Does Whole Body Vibration Lead to Better Health?

Is it possible to vibrate ourselves to fitness? That’s the idea in using a therapy known as whole body vibration (WBV). Proponents say that subjecting our muscles and bones to rapid vibrations will make them much stronger in the same way that regular exercise does.

The concept is simple: When standing on one of the whole body vibrating plates our muscle groups are forced to work. This low impact strain, in the long run, leads to weight loss and stronger muscles. Many studies have gone even further, claiming that whole body vibration can combat diabetes and even reduce blood pressure. If this is true, it could be a great way to higher fitness. But, regardless of years of studies and hundreds of research tests, the real benefits of WBV have still not reached most people.

Can WBV Make You Stronger?

You can now purchase a variety of whole body vibration plates online that are relatively inexpensive. The concept is which you stand on the plate permitting the vibrations to add greater stress to your muscle mass. A wide variety of studies have subjected human beings to this simple exercise and they invariably prove to have good results on our bodies.

One study determined that females who performed physical leg exercises on a whole body vibrating platform for a full 12 weeks could jump much higher compared to the control group. The outcomes were marginally better than for another controlled group that simply performed an ordinary exercise routine for an equal amount of time.  Another research study found an improvement in the vertical leap after the researchers asked members to simply stand on the whole body vibration machine numerous times a week for 8 months.

It must be that WBV is genuinely forcing the muscle mass to compensate for the added stress.  This makes them work much harder and as a result, they get stronger. But there are some scientists that speculate that the vibrations, when used at the suitable frequency, are clearly reaching deep into the systems of our muscular tissues, which then forces them to activate.

The principle rests on the notion that the fast vibrations are pulling at actual muscle spindles or receptors inside our muscle mass that are responding to these stretching forces. When these spindles are then stretched by means of the vibrations, they are able to inform the muscles to contract. These vibrations could be causing minor muscle spindles to actually fire hundreds of times a second. This then causes tiny muscle contractions that enhance the workout.

A few studies have observed that muscular tissues get fatigued after a person uses a whole body vibration machine.  This causes their oxygen uptake to increase. This is a sign that the vibration plate causing the person’s muscles to strain harder.

Thankfully, the research has not found any significant downsides to using a whole body vibration platform.

Vibrating Away a Disease?

You may not have any desire to add a whole body vibration machine to your exercise routine but it may be very beneficial for those people that are not able to perform a traditional exercise workout. This includes the aged and infirm, and people with nerve and muscle diseases. One interesting study looked at of forty people that were afflicted with cerebral palsy. It was determined that all the participants could stand up much better as well as walk more.  These results came after only twenty weeks of whole body vibration.

In another interesting study researchers found that the WBV fatigued the elderly participants’ muscles more than any of the younger ones.  This demonstrates that it should provide more benefits to the seniors. One organization has additionally located some indications that WBV could assist with cardiovascular health, and other research indicates it can help combat osteoporosis.

More recent studies are focused on clinical trials targeting people that struggle to exercise at all.  There have been many encouraging results in study after study.

Of course, not every type of vibration platform is beneficial to our bodies. Whole body vibration stimulates muscle tissue most effectively at specific frequencies. Some research studies indicate the best results are when the vibration frequencies match that of our tendons and muscles.

For this reason, a person should consider what type of vibration plate they should purchase based on their individual needs.

The studies will continue, of course, but for now, it appears that there are many health and fitness benefits of regularly using a whole body vibration plate.