about 1 to 2 times per second, rather than 30 contractions per second when using the vibration machine. Standing up, or going through exercise routines, will engage your entire core.  The vibration plate will strengthen your hip flexors to control and stabilize your whole body. This will make your whole body work much harder and in the end, the muscle groups surrounding the joints develop much stronger. Over time, you will realize that your balance, control, posture, and also your flexibility has greatly improved.

Increase Immunity and Stimulate the Lymphatic System

As your muscles quickly contract and then relax, the blood circulating in your entire body increases. This increased blood flow will make sure to oxygenate your muscles, which then speeds up the whole recovery process and greatly rejuvenates the body. The improvement in your blood circulation will also lead to much faster metabolic waste removal.

WBV therapy energizes the lymphatic system leading to an immune response within the lymph nodes and giving the body better defenses against diseases. WBV exercise also triggers the lymph system to drain more proficiently, encouraging body fat and toxins on the way out of the entire body with the all-natural circulatory filtration systems. This is especially essential for the aging human body where overall lymph health is increasingly crucial to general wellness.

Lower Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is really a stress hormone introduced by the adrenal glands. While cortisol is vital for helping your system take care of demanding conditions when cortisol degrees are far too high and for too long, this hormone may start to hurt you instead of help. When cortisol ranges stay substantially high over a lengthy time, they could result in weight gain and hypertension.  It may also disrupt your sleep, badly influence your frame of mind, reduce your levels of energy, and bring about diabetic issues.

The beneficial Whole Body Vibration Plate is excellent for warming up or cooling down from exercise.  It should not replace but it can be a great supplement to your regular daily exercise plan.