Health Benefits – Hypervibe G10 Whole Body Vibration Platform

The following 3 videos will point out numerous health benefits of the whole body vibration Hypervibe G10 Platform, G14 or G17.  Using a machine like the Hypervibe G10 Mini platform is easy and efficient.  It is small enough to use in an office.  It will help you lose weight, increase circulation and increase muscle.

[Transcript]  Hi I’m Christy.  Happy new year.  I want to talk to you about the Hypervibe.  This is the time of year where we’re making a lot more resolutions usually they involve weight loss, exercise, detoxification and sometimes they’re easier said than done.  But this is something I’ve started using at the office because there’s no excuses when it’s in your office and it’s as simple as standing on a platform.

I used to be a trainer for 15 years and then I went to sitting for a living.  Sitting for six to eight hours at a time and I have never been in so much pain.  I’ve never had pain in my body until I started to sit.  My postural muscles were atrophying.  My gut wasn’t working as well.  My back hurt.  My sleep was not as good.  My hamstrings hurt.  I had no idea that sitting was such a destructive exercise or activity or inactivity whatever is just not beneficial for our health or bodies.

So, I got this Hypervibe and the benefits of the Hypervibe it’s a vibration platform and it shakes a certain frequency.  There’s different intensities that you can do, and your body thinks it is under more gravity.  So it actually increases circulation, lymphatic circulation which is very important for weight loss.

Because we store a lot of toxins in our adipose tissue or fat cells and once that circulation gets going we can actually detox release.  And circulation is very important for weight loss so you don’t want to get some toxins moving and then keep them in a stagnant system.

It’s incredible for bone density because your body does think it is under more gravity and your muscles are contracting.  It decreases cortisol levels and it helps improve balance and coordination.

Benfits of Vibing with the Hypervibe G10 Platform

  • Circulation
  • Lymph
  • Bone density
  • Decreased cortisol
  • Balance and Coordination

It’s very simple.  Obviously, it’s shaking at a certain vibration and there’s three levels.  There’s low, medium and high.  The wider you go the more you feel it.  So, I’m going to just stand up here and let’s say you’re always in your office clothes.  You don’t have to change clothes for this one.  Just say you’re going for a walk at lunchtime and not feel bad.  But it’s just getting good form good posture.  And you can do a little like you’re getting on your chair, without pain, without sweating.  Your getting all these benefits.

So, shaking my muscles are contracting.  There’s no pain, my entire circulation is increasing, my lymphatic circulation my cortisol is decreasing I feel that sense of accomplishment.

It wasn’t a big deal and I feel much better afterwards.  The Hypervibe has helped my body a lot.  It’s doable, it’s maintainable, it’s quiet.  You could probably tell your office co-mates that they need to give something special to you if you’re ready if you’re going to share it.  But do share having good health and good circulation and good brain circulation is very beneficial for getting through the day.  This is our first video on Hypervibe and you know I think it’s very important to enjoy your health in this well.  [End of Transcript]

The Myth of Losing Weight Just Standing on a WBV Platform

[Transcript]  My name is Drew Talley with trueform  Today I want to talk about the number one myth with whole body vibration platforms and that is that you can stand on it in lose weight.  That couldn’t be more wrong.  And lots of people walk by and thinking just that and unfortunately there’s even companies that sell a machine that are making these false or false claims say just about anything to make a sale.

It’s not what we’re about and I provide what we want to let the consumer know what they’re getting.  Now the machine is based around resistance training.  So, you have to add to it to get cardio out of it.  Which is going to be a big reason about along with nutrition and other factors how you are gonna lose weight.  So, by standing on vibration machine or just about anything you’re not going to lose weight from it.  If someone’s telling you that we’re making those claims, it’s probably a good idea to turn around and walk the other way.

Previously I gave you some links, so we could check out and just find some research.  So, I’m going to give you another one right now with a toll-free number that’s our North American distributors in…and they’re also at Hypervibe dot CA.  They’d be happy to answer any questions for you, clear any concerns up.  So just make sure you do your own research.  Talk to the people that use the Hypervibes, that use whole body vibration platforms

And make sure that that if someone’s giving you false claims, if there’s someone that is telling you something that doesn’t sound like it’s true you know it’s usually not.  So, we just want to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.  So hopefully that clears things up a little bit for you.  My name is Drew Talley with trueform  Thanks for watching.  [End of Transcript]

Health Benefits of Hypervibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform

The Hypervibe G10 Mini provides the right amount of G-force to cause stretch reflex which in turn signals involuntary muscle contractions.  This is the essential way to get the most health benefits from a whole body vibration machine.

Stretch Reflex with Whole Body Vibration Platforms

[Transcript]  The key to vibration training is a phenomenon known as the stretch reflex.  The stretch reflex occurs when the muscle is lengthened, and the spindle is stretched.  This sends a signal to the spinal cord which then sends a signal back to the same muscle to cause an opposing involuntary contraction.

Through the stretch reflex these involuntary muscle contractions engage a much greater percentage of muscle fibers than through a voluntary muscle contraction such as contractions that occur through conventional weight training.

The vibrations can also trigger this reflex at an astonishing rate up to 27 muscle contractions in just one second.  The other advantage of these involuntary muscle contractions is that they target every muscle exposed to the vibration including involuntary muscles such as the pelvic floor.  Research suggests that the stretch reflex occurs at frequencies 12 Hertz and above and the muscle reaches its greatest activity around 25 to 27 Hertz.  [End of Transcript]