Dr. Siton Interview – Benefits of Hypervibe WBV Machines

In this interview Dr. Siton highlights the benefits of using a Hypervibe whole body vibration machine for your lymphatic system, joint pain, ED, muscle strength, arthritis, balance, incontinence, scoliosis, bone density, broken bones, fibromyalgia, blood circulation, endorphins and PTSD.

[Transcription]  Well hello this is Doug Sutton, I’m the chief strategy officer with Hypervibe and today we have a very special guest from Houston Texas, Dr. Gigi Siton with Holistic Physical Therapy.  And she’s one of our specialists and experts in the physical therapy industry worldwide that’s been using Hypervibe in her clinic.  And today we want to talk about her background and how she’s using Hypervibe in her clinic with her patients and any other insights that she may have.

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So with that I just want to welcome Gigi and thank you Dr. Siton for being on the call today.  Thank you Doug.  I’m honored to be invited for Hypervibe because I’ve been crazy about this product for at least 12 years maybe more extensively 10 years.  I’ve been really happy about this but first let me introduce myself I’m Dr. Gigi Siton.  I’m a physical therapist for a doctor in physical therapy for almost 30 years now.  And I have my own practice as an outpatient holistic physical therapy in use and in Spring Texas close to Houston for at least five years on our own and Hypervibe is so big in our practice.

We have two units and Doug is so generous to give us the second one their upgraded one.  So, we loved it we couldn’t have enough and we all even joked that we should have more than two we should have ten because then it really helped out patients.

And so, let me tell you about holistic physical therapy.  We see a lot of acute and chronic pain we see a lot of VA we see a lot of pelvic floor we see a lot of we’re a manual therapy base and we have acupuncturist in the clinic we have manual therapists we have massage therapy.  So it’s really and we have nutritional therapy incorporated in our practice we also have a lot of life coaches, psychologists, hypnotherapist medical doctors that is part of our team.  So, it’s not just one way it’s not just the regular Western physical therapy intervention.  We have so much that’s why we love the Hypervibe just kind of fits into our practice really well.

The first time that I get exposed the whole body vibration therapies when I saw NASA was using it to help the astronauts it reversed weakness and bone density reversal.  We got so into it I did my studies and I researched into it.  It made so much sense to me the way that technology is designed because there’s so much out there that’s a whole body vibration.  But it’s a different you know it’s a platform it’s not there the tailor taught her, and we did the research was most effective and Hypervibe came out the best part of out there.

Whole Body Vibration for PTSD

So, I didn’t even know Doug.  I didn’t even know anybody.  We bought ourselves a Hypervibe and we tried it with our patients and first with osteoporosis because that was the indicator that was the obvious reason on the website but knowing me I don’t use things normally.  I experiment I design our protocol now we have entered to PTSD.  We see a lot of VA patients.  It helped so much with PTSD helped so much with pelvic floor.

Whole Body Vibration for Scoliosis

It helps so much with scoliosis.  We have a Pediatrics patient right now she’s nine years old severe scoliosis 37 degrees with torsion.  Now she’s so much better she’s not in pain.  It’s so much easier to combine it with the scoliosis and postural exercises especially knowing that the Hypervibe is gonna loosen everything in the back so we can realign better.

Whole Body Vibration for Broken Bones

So, a lot of our patients are really liking and it’s almost like they come for just for our Hypervibe.  For them to stay with us because they feel so much better.  We if you look at my testimony on my website we had a lady that cannot walk for three years she broke her ankle and she’s been to other physical therapists and she couldn’t do active range of motion.

So, what we did is we modified Hypervibe.  We got her on this for 30 min in the beginning and as she got better she’s less and less and now she’s walking on the walker.  So, she even said if I have done the traditional physical therapy it would not be this soon and I would not be a high functioning as I am today.  So, I can tell you so much you would me and I we can talk about it and see how much we’re in it for even my high-heeled walking longer just a 10 minutes and it’s a best investment of your time.

Wow that’s a lot thank you so much for sharing all of that.  So it’s so I’m curious then Dr. Siton when you work with patients what’s a typical protocol that you would use I mean there’s so many different conditions that you and I talked about offline that you use it with including the ones that you just shared so when you have you know bone density or osteoporosis as an example you assess a patient what’s a typical starting point and how you engage and what do you actually do with the Hypervibe this is just a couple minutes certain positions how do you work with it?

I work I actually modify according to the patient’s capability.  They’re so low level like one of our patient’s non-ambulatory for three months when there’s so low level we start with about ten minutes sitting on the platform.  Their bottom is on the platform not standing that full way barely just sitting on it for ten minutes that’s all.  And then the rest will be advise and range of motion I think that better we can of progress it between twenty to thirty minutes on Hypervibe while performing exercises.

So, it depends how low they are they come in and on pelvic floor there certain positions that you can put them up to really isolate the pelvic floor muscles so it depends on their diagnosis and intents and their goal.  Okay and then different frequency ranges based upon their existing health conditions, so you range from what starting point to what other point?  They I’ll start the most minimum and that’s usually what I do in the first day he said put them on the setting 5 and for 10 minutes.

And this is what I say, Tommy if it hurts worse or after the day after when we do this Hypervibe because the whole idea is to make you feel better and some people they get dizzy you know we don’t know that they are underlying vertigo and it stimulates their vertigo they do that they have underlying fracture and then they tell us.  So, we usually test for 10 minutes on the lowest level.  And then they come back in a day or two and they say, hey it feels better it doesn’t make it any worse and we always tell them the same and not painful it’s a progression.

The thing we need to watch is if it’s painful right after a 24 hour after we need to know you’re not a candidate for it you know.  And so, we have our own little precautions if they have influence screws or some metal in their body in their bones we’re gonna take precautions around it we kind of tiptoe around it to make sure and we tell the surgeons is this okay is there something they can do?  And usually they don’t know what it is and they most of them will verbally say try if it hurt stop you know but at least we worked with the doctors who did the surgery.  So, implants and screws in we are very careful okay yeah and then you just gradually build up from there.  So that’s it.  That’s a great way of approaching that yes and acute pain usually they love it really.

Whole Body Vibration for Your Lymphatic System

So, from your expert perspective what is the main reason why you feel that the results are being produced with the Hypervibe?  Well and in your lymphatic system is responsible for your healing basically that’s the one, eighty percent of your vitamins or water so I mean fat soluble and water, so it was 20 percent they all flow in your lymphatic system.

So, your lymphatic system supplies the muscle supplies the bone supplies the organ whatever they need.  Whether nutrition vitamins or anti-inflammatory.  So that lymphatic system has have an open flow nothing has to stop that flow otherwise healing doesn’t happen energy destined provided.

So, what the Hypervibe is the whole body vibration it shakes your lymphatic is not just under your skin there’s lymphatic around the muscle inside the muscle around the bone each organ so I think about it like around the saran wrap enveloping each organ of your body.  So, when you’re in pain that vacuum run rock it stacking up and gets get clogged up because a muscle spasm or inflammation.

What the Hypervibe does is going to loosen it ever so gently but allows enough channel to access for repair and there’s no exercise that can mimic that because when you want to open lymphatic you want to open the whole thing at once.  You can’t just isolate are we gonna open just the legs we can just open the arms because lymphatic system work as a whole as a whole.

Like think about is an engineer you cannot turn on the car just turning on the front wheels you cannot make the car wheel just turning on the back wheels.  All of your engine has to be coordinated and open and the plumbing in the thing of the car before the car moves.  So, like the body you have to open all the lymphatic system in all parts with minimum pain and an action and minimum effort.  So, this is the most efficient way to activate healing and repair.  It’s just that whole body vibration micro vibration specially because lymphatics are micro circulations.  They’re not the arteries the big plumbing they’re micro circulation they’re designed to be activated in a vibration and sound and movement.

Whole Body Vibration for Pain

So, when you’re in acute pain and you’re in hurt major motion hurts so the micro vibration of the so is the best way to channel all the lymphatic or bring all the vitamins to the areas bring all the necessary circulation to area.  So, the blood in the background will flow on the secondary.  So, we were taught in the Western medicine that you need the blood the red blood cells red blood cells and white blood cells.

They are the secondary the UE lymphatic is the primary remember when you bleed and there’s a little see-through that’s the most important part liquid in Chinese medicine that’s why they work with the flow and all that is that the acupuncture meridians.  There’s they save different names but they’re all referred to the lymphatic system meridian whatever all they call that this is about lymphatic system.

So, when you open something micro even the needles are my girl imagine that and then it helps the whole back this same thing we Hypervibe these micro vibration of your muscles opens up the whole system not just one.  That’s why is so effective in short period of time.

Whole Body Vibration for Fibromyalgia

Wow that’s amazing so and with that so with the lymphatic system there’s a whole host of different conditions that that actually contributes to and I know you’ve spoken about PTSD, chronic pain fibromyalgia, that it actually affects all of those?  Yeah, they are kind of disease that it’s not one part it’s the whole body.  Yes, you cannot just say oh we’re gonna move your arms and it helps your depression.  No, it’s your parasympathetic nervous system your parasympathetic nervous system has so many satellites and part of that is your lymphatic system you’re an emphatic system will respond to your parasympathetic if it’s calm that’s the rest and relax the sympathetic is the fight and flight.

That’s when the muscles tighten up and it’s in protective mode and your lymphatic system will shut down because it’s on that protective mode your parasympathetic is when your lymphatic system lets flow all the vitamins all the white blood cells by the way in white blood cells flow in your lymphatic system to in this that’s the fastest way that’s why in cancer patients they always look at the lymphatic no deals because that’s where the scene of the crime of cancer that’s where your body is trying to kill cancer is in lymphatic nodes.

You know so that’s where the first scene of the crime that is not the cause of cancer but that’s how your body kills it through your lymphatic system and then if you do not kill it there then it will spread so that’s your first line of defense and that’s why you want your lymphatic system to be opening flow.  You know it’s like it’s the fastest way to activate the good guys your lymphatic and that’s a whole body vibration because you just sit for ten minutes and it shakes everything you own.

If you haven’t felt two lungs and your pelvic floor get on the Hypervibe you feel all those muscles.  You know exercise that I don’t care how you do core muscles I don’t care how you do that those are isometric muscles.  You do not feel the micro muscles internally because those are stabilizing muscles.  So, when you do the Hypervibe you feel them all because they’re all activated at the same time.

Wow that’s amazing so and so with that you see amazing results.  It sounds like from it the things that you shared with me in the past.  So okay so tell me about your relationship or your experience with the proprioception relationship between using Hypervibe and working with your patients and the results and outcomes you’ve seen?  Well I’m glad you brought up because I forgot about that when I brought up lymphatic system.

So, I want people to know that when you when you treat the body you cannot really when I was taught in Western medicine we were taught on reductive like one at a time.  You do this and then you fix this but essentially your body doesn’t work that way.  When you’re stimulating the lymphatic you’re also stimulating the provides options you’re also stimulating the red blood cells you’re also steaming the arteries you’re also stimulating the vein being a circulation.

So, you’re asking me about the provides option that is closely placed where the where the lymphatic system is.  It’s also in the superficial in a deeper part of the muscle what’s the let’s define profile suction.  It’s the sensory feeling that knowing where the position of your joint without even looking like right now my arms is sideways.  I know exactly where that is even though if I’m not looking because the ends of my fingers is telling me my position.  So, without the visual input it also tells you where your body is.  So that really helps because most people now are very visual oriented and got many my sister for five suction sense it doesn’t make it more efficient.

So with the Hypervibe with the extra stimulation during vibration your lymphatic has so much to think about it this way it all happens at the same time when your lymphatic is increased the circulation your arteries and your veins increase circulation then your muscle has so much circulation as well as your nerves and your perception becomes activated more hiding in a short period of time so that’s why your profile section also improves because your center position is also being increased circulation in that area.

Whole Body Vibration for Balance

Well yeah that’s amazing.  I know from my own personal experience having had a spine surgery that the Hypervibe was a catalyst in my recovery and the level of balance that I have today, and flexibility is beyond what I had when I was in my 20s.  And I just know from my own personal experience what a catalyst the Hypervibe has been for me as well.

Whole Body Vibration for Flexibility

Doug I can tell you that why the flexibility also improves because the flexibility is from at the end of the muscle you know the muscle ball and then the tendon at the edge and that’s the rubber band that connects to the bone not rubber band.  There has only water in fact that circulates around it that’s why it’s white it’s a tendon it dependent on the hydration and your essential fatty acid that’s the main ingredient for flexibility.

Now even if you have well nursed about that the only way that tendon can function again after injury after surgeries because it taken up from immobility from the surgery you’re laying down that rubber band gets tighten up like.  When shaking like that it’s the most efficient if you stretch a very tight tendon you’re gonna break it right you can break it.  So when you hydrate it of course in my clinic you have to have hydration you have talked essential fatty acids because that’s what part of holistic does go there but once you get the raw material in that tendon and you shake it slowly you can the whole it the hydraulics works that hydraulics kind of nourish each fiber of that tendon then they become flexible.  Then they begin then they become a good shock absorber.

So, you shake it first and then you strengthen it with the weights.  Now most people they just strengthen it without even strengthening the tendon and that’s why they break.  I said all I’m very strong but I can’t move you know and then they tear the joints because they forget the flexibility part and that flexibility has hydration with water good fats and essential fatty acids and then it’s like a shock absorber in an 18-wheeler car if that shock absorber is not strong that 18-wheelers can go somewhere but not be efficient.

So that tendon right there it is the connection between and that’s not just the end of it in the whole of your back is tendon.  So, a lot of your back people are dehydrated and low-fat diet.  So, you need to have a high amount of good fats in essential fatty acids so that flexibility is there and so what the whole Hypervibe will do you see that the raw material then it shakes it slowly ever slowly that it allows the in divine intelligence of that tendon to stretch to its maximum range.  So, when you’re ready for exercise after it’s ready for you right.

Wow it’s amazing cuz we’ve seen and I’m sure you’ve worked with patients that are young and old alike we’ve worked with elite level athletes as well as elderly patients that are you know practically in wheelchairs and they have a very difficult time moving around and it’s the same mechanisms that’s working it’s just applied to different body types and different states of thought.

Produce Endorphins with Whole Body Vibration

Exactly and that’s when I realize how late for a older person who hardly walk or on the wheelchair you can’t exercise that person right away.  Not gonna give you the most if most um benefit.  So, what you do is you’re gonna put them on the on the Hypervibe you kind of shake them off like you shaking each it’s like you’re shaking each joint before you move them because you’re hydrating them and besides this side effect of Hypervibe is it also produces endorphins.  So, they feel good about the experience so when you have endorphins it’s like it increases your oxygen uptake it increases your well-being and you’re happy and so it has so much benefit just by starting off with Hypervibe.

Yeah we’ve even seen in for corporate wellness we’re in corporate environments such as the Google corporate headquarters and you know they’re even using it just for two to three minute breaks in the middle of the day for employees and it does activate their endorphins it gets their blood and the oxygen flowing in their body so they’re more productive when they go back to work so you know whether you use it for ten to thirty minutes for a full workout or a full routine or just a couple minutes a lot of people see value even in a short amount of time.

Yeah because your lymphatics doesn’t need a lot of work.  It’s your body’s amazingly design is so efficient that if you just keep your products open and keep the circulation open it can do anything for you.  It will heal cuts very fast it can fix anything, broken arm, injured arm muscle spasm, post-surgery, it can do anything for you.  Is the saying you know when you drive a car you got a free if the freeway is clogged you can’t move that car.

You know that supplies to go to one point A to point B it is gonna move but if you keep the freeway open it’s just an efficient flow.  That’s like lymphatic system that Hypervibe mode keeps that flow open all the time.  So, all the efficient communication between your provides option your spinal cord your lymphatics, your white blood cells your vitamins is 80% water.  So, I mean fat-soluble so that goes through your lymphatic system so even the vitamins uptake is there.  Wow that’s a that’s amazing.

So I’m curious then Dr. Siton, when you what percent of your total patients use Hypervibe and then is it something where you have them use it prior to your normal treatments and at the end or you know is it at the beginning of the end or both or how do you actually use it and what percent actually use it?  A hundred percent use it I would say hundred ten because the employees use it too.  Yeah, we use it for us too.  But 100% they have to use it mm-hmm and then we use it.  It depends on the patient usually just because ideally, I would have made him use the first right away, but we only have one to do it.

So, we take turns but most of them will do it after just because that works with the patient.  As they come in there all right somebody was already standing on the Hypervibe the two is already booked so we can’t do that right away.  So, they do their warm-up but ideally, I would start off with that.

Whole Body Vibration to Prevent and Eliminate Lactic Acid

Okay so it sounds like we actually may need to get a couple more Hypervibes in your clinic.  So, you can okay I’m reading between the lines here.  So yeah, I’m just letting you know that’s what’s gonna happen when you have a Hypervibe because everybody wants to be on it.  Yeah so yes, we’ve even seen for high level athletes that they use it immediately after exercise to help clear the lactic acid out so their bodies recover quicker from that.

It prevents lactic acid accumulation if you do it first because the flow is open.  Oh, wow okay yeah and before in the lactic acid if you look at the biochemistry of it.  If you take it with a sea salt Himalayan sea salt I don’t know if you read the book the salt licks you wouldn’t even have that lactic acid accumulation if you do the Hypervibe combined with the increase with the water with sea salt you don’t have the lactic acid  accumulation because that lactic acid doesn’t accumulate it’s neutralized by sodium chloride in the body.

Safety of Whole Body Vibration

Wow okay so another question I have is relating to the safety of the Hypervibe.  You know there’s some people they’re like oh my gosh there’s such high levels of g-force that you’re being exposed to an acceleration and you know what a lot of people and there’s research studies that that validate that even walking or running your body’s exposed to even higher levels of g-force than what the Hypervibe has.

So, I want to speak into or have you speaking to your perspective about the safety of the machine and then also the planes of motion is why specifically you chose Hypervibe.  Well first walking is like g-10 by the way on pressure on your joint.  You’re not gonna even do that in Hypervibe in the clinic because it is so isolated that we can harvest the g-force lower.

With maximum stimulation you don’t need to walk that much as much as running to get that g-force because we’re focusing on lymphatic and micro circulation.  That’s why it’s so efficient you have to start it from the basic.  If you want to rebuild the house you’ve won every is a brick house you want to rebuild it one brick at a time.  So with a Hypervibe you wanna progress at 1g force at a time.  You start with five and six and your progress so I’m not even gonna go to g17 right away.

You’re not gonna go run the marathon right away to fix your calf muscle right is the reason why I like Hypervibe because you can really accurately do the progression quantify the progression on the g-force under your control instead.  If you make a person walk right away they can’t fight that g-force of ten when you’re walking because the muscle is still weak to fight that gravity.  That’s why people can’t walk.  That’s why I like Hypervibe because you can slowly introduce gravity in an incremental motion in incremental level and increase the circulation until they can really walk on their own right.

The reason why Hypervibe is so much better than exercises because range of motion on the bed doesn’t really mimic gravity translating into walking it’s a totally different dynamics.  If you look at the dynamics the angle of that to translate into function range of motion in the bed doesn’t even go as close to what Hypervibe can do right.

Wow okay and then the other thing and again I love is that there is a lot of other the research suggests that it’s important to be able to have the lower frequencies and amplitudes the lower levels of g-force as well as the higher and be able to progress.  And you know really there’s the original technology that was first exposed to that the European Space Agency and NASA was using.  And Hypervibe are really the only platforms to my level awareness to have that level of range from the low to the high that you can actually do.

That is not fair to compare cuz they’re talking about astronauts you know they were studying astronauts and they’ve been through a lot of training and they’re like they’re not looking at our patients’ non-ambulatory broken ankle right there ninety-one years old.  They don’t have that thing.  So we can’t really go to the high gravity yet.

I have ninety-one-year-old, an 81-year-old that after six to eight weeks with me they can tolerate that because we you build towards it or towards it.  I have patients that maybe in any timepiece when they get on the platform with their higher level we do their exercises on the platform single leg do all that with weight.  They can do all that because you prepare them for it is prepare then progressively quantifiably do your progressions.  You can do that it’s possible but not on the first appointment of course.

Right depending on the age and the condition of the patient that you have so but at least with the Hypervibe you have the access to the full range.  So, you can truly meet people where they are and then progress them along the way.  They can’t do range of motion they can’t even lift their own arm for doing a range of motion so what the Hypervibe does is doing the microcirculation under muscles while they’re sitting.  Because their bones are so weak to carry their weight.  Yeah and then we haven’t even talked about what it does to the bone itself.

Whole Body Vibration for Bone Density and Osteoporosis

You know my background is I forgot to tell you about my background.  I have some training in engineering.  So, your bone is your structural support and that microcirculation activates your …[unclear]…  it rebuilds and break down the old bone and stimulates the new bone.  So that alone will strengthen your bone.

So, if you’re obese or a fragile osteoporotic patient just being on the Hypervibe strengthen your bone right away because that’s only me it’s a little shaking with the recipe of the gravity your bone cells activate and alive.  They go oh okay we’re gonna make more bones we’re gonna get rid of the old ones it’s called bone remodeling.

The bone remodeling on Hypervibe is so efficient and the patient don’t even realize that after they come and visit able to tolerate now sitting within the tolerate standing.  And then once they’re standing on the Hypervibe it can translate to walking.  So, you can go straight to walking without building you’re not tendon we’re not even talking about tendon we’re talking about the basic structure of the bone.  When you feel the bone when you feel that sense is that gravity stimulation it will remodel itself it will efficiently get rid of the old bone and make new ones just because of that vibration motion.

Whole Body Vibration for Arthritis

Wow that’s amazing so it isn’t also support with you know bones or joints that have arthritis as well?  Yes.  Arthritis by the way his dietary mm-hmm when you don’t eat while you get arthritis.  It’s not because of old age because we have arthritis at nine years old in eight years olds here.  So, he has nothing to do with age.  Back then we used to do age because people ate well and then has to get only made of eat well in house or arthritis habits.  But now varieties is any age because of bad diet.  So back to the diet that raw material if you have good raw material you can reverse or thriving well and with the help of Hypervibe you can really rebuild your bone.

Pivotal Movement Vibration Plates

Mm-hmm, so another important distinction with the Hypervibe technology and I know you and I have spoken into this offline, is the plane of motion between the linear platforms that there are some of those out there where the entire platform goes up and down together and verses the pivotal which is why Hypervibe and ours is this way was based upon the research.  And the movement of the hips and how that actually works.  So, from your perspective you’re going back to why you chose Hypervibe instead of all the other protective platforms out there, part of that is plane of motion so what’s your perspective on that?

I mean it’s a smart design human bodies never to jump up and down that’s the platform it’s like jumping up and down you can only do so much of that.  But that’s not functional.  Your body’s designed so the alternating motion the teeter totter it mimics the teeter-totter.  Your brain left and right is never it’s always designed this alternate motion.  Any locomotion even running is alternate.  We are not kangaroo we don’t design into jumping or design into alternating motion.  So that mimics, Hypervibe mimics that alternating you know teeter-totter motion.

So that I thought that’s the most micro alternating motion in your body and that’s why you started with the micro teeter-totter the micro motion of the tendon the micro motion of the bone the micro rebuilding of the bone is a much better design than all the platform than jumping up and down.  Because that’s totally different action to your brain.  Right yeah makes complete sense.

So now I know that there’s you know speaking of the functional training there’s some other alternative uses that you’ve had and you use including a book that you’ve written you know about you know even wearing feels on the machine and then some other alternatives so please share your perspective on that as well and with the functional training aspect of it I thought that was so interesting.

I can start with my books my I write the book the Sexy Art of High Heel Walking.  What it’s about is it’s never about the shoe that you’re wearing.  It’s all about your body how strong your legs how strong your core and it’s all about that.  So, using the Hypervibe on high heels it really kind of specializing the muscles you need on high heels to get strengthened to be on high heels 14 hours 16 hours like I do.  And you won’t hurt because it improves your core the proof improves your leg muscles.

And so, what with my patients, in the beginning we use them without the heels we use them with the balance and we put them to Hypervibe.  And so, once their core and the leg muscles are strong we put them on heels and on the platform to make sure that they can keep their balance.  Whether the unstable a surface underneath and that’s how the magic of a Hypervibe because it mimics that unstable starts like you’re walking but you’re standing there maintaining your balance.

Once you master that you can translate that to a functional training.  So, when you walk into play and in the flat surface you’re ready your bodies are already trained to accommodate that because you’re ready to train it under Hypervibe provide safety.

Wow that’s amazing.  It makes complete sense and it’s one of the things that even when I spoke with the founders if I provide we were blown away by what you discovered with that.  And again, it the science makes complete sense it’s just something that we hadn’t actually thought of before.  Yes, and most people they’re just focusing you know the action of high heels and they missed a point high has really strengthen your core and your leg muscles.

Whole Body Vibration for Your Core

And so we kind of teach him that and make him feel their core and their leg muscles while on their Hypervibe because once they make the connection between their brain and their core and their leg on the Hypervibe on the high heels when they get off the Hypervibe on the flat surface on the ground they activated more they do it more much more efficiently pain free.

And they can do it all day because they realize oh these are the muscles to be activated that you keep telling me.  I mean I’m sure before the Hypervibe you keep saying oh I work out for my core, for my core.  I asked how you felt oh this is like no honey that is not your core that’s just the cover of your core.  Get on that Hypervibe and you’re gonna feel every core you ever owned.  You get on the bus oh that’s the core I said that’s the core muscle not to feel that you don’t sit up so the Hypervibe can really make people connect and isolate that core muscles better.  So, they can translate the functions so high heels or whatever.

Yeah that’s amazing right.  So to your point about the core I know that from personal experience I’m in my mid-40s right now and even when I was in my 20s when I was doing yoga I couldn’t do those postures where I’m standing on one leg and kicking my other leg out and now I can put my forehead to my knee with my other one out and I can stand there for what feels like days and I have balance and my core is so much stronger.  I didn’t realize what I thought was my core before versus what the Hypervibe does.  And there is no other form of exercise that can give you that access connection makes it so efficient to perform an activity.

Yeah what exactly what muscles you need and the Hypervibe gives you that connection loop it gives you that look to your brain you tell you really, I need my core and you know exactly where you’re going.  Oh jack we talked about the provides option it Hypervibe activate that provides option now you can stand in one leg and you become very efficient in your balance because you can strengthen it by a Hypervibe.

Whole Body Vibration for ED

Yeah absolutely and you know one other thing that you brought up in another conversation that we had that I think is important for the men out there especially men as they as they age you had some really interesting uses for it to treat specific conditions and I thought I’d have you have the opportunity to speak into that because it seemed like an alternative to using some form of medication or other type of substance that people could use and still achieve amazing outcomes.

Since you mentioned men this is very interesting that the physics and the plumbing design on men.  With any plumbing it really slows down you know gravity affected diet affects the hydration effects it it’s basically your pelvic floor is relying on hydraulics it’s plainly hydraulics design and with any hydraulics without the water without the plumbing it doesn’t work so what the Hypervibe does is it loosened all the plumbing the microcurrent it was talking about the microcurrent that supplies your pelvic floor especially on men it opens up again.

And we have so many patients and said why didn’t I know this.  And no drug companies have been trying to copy the micro circulation on that area.  But the problem is they open all the microcirculation this way it costs heart palpitation stroke because it opened the bring two but what the happy part does it opens it mechanically like the mechanics of it opens but it makes it more efficient also.  That’s how it should be not by drug induced.  So, it’s more on the normal progression of healing and in this more long-term it stays longer forever strong with the Hypervibe than just a pharmaceutical way of opening the circulation.  And not to mention that’s just the first thing on Hypervibe on the pelvic floor it opens it up.

The second one it becomes more efficient because with the isometrics in Hypervibe you’re gonna you know you contract normally.  As you get older you don’t know how to contract the muscles anymore because it gives in to gravity.  What the Hypervibe does it contracts the pelvic muscles and then relax and contract.  That’s actually how it should work, and it becomes very efficient.  So, when you have that isometrics and relaxed mechanism on your part before it pumps your hydraulics.  So, when it pumps your hydraulics everything starts to work.  All the nutrients the blood circulation allows the flow again.  Your pelvic floor then you back to restore your function forever.

So, with the man you would have them sit on the machine and for how long?  What would you typically recommend?  As usual beginning just 10 minutes to test because usually when I see the men already on this they already went through medications.  They already went through trauma and they have already had surgeries.  So, you have to go slow because you cannot just open up blood supply because it will hurt them too.

You have to make sure that the plumbing is capable to be opened up.  We go slow.  I do manual therapy we do acupuncture and we do the diet dietary modification because I’m a believer if there’s no raw material there’s nothing there I can work with.  Change their diet because just even the sugar or the caffeine it will cut the circulation in your pelvic floor.

Because the caffeine affects the contraction of your smooth muscle cells so what is your smooth muscle cells in your heart and it’s your new pelvic floor.  And it’s around the penal muscles of the men.  So, if you are having high caffeine I can’t really open that microcirculation because it makes it into spasm.  You know acting spasms, so I cannot do that.  So, we have to modify their diet first before I get them on the Hypervibe.  Because we have seen that I would again have the Hypervibe to feel good but then it boomerangs and makes it worse.

Right okay you kind of have to design that.  You cannot compete with a chemical spasm stimulation at that area too.  Because Hypervibe is so efficient in opening it up and strengthening up and if you have some pharmaceutical or artificial thing that opens it up too, it’s gonna you know, it’s worse.  It won’t make it because it crashes the blood from the brain and more there and you don’t want that.

Whole Body Vibration Machine for Home Use

Yeah okay.  So, you’re also recommendations I know you’ve had a number of patients that you’ve recommended, and they’ve actually purchased home units for themselves and you can help guide them.  So, you have you found that that’s a successful approach to work with your patients.  And you know they still have a relationship with you of course you’re guiding them.  But then just the ability to have that at their home to use every day.  I mean if I have my way everybody should have one at home.  Because you’re gonna face gravity you’re gonna wear and tear your body.  This is the best way to help your body repair under the wear and tear.

And so most of my patients that can’t afford it they buy it they ask me I ought to be have one right now that we’re trying to get her a unit because I said you need to have a Hypervibe you can’t come here every day you know you need this at home twice a day and especially with the PTSD.  With the PTSD it makes it produces the endorphins and it relaxes their muscle relax their body they can cope with stress better.  And then eventually the PTSD doesn’t have a power over them anymore.  After I noticed about six months on the Hypervibe.

Whole Body Vibration for Incontinence

Wow that’s amazing.  Well I really appreciate your investment of time today Dr. Siton.  Is there anything else you want to share any other perspectives that we may not have talked about?  We talked about low back pain like your experience for talking about the ED, we talked about we talk we can talk about the female pelvic floor because we have a lot of bladder incontinence mm-hmm the bladder contract too because the bladder has to be supported with the pelvic floor muscles.  And so when the pelvic floor muscles strengthen the suspension of that bladder again is so good that it can contact and relax much better without you know we have a lot of testimonials that they don’t use diapers anymore in this ladies.  I’ve been using diapers for 21 years.  Wow with our pelvic floor we I do the manual therapy stimulation, they do acupuncture, dietary changes and Hypervibe.  It’s like a three-leg solution not just one.  So, when we have all these three together it’s being applied to them you can completely reverse bladder incontinence.

Wow yeah and I didn’t even realize it was such an issue.  Forty percent of women have bladder incontinence.  So that’s amazing, wow, wow.

And so, this is a great thing to have in the home and to be able to use every day for that and most so many other different conditions.  Yeah besides childbirth that will affect your pelvic floor increased intake of caffeine in your diet affects your smooth muscles and we have younger and younger kids now drinking the Starbucks coffee with caffeine at eight at nine.  By the time they reach a 22 they have bladder incontinence.  I’m seeing them younger and younger.  I used to see them 50s and 45 after babies.

Now I see young 20-year-old college kids have bladder incontinence and they have no idea what’s coming from.  And they don’t realize not everybody, but these people are insensitive to caffeine their body cannot metabolize it in accumulate and their smooth muscle cell.  So, some people will have palpitation in their heart with the caffeine.  Some people have bladder incontinence and they don’t know why.  And more likely that’s because they’re sensitive in looking weakens their pelvic floor muscles.  Wow, that’s amazing.

Well we really appreciate the investment of time today and your willingness to share so openly about your experiences with Hypervibe.  As well as about your specialties and area of practice.  Is there any you know things you have upcoming?  I know you have a number of speaking engagements and you’ve got a book coming out.  You already have a book that is out.  So just how can people find out more information about you?

So, I wrote the book, Sexy Art of High Heel Walking and I will show it to you.  There you go you plug it in.  Yes, the second book is about applied epigenetics and the title of the book is Your Body is a Self-Healing Machine.  And there’s on that book there’s a whole page of a whole body vibration about the Hypervibe experience too.  I put that on the one chapter of that and so that you can find all these information in holisticphysicaltherapy.com or www.gigisiton.com because my personal page all of that information there.  And I’m going to the Philippines and I’m gonna see some lectures there in the college of medicine.  And then when I come back for a month and then we’ll see if my upcoming TED talk and then we’ve got the epigenetics conference with Bruce Lipton.  So, this is an exciting year.

That’s amazing well we’re very grateful to have you as part of the Hypervibe family.  And you know one of our absolute industry experts has been using this and so grateful for your experiences and your willingness to share and help make a positive difference within this industry as well.  And all medical professionals too, so they can have that opportunity to learn from someone like yourself.

And I would like to correct people always call us alternative to Hypervibe the whole body vibration.  It’s not an alternative it is it.  The alternative is medication.  If this doesn’t work and you need medication but try this first.  This is first the natural way of doing the Hypervibe doing the whole exercise.  Slowly doing your diet and then if that doesn’t work then try medication.  So, they are the alternative not us.

Sounds good.  Well thank you we appreciate it and we’ll have links below here as well with all of your contact information, so people can learn more about you.  And we really appreciate that and hope to talk to you really soon.

Thank you, Doug, for inviting me.  I am so honored.  And you know what amazes me, it’s not like you found me and then I use a cyber bug.  I find it first and then we found each other.  So, this is really good you know that I did it on my own at home.  Your product spoke for itself that’s all I find you know I appreciate it.  Alright thank you so much.  Thank you take care, bye bye.  [End of Transcript]