Comparison Hypervibe G10 Mini vs Reviber Fusion

The physiotherapist, Dave Mott, compares the Hypervibe G10 Mini versus the Reviber Fusion. The test results show the Hypervibe G10 Mini as the clear winner. The Reviber frequency is 10 Hz and the Hypervibe frequency is 25 Hz. The Reviber G-force is 3G’s and the Hypervibe G-force is 10G’s.

[Transcript]  Hello, my name is Dave Mott.  I’m a chartered physiotherapist and my business is physio fitness and we’re based in the south coast in the beautiful Dorset.  I’ve been a physiotherapist for over 20 years and for the last ten years I’ve been using vibration platform training with my clients.

The reason we do this is because there’s such an improvement in flexibility, muscle relaxation, muscle tone, muscle strength, bone density and functional movements.

We’re looking at two machines today.  We’re looking at the Reviber Fusion which is quite small and quite portable.  It’s relatively lights as vibration machines go.  And we’re looking at the Hypervibe G10 Mini which is a little bit heavier but also relatively portable.  We’ve been looking at these in terms of doing some vibration testing to see that they achieve the frequencies that we want to achieve because we know that they have to achieve a certain frequency in order to get good muscle contraction.

Now we’ve got Mike and Chris here today that we’ve brought who are independent testers of vibration machines come on through guys.  And they’ve been looking at both of these machines.  So this is the Reviber machine.  Okay have a look at the Hypervibe.

One thing with the vibration is that we are looking at a certain frequency to achieve to get the results that we want we know that through research the frequency is around about 18 Hertz.  We’re looking at anything above 18 Hertz we know that you’re going to get good muscle contraction anything below that will just stimulate relaxation and muscle length.

Okay so thank you guys thank you.  So, the frequency is really important in order to get the muscle contractions that we’re looking at.  And today clearly it was demonstrated that the frequency of the Reviber Fusion didn’t achieve anywhere near the frequency that we wanted to achieve for muscle contractions.  Whereas the Hypervibe G10 Mini by contrast absolutely did.

We’re also looking at the way these machines are controlled the Reviber uses a little device to control up and down.  It’s quite simple to use.  But the Hypervibe G10 Mini uses an app on your phone which has 38 different programs and it has a manual mode as well.  So, it’s easy to use and very versatile.

Now the frequencies that we need to hit are in the region of 18 Hertz and above.  And the reason we need to hit those frequencies because that stimulates the body to stimulate muscle contraction.  And if we are stimulating muscle contraction we’re getting the goals that we need to achieve with muscle tone and muscle strength and power and bone density.

Today looking at these two machines we’ve proven that the Reviber fusion does not reach the frequencies that are required for muscle contraction.  The Hypervibe G10 Mini does.  Although this is small and portable I’m taking this one home.  This Hypervibe G10 Mini is the one that I recommend to my patients and this is the one that I’m recommending to you today.

Hypervibe G10 Mini vs Reviber Fusion Comparison Review

Reviber Fusion

  • Max Frequency = 10.6 Hz
  • G-force = 3.1G

Hypervibe G10 Mini

  • Max Frequency = 25 Hz
  • G-force = 10.16G

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