The Hurtle HURVBT60 is one of several great Hurtle models to choose from.

The Hurtle brand makes some very popular whole body vibration platforms for every need and fitness level.  Here we will compare the Hurtle HURVBTR30, HURVBTR35, HURVBTR35BT, HURVBTR60.

It might be easier just to look at the ending model numbers 30, 35, 35BT and 60.

So, which Hurtle model is the best and how do they compare?

Each Hurtle whole body vibration platform model has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Hurtle HURVBTR30, HURVBTR35, HURVBTR35BT and HURVBTR60 Comparisons

All 4 Hurtle WBV models come with resistance bands to assist with upper body workouts.  All of them also come with remote controls to make adjusting the settings a quick and simple thing.

Hurtle HURVBTR30

The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine HURVBTR30 is the lowest priced model and has a modest 200 watt motor.  This whole body vibration platform is the one you want if you know you will be lightly using it and not as frequently.  It will still bring you many benefits but is not as powerful and efficient as the other Hurtle models.

Hurtle HURVBTR35 and HURVBTR35BT Models

The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform HURVBTR35 and the Hurtle Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine HURVBTR35BT are essentially the same machine with the exception that the one ending in BT has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.  It is only a slightly higher price and is a great deal especially if you want to play music while training on the WBV platform.  The Hurtle HURVBTR35BT has speakers or you have the option to use wireless headphones.

The Hurtle HURVBTR35 and HURVBTR35BT both have 300 watt motors.  Like the other Hurtle WBV platform models there are 20 speed settings for a wide variety of uses.  Both of these 2 models will provide a higher intensity vibration than the HURVBTR30.

Hurtle Model HURVBTR60

The Hurtle Fitness Machine Vibration Platform HURVBTR60 is the top of the line model.  It is powered by dual motors with 400 watts output.  It vibrates at an impressive 3300+ revolutions per minute (RPM) for an incredible workout.  The 3D oscillating movement makes it versatile and beneficial in every way you want from a whole body vibration machine.

The Hurtle HURVBTR60 is a highly rated WBV platform wherever it is sold online.  It is a durable machine that can be used in the home or office.  It is light enough to move around or to store out of the way when not being used.  This is the Hurtle model to choose if you are serious about enhanced muscle strength and/or losing weight.  It has enough power to meet the standards set by numerous independent research studies.

The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research posted the results of a study on whole body vibration and concluded, “High‐frequency mechanical strain seems to stimulate bone strength in animals. In this randomized controlled trial, hip BMD was measured in postmenopausal women after a 24‐week whole body vibration (WBV) training program. Vibration training significantly increased BMD of the hip. These findings suggest that WBV training might be useful in the prevention of osteoporosis.”

Studies like the one just quoted prove over and over again the benefits of consistent use of a whole body vibration machine.

The Hurtle model HURVBTR60 is a great whole body vibration platform to begin a healthier life!

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