Demo – Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor WBV Machine – Part 2

As this video demonstrates the Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine is great for slimming the inner thighs, buttocks and any other area of the body that is overweight.  The Axis-Plate Dual Motor WBV machine is a very popular model with high praise for its durability and effectiveness.  The Axis-Plate is used in gyms and homes all around the country.

[Transcription]  So we are starting Session two of this exercise on the whole body vibration exercise machine.  And starting as I did before starts on the p1 the program one which is a gradual program in the program the P the program one is a gradual one.  It comes in three different programs program one two and three and at this point we’ll show you the program one.

Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

In the future watch out for program two and three to see the way the machine goes with a constant speed and then one with an intermittent low to high low to high.  So this exercise here just standing here this is works on your back your hips and you can see it just I doing a vibration here where the plate is going there.  Now just speed it up and you’ll probably notice the speed change right then starts at level five we’re on level ten now.  So we’ll do this for just a couple minutes and because there’s no difference in what you’re going to see other than the speed.

And as you can see in my hips it’s actually do want a thing here’s shake shake shake its what it’s doing, and you can feel it in here you can feel it here.  This is my third time on here and I’ve lost a total of four pounds, good.  I have noticed it here where you have extra, my daughter calls a de tutti the top booty okay which is this part here.  I’ve noticed that it’s slimmed some.  It was just rounded now it’s slim down some and I can feel it in my legs here and here.

Okay with the stand-up, I have noticed that if you change your feet position first time straight ahead now it’s just switched again and then I’ve got to move my feet to do sideways.  And you feel you can see the machine continues to vibrate here and here but you get the insides of your legs.  So, if you have the part that you try to tone up which is a cellulite comes all over.  So, if you want to tighten up the inner thighs then you can do this.  Position your feet outward okay and you can see the vibration of the machine is the actual vibration without hands on.

So with this a different position would be this position.  In this position you are toning your thighs and your it’s the thighs in the lower back, I’ll make a reference here, it’s your thighs and your stomach.  And when you do this so it’s an actual position here that you hold, and I would suggest when you do this that you do it for the entire program.  So if you go to take a day and work out on your inner thighs your belly I would take and do this session which is a 10-minute session.

So just for demonstration purposes this is the one that helps your lower back.  I can feel it actually anywhere from my back leg to my inner thighs okay, but I will say this one it feels a little more strained than just standing straight up because you’re using different muscles.

Okay we’ll go back here, and you’ll continue to see now see the vibration is going again where it’s working.  And I can feel it working extremely up the back legs right in here and your side you saddlebags area here.  And again here.  It’s really refreshing.  Actually, done with that’s what the program of the sauna blanket.  It works really well together with the sauna blanket.  That’s this way you do ten minutes ahead of time before you do the sauna blanket.

And in later videos you’ll see the sauna blanket.  And see how it’s worked it’ll be explained more but as a package that sauna blankets like a private sauna.  We wrapped all up in the sauna blanket, metal metallic light blanket, and you sweat.  I look sweaty it’s because I get it so this works really well with it.  You do what ten minutes prior to your blanket and it like it shakes up your fat and then you get in that blanket and you sweat it all out.  Then afterwards you do this one more time.  Now about almost five minutes in on this.  So, what I’m gonna do is I’m going to show you a different position.  [End of Transcription]