DKN Xg5 Core Workout Routine

Some easy to advanced core exercises are demonstrated in this video.  This DKN Xg5 core workout routine can be done on any WBV machine.  The DKN Technology Xg5 Pro is one of the most popular whole body vibration machines.

[Transcription]  Okay you know the core, that buzzwords well been thrown around in the fitness arena.  Well we’re gonna warm up your core right now is that okay?   Yeah all right.  Jasmina is going to get down into a plank position with both forearms on top of the plate.  You want to make sure your arms are very firm to the plate when you do this one.

Here we go get you ready times up 30 seconds down there you want to make sure when you’re doing the plank specifically you’re tighten through the abdominals you want your hips tuck tight your buns are locked and your forearms are firm to the top of the plate.  And I make it just a little bit harder I’m have you alternate one leg at a time lifting just a teeny bit up the ground good and then alternate.  So just a little lift squeezing your butt and lifting that leg makes you have to recruit more muscles from your core to warm me up a little bit faster.

If you’re more advanced this is the one you want to go with to get a quicker results.  How’s that feel?  Good excellent.

Now we’re going to do the same thing in reverse.  We’re going to put your feet up on top of the plate and I’m going to go to a plank position out of the floor.  Now this is going to warm you more through the hip flexors into the lower part of your abdominals whether we just did a little bit more in the upper part.  You ready to rock?  Okay there we go but the same thing you want to make sure that you’re tucked tight through the hips your abs are very tight and your breathing and your forearms even though you’re not on the plate I still want them to be nice and even to the floor.  So, you’re not putting too much pressure into your elbow this is about warming up your body not wearing out your joints.  Okay now again I want you just to do a little tippy-toe alternating on top good and right back down and right back down again just a couple more.  As you lift that up you can see this leg up is putting a lot more into that front leg which is going to make you warm up those hip flexors and lower abs faster.

DKN Xg5 Core Workout Routine Crunches

Okay we’re going to go right to the sit up on top.  You’re going to be doing the plate crunch so for the plate crunch you’re going to have your buns on top here you’re going to wrap the legs tightly with your inner thighs go ahead and go back a little bit with your hands behind your shoulders.  And this is a tough one if you just want to hold this one position that’s fine with me but if you feel like you got the strength I want you to go down a little bit come up a little bit and go back down a little bit look at yes beam is very strong look at all the control through her waistline.  You also want to squeeze tightly through the thighs when you’re doing that you’re actually working those little integral muscles very tight near your drawing which is very important to warm up especially if you’re an athlete because you want to get into tears and pulls and takes you out of the game.

Good to breathing in as you go down exhale as you come up looking great.  It’s about to count you down like it always does you got three seconds that means you’re almost there awesome.

What we’re going to do now is the scissor side plank so you’re going to come down on your forearm you’re going to have your feet split apart excellent.  Your body’s nice and long just get you one straight line here good.  Feel the position?  Yeah.  Take that arm straight up toward the sky for me excellent now in this position just holding this position is very hard for your core and warms you up but if you’re a little more advanced like Jasmina is I’m gonna have you drop your hip down towards the ground and then lift it toward the ceiling.  Keep going there for me all the way down and then come all the way up and touch my hand pushing through excellent.

And you really feel that’s going to help you build that six-pack as well as warm up your core at the same time feeling good okay you only have six more seconds left keeping this hand nice and tall keeping the body very long and that’s halfway done.  When through with this one we’re going to do both sides.  Anything that you do on one side that’s a single arm you’ve got to do on the other side.  You don’t want to avoid it you want to keep your body symmetry as best you can.  Okay yes tell me when you’re ready okay okay excellent.  Now same thing she’s nice and elongated through the body that the waistline come down towards the ground and lift all the way up.  As you’re lifting up is when you want to exhale so you get much more of a contraction through that waistline.  You want to get all the air out always you’ve got a built in airbag that kind of gets in the way of that contraction.  You want to get as much contracted in those little parts of the muscles that you can to the core that we are very warm much faster good six seconds left we’re almost there you can get one more exercise for you looking good.

You’re going to get back on top you go sideways here we’re going to do the lead bicycle reach.  The bicycle reach is another one of those kind of advanced exercises if you wanted to stay in one position you can show them the position in a stationary form.  That’s hard enough on its own but you are going to do the full-on movement where you’re going to be alternating legs reaching towards the opposite leg at the same time keeping your shoulders and chest up.  Look at that, Jasmina is not even breaking a sweat fantastic and again this is an excellent exercise to warm up your core.

But if you’re not an athlete and you’ve never done this before you can just hold it in that position until you feel you’ve got the confidence to add the movement to it.  The movements going to incorporate a lot more of your core warming you up even much more thoroughly.  We’re almost there and it’s count it down awesome.  Come on up now.

That’s a quick core workout warmup.  How do you feel?  I feel so great.  So everyone all right she’s ready to rock.  [End of transcription]