Demo – Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor WBV Machine – Part 3

This is a demonstration video of the Axis-Plate Dual Motor E6600 Whole Body Vibration Machine.  The user of the WBV machine shows how even sitting on the vibration plate while it is vibrating is beneficial.  She also gives some warnings so you don’t injure yourself and how to benefit the most from the machine.  The Dual Motor Axis-Plate E6600 is a remarkable whole body vibration machine for losing weight and toning muscles.

[Transcription]  Okay so in this position you can either sit this way you can stretch your legs out and then you’re getting more of a vibration on.  As you can see I was actually shaking you there and vibrating your buttocks.  And vibrates your stomach and it’s I would say it’s versus doing situps or pull-ups on there because there’s a constant vibration there.  Those of you that can you can sit indian-style on here which is the way that you’ll see it in your in the booklet and on the instruction that you have here where you would sit indian-style on it.

Now everyone can do that and I’m one of them that choose not to, get one leg up, but I choose not to because you have to be very careful.  I suggest wearing shoes on this because it is uh you know it’s kind of hurt any feet if you go barefoot on it because I’ve tried it but with just socks on.  But I would suggest wearing your shoes even when you sit indian-style.  Your ankles could possibly hit this and be shaking with it and it could really not feel good on your ankles.  So be very careful if you want to do that certainly try it but please stay always be safe.

Axis-Plate Dual Motor E6600 Whole Body Vibration Machine

If it doesn’t feel good to you don’t do it.  Okay as you can see this it just feels like if someone was there truly massaging your legs.  I’m going to try this for a few times in the future to actually see how they go.  My goal as you see beyond these videos my goal is to tighten up here drop a few pounds and tighten up my stomach.

Due to surgery I can’t do sit-ups, pull-ups or any ever so this machine is a godsend where it can actually give me some assistance in my endeavors which is to tighten up three or four years in the surgery.  You can’t do anything about your tummy.  We find something that works for you, you want to use it.  So, but this is even with your legs up here the more I feel the more sensation directly on my butt and right on the top of my back.  I’m in top of my butt and up my back and I’m sure that’s where the shoulders come in.  They help with that but and you see that’s easy.  It’s an easy vibration if I do it this way.  If I do it this way, you see the actual where it’s actually working with my thighs.  In my inner and outer thigh.  And go this way putting both feet straight ahead together I feel that more in my back.  I feel that actually in my shoulders.  So okay and that’s what we’re doing today.

Watch out pull up the website and look often and you’ll see other various exercises on this machine is the other services from Maryland and which includes that blanket that I’m telling you about which I will probably do the next time and you’ll see I wish you could feel it but, come in and try it okay all right.  [End of Transcription]