Hurtle Fitness Vibration Exercise Platform Demonstration HURVBTR35BT

The demonstration in this video is on a Hurtle HURVBTR35.  There is a similar model that also includes wireless Bluetooth technology called the Hurtle Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine – model HURVBTR35BT.  Both of these models have a 300-watt motor and will work great for all but the athlete.

[Transcript]  Hello I am on a Pyle [Hurtle] vibration machine I have already set up.  I’m on default setting and that automatically takes me on a nine-minute exercise and I will demonstrate different settings.

Hurtle Vibration Platform Demonstration

So, my favorite one is I’m like on a squat and this gives me huge workout in this area and that area.  And you can go up and down up and down and when I got off the machine I really feel it.  Another setting to just can sit like that it really gives you a feeling in around the waist area I feel great and of course those muscles.

And if you just stay here works the legs were just great exercise and of course you can stay straight, and I feel huge workout in my buttock area.  So, this is when I’m straight, but I don’t recommend it.  I think the most safe for the back is a slight squat and you can change the remote control you can change the speed.

I really don’t like the first one it’s just an irritation for me and I always keep it just in eight.  And you see one default it starts shaking me stronger the speed is going up.  I can move it and then hold if I want to miss my remote.  So, I hold the remote just in case if it’s starting speed in me and I can change it and I did it I don’t like it faster.  So, I can spend on this remote control turn it on and off turn it on and off and I can exercise.  First start slowly with ten minutes and then you can go anyway you want.  Kids like fast I have not.  [End of transcript]

Hurtle HURVBTR35BT Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine

For the best deal you can buy online the HURVBTR35BT Hurtle Crazy Fit Vibration Machine.  There are always good reviews from users and Hurtle has established itself as a reliable company.