DKN USA on ABC7 News – Xg3 WBV Machine

This video has a brief description of the benefits of WBV training and what they are used for.  At least two of the models presented are the Power Plates brand and the DKN Xg3 Whole Body Vibration Machine.

[Transciption]  Using vibrations of your workout we’re offering more options than ever. Our food and fitness coach Lauren Corman takes a look at what they can do.

DKN USA WBV Machines

Well one of the unique things is that it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at. You can be a complete new beginner because the fact that you’re not actually moving or don’t necessarily have to move through a range of motion trainer Brad BOS is talking about vibration machines that have been used in the US for about a decade from reducing cellulite rehabbing injuries to boosting effects of exercise vibration appears to shake many problems away first of all they activate all of your muscles in a way that you can’t do on your own even if you’re a top athlete you can only activate a certain percentage of your musculature which gives you better circulation enhanced and better flexibility training recent research shows vibration training has a direct impact on the hormonal system generating growth hormone and testosterone while lowering cortisol levels acting as a relaxant is also shown to boost collagen in your skin yet these shaking machines vary greatly in size and price power plates commercial model tested here by celebrity Mario Lopez comes in at eleven thousand five hundred down to their home version at about twenty five hundred we have a hormonal we have a light commercial and we had the food commercial.

DKN Technology Xg3 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Patrick barber owns DKN Technology designed for home or boutique gyms his machine started twenty five hundred dollars complete with a balance board platform and on-screen visuals it has a display explains everything you should do and if you’re if you have your own little gym studio and you can have a here in front of it you can actually watch yourself so you don’t even need me there’s also the pineapple and the Bible plate both offering more of an unstable rugged workout that’s better suited for athletes that can take large jarring movements as both are a bit tougher on joints and pricier than home models well you can do most anything on these machines what becomes most increasingly advantageous is the use of the straps it could really ramp up your ability to stretch and strengthen you can stretch you can strengthen you can just do like tone you can you can use this as a finish off your workout without the straps you really miss about 50% of the workout so they’re they’re far more important than they appear Lori Corbin ABC 7 Eyewitness News[End of transcription]


The DKN Xg3 Whole Body Vibration Machine is part of the DKN Xg Series.  There is also an Xg5 and an Xg10 in the series.  The Xg3 WBV machine is a great machine at a reasonable price.  It boast all the features of the more expensive models but at a lower price.