Comparison Hypervibe vs VibroGym (Power Plate)

It is hard to make exact comparisons of various whole body vibration machines because there are so many variables.  In many cases a fairly good way to compare is to analyze the possible G-force on each machine.  This comparison Hpervibe G14 vs VibroGym (Power Plate) reviews the high g-force benefits of each whole body vibration machine.

[Transcription]  Hi, my name is Deb Pelletier with Hypervibe training and support.  A quick side-by-side comparison on vibration platform movement styles today.  Which is a better bang for your buck, preferences pros and cons.

Comparison Hypervibe vs VibroGym (Power Plate)

To my left I have one of the better vertical platforms on the face of the earth.  This is the VibroGym a Professional.  It offers a top overall g-force of twenty-point one G’s of force.  It accomplishes that through a frequency of 50 Hertz and a max amplitude of four millimeters.  The entire surface of this platform moves up and down at the same time.  You’re looking at about a fourteen thousand dollar US investment.

Over to my right I have the Hypervibe G14.  This platform is capable of 14.5 G’s of force.  You’re looking at a price tag of two thousand dollars u.s. and it accomplishes that through 30 Hertz with eight millimeters of displacement.

The movement style is more like a teeter-totter more mimics how we walk across the floor.  In my decades as a trainer using all different types of platforms I do find probably 90% to 95% for some of my clients prefer the feel the preference is on the pivotal or the oscillating.  As I said it’s more than actually how we move across the floor it’s less invasive and that travels up into our upper body.

But if you do prefer our vertical, the real downside as a trainer or if you’re wanting to take it home, making an investment in this type of product is the amount of money that you’ll have to invest to get equivalent g-force that you would see in a Hypervibe.

Hypervibe G14 vs VibroGym (Power Plate) Review

So let’s break that down for 20 G’s of force in the VibroGym at 14,000 dollars you’re looking at about $700 per g of force.

Back over to the G14 at $2,000, 14 and a half G’s you’re looking more like thirty-three dollars and there are more powerful models available as well.  So, from a bang for your buck from a range of benefits standpoint I think you’re gonna find with the pivotal style vibration platform you’re always going to find more g-force available for less investment.  [End of Transcription]

The Hypervibe G14 is not currently being sold online.  It is likely that it may again in the future.  You can buy the Hypervibe G-10 or buy the Hypervibe G-17 online.  Both of these models are quality whole body vibration machines that have been independently tested many times.  The Hypervibe G-10 is a portable machine that is perfect for a smaller home or apartment.  The Hypervibe G-17 is a commercial strength machine that is used in gyms and fitness centers as well as homes and offices.