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The DKN Xg series all body vibration machines includes the DKN Xg10 Pro, Xg5 Pro and the Xg3.

[Transcript]  Welcome back.  Well if you’re looking for the newest of technology to benefit your body look no further than DKN.  I’m here with Patrick and Patrick you really do have the cutting edge.  It’s going to help everybody especially my age but from ages 25 to 75.  Tell us a little bit about DKN and tell us about vibration technology.

DKN Xg Series All Body Vibration

All right to start with what you said you are absolutely correct and it is not specially just your age but everybody else from a young age to a very old age.  We at DKN Technology manufacturer we design and manufacture our products.  We manufacture them in Asia like a lot of people.  And we not only manufacture all body vibration machine but we also manufacture a complete line of fitness equipment for professional as well as fitness equipment for home.

Well you know DKN really is steeped in history when it comes to the fitness world.  You’re a major player and for you to pick up on this and say you know we’ve investigated what vibration technology is and how we can bring it best to you really is a big factor.  With that can you tell us a little bit about vibration technology, the value.

Right about what you said we’ve been in the business for 16 years and we decided to go after all body vibration about six years ago.  The reason is all body vibration has been around for about 40 years.  It started with a Russian space program where they were competing with the Americans who’s going to stay in space the longest.  But they find out that by staying in space a long time you lose your bones to lose your muscles you lose everything.  So, they try to recreate gravity in space and that that’s how they came up with the whole body vibration machine.

So, after that guy named Lazarus started to study the effect of the whole body vibration on professional athletes and specially with the Olympic Russian team.  That was in the 60’s as a matter of fact when all the Russians was grabbing up all of the gold medals.  Then further down the line some people in England and in the Netherlands started to manufacture the first commercial product to try to integrate the orbit vibration into the fitness world.  And since then the fitness industry have been looking more and more all body vibration at different levels.

The big machines were first for the athletes to follow the Russian studies.  Then we find out and we realize that the whole body vibration is where there is much more than fitness itself.  Wellness, beauty, altogether it is an anti-aging product because of all the benefits that you can draw from the whole body vibration.

Now before we talk about some of those benefits tell us why it produces increased health benefits, how it affects our body and what it’s actually doing when we’re working out on one of your machines.

Yeah that’s easy to understand we have a body because of gravity on the planet.  If it was no gravity our body would be very thin very frail we would be floating right.  But now imagine if the gravity was like four times what it is we couldn’t sustain we would walk extremely slow we would be squashed.  So that word the machine does it put you in as in a situation where the gravity’s increase but at the rhythm which is so high that your body only get a fraction of it at a fraction of a second.

Part of the people my age have mentioned the same thing, their balance just isn’t what it used to be.  Yeah so if you take an older person and you put them on this machine there’s many other advantages.  They can work only ten minutes on the machine and in ten minutes they’re going to get the equivalent of a workout at the gym of let’s say an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many exercises they do.  The other thing is it’s a machine that you can have at home and you don’t have to go to a spa or gym where you’re going to be kind of impressed by the people over there.  You don’t think oh horrible you know.

Now Patrick there are certainly a lot of benefits can you give us a little bit of the nuts and bolts how those come about?  Oh yes, the first thing the machine does because of the gravity acceleration it has an impact on your neuromuscular system.  And the way it work the speed of the machine activate the spindles that all the muscles and start to contract them and stretch them at a very high speed.  At the highest speed that it goes up to 50 time per second.

At this speed your muscles are contracting but at the same time they do something else they squeeze your arteries and they increase the blood flow in your body.  So you see what it’s going to do is a blood flow increase under on your body people who have diabetic people for example we have legs problem they can put just the legs on the machine.  It’s gonna increase the blood flow, their leg is going to become lighter they’re going to be more comfortable.

That is just amazing.  Now what I’d like to do right now is go take a look at a number of the varieties that you have produced and talk about some of the exercises the features and benefits of each.  Can we go do that?  Absolutely.

DKN Xg10 Pro All Body Vibration – Xg5 Pro, Xg3

Now Patrick this is just one of a few models that that you offer to be able to do all of these exercises to address a number of different issues tell us about how it is that we can incorporate this into our workouts.  It depends if you’re going to incorporate it in a workout as an individual or if you’re going to purchase a machine like this for a spa or a private gym.  So if you purchase it for a spa or private gym you’re going to have trainers that we usually help training taking their customer and taking most of the benefit of the machine and make sure that they use it for the best of their ability.  You know that that’s an important point I kind of want to stop you right there because you do make models for the home use affordable for the home use and for the spas or the clubs and so therefore we can address all issues really right?

Yes, so we have we have a line of machine and we have a whole model we have a light commercial and we have a fully commercial model on top of that we are working on some intermediate models to try to make the line affordable to everybody especially now that the market is opening for the individuals who want to buy a machine.  We have 78 million baby boomers retiring.  This is our market.

Now as I understand this is fairly easy to operate.  To illustrate that we have one who’s going to kind of come in and show how easy it really is basically a person is going to stand on this and then they’re going to program into it what they want is that right?  Exactly and what I’m going to have Linnie do now it’s something very simple.  We’re going to do a squat and the position of the squat is very simple and very easy.  You put your knee above your toes you spread your feet a little bit alright you make sure that your back is straight you put your shoulder down a little bit and these handlebars going to be here to help you keep your balance.  It’s not here for you to pull on it like crazy because I was talking about yoga and Pilates.  You always want to be in a core position where you are vertical and straight so from that point it’s easy for now to start the machine.

All the muscles are contracting and relaxing and she looked like she’s doing nothing but she’s going to be starting to suffering in about thirty seconds and when I said suffering I say that with a smile because fairly yes.

And then you have many, many, other exercises depending upon what type of an athlete I am how I can benefit my performance based on what kind of desired outcome I want.  Or so you know if your goals are fitness we can we can pump you up your energy your result by up to twenty percent.  If you have medical issues or a physical issue of moving we can help you with that.  All the all the area of what our body needs to stay young, healthy and perform well.

With that I know right now you have to have the attention of all of our viewers.  What’s the best way for them to learn more about DKN Technology?

Well we have a website as I mentioned earlier.  The website is DKN dash and they shoot an email.  There is a direct email over there.  We will send them all the information that we have on file already.  They will have to read a little bit but we met the thought of concentrating the mass amount of information for them in a couple of pages.

They’re going to come away a real educated person once they go on your website oh definitely.  And before using or body vibration I will recommend everybody to read a little bit about it to understand because it’s a very different fitness product.  And when you step on one of these machines it shakes you up and you have to understand why it shakes you up and what it is good for you to be shaken up that way.

Well Patrick I tell you what this has really been a pleasure having you and DKN certainly the recognized leader not only in vibration technology but a whole array of physical fitness equipment been around for a long time.  Thank you so much for being on.  [End of transcript.]

All of the DKN Xg series all body vibration machines are built to last.  They are engineered to provide the health and fitness benefits you want from whole body vibration machines.