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Getting Started on Your Hypervibe G17 Pro Tips

Getting started on your Hypervibe G17 Pro whole body vibration machine is very easy even for a beginner.  However, it always helps to start something new the right way.  This video covers getting started on your Hypervibe G17 Pro tips and demonstrations.

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Hi, this is Dafne with Hypervibe training and support and today I just wanted to go over a few basics of how to get started on your machine and how to stand most effectively.  Regardless of what kind of model you bought, if it’s one with handles or one without handles all the basics are kind of universal.

Getting Started on Your Hypervibe G17 Pro Pro Tips

  1. Unlock Your Legs
  2. Body Weight in Balance
  • Weight on Heels
  • Work Within Your Range of Motion
  • Remain in balance
  1. Displacement
  • Wider hands and feet = more movement
  • Closer hands and feet = less movement
  • Adjust hands and feet to control intensity
  1. Angles Variations
  • Standing taller is easier, more passive
  • Go in deeper is more challenging
  • Experiment within your range of motion
  1. Have Fun with It!

For today I’m going to be working on a G14 so you can see my movements a little bit easier.

The first thing I want you to make sure that you keep in mind is to bend your knees slightly.  It’s about your muscles absorbing and accepting the movement.  Whereas if you lock your legs you can see most of the stimulation travel up to my head.  The other thing to keep in mind is your body weight.  So, when you’re physically standing on this and once it gets moving what about seventy and eighty percent of the body weight would situated on your heel.  As you go lower you’re working within your own range of motion if you want to make sure that you are remaining in balance.  Anything is displacement.

So right now, I’m working on frequency of five Hertz which is leading me back and forth five times per second.  So, at slower speeds we want lots of displacement.  This is challenging our body’s natural gait if we bring our feet closer you’ll notice that the amount of movement reduces substantially.  So, as we increase in frequency you need to control the amount of intensity based on how close your hands or feet may be on the machine.

The next thing I want to cover off is angles.  You know I can stand up tall and if you do a long discussion and sound like this for five ten minutes.  But It’s just like standing on the floor.  If you can notice a little bit more effort I put into it goes straight into the realm of fitness regardless of what speed were on.

And then I encourage you to experiment.  You’re really only limited by your range of motion or your imagination on these machines.  There is no right or wrong but make sure those knees are bent.  Pick a suitable displacement depending on your level comfort for the frequencies that you’re working on.  And try challenging yourself and you will benefit a little bit more.  [Music]  [End of Transcript]

Summary of Getting Started on Your Hypervibe G17 Pro Tips shows how easy it is to use this whole body vibration machine.  WBV platforms are a great way to improve your health and feel better!  Whole body vibration machines are an easy way to improve your circulation, ease joint pain, increase blood circulation and to lose weight!

Alert: This unit is no longer available.  To learn about a great whole body vibration machine enjoy our article:

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