Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Demonstration – HURVBTR35

This short video demonstrates the HURVBTR35 – Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform.  The Hurtle HURVBTR35 is one of the most popular whole body vibration platforms sold online.  It is well rated, durable and relatively quiet.  It has a 300-watt motor to power the WBV.

[Transcript]  Hello.  Today I’m reviewing this Hurtle fitness machine.  This is the 300-watt model.  This is the machine there and it does come with a remote which is really nice.  So, if you look at the controls it’s fairly simple.  You have time buttons here where you can go down or all the way up to 10.  10 is the highest it will go.  They do not recommend that you use this for more than 10 minutes a day.  And then over here are the levels and you could not push those until you start.  So here is stop here is start here is the program mode and then there is the power.

Demonstration of Hurtle HURVBTR35 Fitness Vibration Platform

So, we will turn it on and I’m going to use the remote.  It pretty much has all the same features, but I wanted to show how much it vibrates.  So, we will go ahead and start it and that would be this button here.  So, as you can see it’s starting to vibrate and move shake and do its thing fairly quiet on the first level.  So, we’ll change the speeds and go all the way to 20.  You can see it’s getting faster and it’s getting a little bit louder.  I’m at 11 at the moment so now it’s really starting to sound like it’s going to takeoff.  So that’s wanting, and it is going pretty fast so we’re gonna go ahead and stop it and it’ll slowly come to a stop and beep a tune.

So now I’m going to get on the machine and show you how it looks when you’re on it because trying to bend down you turn it on I think would be difficult.  So, we’re gonna start it and it’s gonna start at 10 minutes on level 1.  So, it’s definitely working the legs and you can come down and up spread the legs more or just do a normal standing stance and it does shake the whole body pretty much.

So, if you’re nice and relaxed and just go with it it’ll shake pretty much your whole body.  So, I’m gonna go ahead and turn it off.  It’s really simple to use.  The displays can be a little bit tricky when you’re on it to see it and as you can see the power cord is kind of on the short side in my opinion.  So, I have to use an extension cord.  I don’t have anything that I could really plug in where it will be gonna do some distance from a wall and I like to watch TV while doing it, so I want it out there in front of the couch.  You can also sit and put your feet on it and use it.

You can kneel on the floor put your arms on it for the upper body.  Many things you can do with this.  I suggest Googling it that’s what I do for what exercises to do on it.  So, there you have it.  It’s fairly large very heavy to me at least but it definitely gives you a workout enjoy.  [End of transcript]

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