Demo – Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor WBV Machine – Part 1

The E6600 model – Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine – has a versatile Dual Motor set up.  This provides triplaner and oscillating movements so you have the benefits of both forms of vibration.  This video demonstrates using the Axis-Plate Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine E6600 to tone muscles and lose weight.

[Transcription]  If you notice the next jump it went from 25 to 27.  So there’s only two more we do to get up to the speed where we are.  Now this is definitely exercise so I suggest not getting pretty to do it.  Thank you Jim for this is a real workout because that’s what you can.  But the combination that I that I’ve done.  Okay you can see it’s shaking really hard now and it said 35 nobody goes five more and an increment of five more.  But with this machine and the blanket was a combination of twelve times and get both of these together so as a package or for individually.  You don’t want to do it individually hard to believe this isn’t as fast as got a shake but it’s been 35 I’m in time remaining is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

E6600 Axis-Plate Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

At some point I stand with my knees left and the others I just kind of let it go but as you can see if I let it go I’m doing exactly what you see.  And this is a work of itself.  To actually just move you this way without I’m being locked.  Okay I’m at the full,l we’re at full speed right now.  And strong enough to feel as if there’s something holding me down from I get here.  But it’s not just the impact of the machine.  To get a comparison it feels like I’m moving my dream machine do Pilates and stretch and then when you feel your muscles actually contracting you and I haven’t done anything but the exercise itself.

Okay once it goes down we’re at two minutes in two seconds down we may be cooling down and it clicks from 25 to a bearable 25.  Wait for 40 to 25 as you miss your pal slow down cool it’s at 25 and we have remaining time one minute 15 seconds.  This level again of speed for just a little as far as I can feel once it gets to 15 you’re at your true cooled down you stand huh.  And boy you feel it yeah I know I why do you feel it.  It like you do this on a regular basis this would be the exercise you’ll need to keep your keep your thighs tight keep your buttocks just tight.  And time remaining is 15 seconds we’re still at 15.  Okay it’s elapsed and it gives you just a couple seconds on the five and I am done.  [End of Transcription]