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Simple Exercises Using a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Easy simple exercises with a whole body vibration machine

Note:  The DZT Ultra Vibe is no longer on the market but we are leaving this video online.  It has some great demonstrations of simple exercises using a whole body vibration machine.  These exercises can be done with any WBV machine.


Welcome to the practice for DZT Ultra Vibe D2000 for beginners.


Stand on the DZT Ultra Vibe, keep your back straight and distribute your weight evenly.  The standing pose is the most commonly used position as it targets the entire body.

Deep Squat

Put your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your knees directly above toes.  Gently squeeze the leg muscles keep your back straight and bend your upper body slightly forward.  Each squat position works deep into the muscle fibers.  You will be burning calories and you will build lean and dense muscles.


Rise up onto the balls of your feet keep your back straight and abdomen tight.  You will begin to feel tension in your calf muscles calves position stretches and strengthens the calf muscles and build your balance.  It also greatly enhances your blood circulation.

Assisted Push up

Kneel in front of the DZT Ultra Vibe and place your hands on the plate shoulder-width apart.  Keep your back straight and keep your abdomen muscles strong and push off the DZT Ultra Vibe platforms.  Assisted push-up position releases tension in your neck shoulders and back.

Calf Massage

Lay on the floor with your calves on the plate and enjoy the relaxed feeling in your entire body.  Five to ten minutes in calf massage position will increase blood flow and circulation while calming your mind.


Take enough time to feel comfortable to go to the next level of your workout and when you’re ready go to each level step by step.


Place one foot on the platform and step back with the other foot patting it firmly on the ground behind.  Keep your back straight and keep your knees directly above your toes.  Squeeze your leg muscles you should feel tension in the hamstrings quadriceps and buttocks.

Lunge position will work your lower core for a couple of minutes and will provide you with a great stretch.

Shoulder Press

Position your body in a horizontal line parallel with the DZT Ultra Vibe machine.  Keep your hand shoulder-width apart and keep your legs and back straight.

Shoulder press position is very therapeutic for stretching and relaxing your entire upper body while providing you with a great overall stretch.

Push Up

Place your feet on the floor and hands on the plate shoulder-width apart.  Keep your back straight and abdomen muscles need to be strong.  When you take more intensity on this position.  You can also use the perfect pushup accessory equipment by putting your feet on the platform instead of on the floor.  The push-up is the best overall upper body strengthening position.  You will be working your entire upper core and challenging your muscles for an amazing workout.

Shoulder and Neck

Kneel down in front of the DZT Ultra Vibe with your arms outstretched.  Keep your back and neck straight.  Pull your upper body back while resting your arms on the plate.

Shoulder and Neck Position stretches your neck shoulders and arms and increases blood flow and relaxation.


Now you’re at an advanced level.  Make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard.  Gradually with increased practice you will find your body capable of doing all these advanced positions.

Triceps Dip

Facing away from the DZT Ultra Vibe firmly grip the edge and push upwards.  Now bend the arms slightly and lower the hips towards the floor.  Squeeze the shoulder blades together.  This position targets the triceps to build solid lean muscle while increasing blood flow and circulation.

Pelvic Bridge

Lay back on the floor and place both feet on the plate.  Keep your knees bent at 90 degrees and push your hips upward engaging your entire core.  With pelvic bridge position your entire lower core will be challenged in a few short minutes.

Single Leg Pelvis Bridge

Lay back on the floor and place one foot on the plate keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees and your other leg straight up.  Push your hips forward.

Single leg pelvis bridge position focuses and builds balance.

Abdominal Crunch

Sit on the platform and slowly raise your knees and upper body into the crunch position with your arms.  Abdominal crunch position will provide your abs your obliques and middle core with an explosive workout and it will safely stimulate your digestion and blood circulation.

Resistance Band Positions

From now on you will use a resistance band while you’re on the DZT Ultra Vibe.  Form lateral side raise stand on the DZT Ultra Vibe with your legs shoulder-width apart and raise both arms horizontally to your sides pulling the resistance band straps upward keep your back straight and your abdomen strong.  Lateral side raise will build core balance.

Front Raise

Locate your legs shoulder-width apart on the plate and raise your arms horizontally in front of your torso.  Keep your back straight abdomen strong hold the resistance band straps upward.  Front raise position will strengthen and build your shoulders and core in just a few short minutes.

Bicep Curl

Stand on the plate with resistance band under your feet and pull the resistance band up and down.  Repeat the movement slowly with your knees slightly bent.  Keep your back hands and wrist straight.  Bicep curl will build the strength and lean muscle in your biceps while simultaneously increasing core strength and balance.

DZT Fitness wishes you all the very best to be fit strong and healthy.