Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVTBR60 Review

The Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVTBR60 review video demonstrates that it is a great whole body vibration machine. It is a powerful WBV machine for a very reasonable price. You can buy the Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVTBR60 online for the best deal. The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine can be used by beginners, the infirm or elite athletes.  Watch the reviewer unbox the Hurtle HURVTBR60 and demonstrate its use.

[Transcript]  Today I’m showing the vibration fitness machine by Hurtle. It comes with very clear instructions for use and care the brand is Hurtle and it’s the vibration fitness machine this is the user manual and it has easy content very easy to follow it has a very long beep as you can hear in the background that’s my only dislike about the whole product is that the beeping is very loud and you can see on the front there there’s a red light to indicate that it is does have power and it’s got very loud alarms for the different settings.

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Model HURVTBR60 Review

So it comes very nicely package came in a very thickly protected with styrofoam and foam in a nice thick box as well I’m going to demonstrate to you the different techniques you can use with this machine I have found already that I love it after I walk or exercise just sitting on the couch and getting a really nice almost like a massage so I’ll start with that with our demonstration here’s the remote that comes with it you just push the power button on which is the red button and we’re going to do the up-and-down motion and hit a start and it starts on one as you can see the levels here go up very quickly when you’re using the level on control on the remote if you hold it down it will go up this morning very quickly with just a little high in my opinion.

Hurtle HURVTBR60 WBV Machine

I would suggest using it around 9:00 to 9:00 to 12:00 to begin with but it does give a very good workout as you can see with your legs it’s good for circulation it’s just a very relaxing massage for your sore muscles and joints so next we’re going to do a couple different techniques I’m going to go ahead and stop it with the green button and our model will stand and show you how to balance with the cords that clip on to either side there’s a loop that they simply just click on to there and they’re stretchy elastic bands so while standing up this is one of the exercises so I’m going to go ahead and turn it on the up and over we’ll try the left to right and start and that’s at a level one and we’re going to slowly go up and those chords are just good for balancing it is recommended that children under the age of 10 and the seniors over the age of 60 have supervision while using this product and I know some of our seniors are very fit athletically so it may not be a concern for most of those fit seniors and even kids that are very athletic but still use caution.

So here we have balancing we’re going to go up to a level 19 and 20 so that shows you that even at the highest setting you can still have pretty good balance and that’s on the second setting which is the left-to-right motion I’m going to stop it again and we’re going to find my show the waiver I call it a wave it’s like it’s called the all 3d ul 3d and we’re going to start it and you can see it kind of goes back and forth. We’re kind of in a wave like a wave motion actually left to right is the FIR one that’s back and that’s up and down then left to right is the second I’m sorry so that’s back and forth and then this one is more of a wave kind of pattern I’m going to go up and you can see if our model has his hand on the bands and he’s actually surfing on his phone at the same time so he’s able to hold on and he’s getting that muscle stimulation it’s very relaxing for the joint I can tell you it feels like a massage when I sit on the couch after I’ve worked out it feels very relaxing and I sit here and let it go for about two or three times I think each time is ten minutes and it will turn itself off so I really enjoy it and you just hit stop whenever you want to.

Sometimes the remote has to be pointed directly at the machine but I’ve gotten used to the beeping but like I said that’s the only dislike I have about the product as it is extremely loud it’s kind of like a speaker that you may be able to cover up it’s possible that it could be covered up easily but that is the Hurtle Vibration Fitness device and it is a wonderful product. I love the way it’s got really good grip there so that you have a good grip with your feet your bare feet or your shoes and the modes obviously actually I didn’t show you that it does have a very strong suction you can see the suction cups there’s one on each corner so just very well made got a bit of weight to it it has a roll will do that it will roll if you hold it by the other end you can actually view it across the floor but that’s got a good suction it’s it’s not going to move across this floor if you can see me I’m moving this then it’s not budging it’s really suctioned well to the floor.

HURVTBR60 – Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform

It looks nice it’s got a golden black color. It has a Hurtle logo there and it was really easy to figure out the remote you basically got three different patterns here the up and down the left to right or the wave motion and you can set it to I think these are different times that you can set it to programs and then this is actually the speed so if you don’t want to arrow up or down you can set it to ten automatically or all the way to full on twenty and then whenever you’re ready to stop you just hit that green stop button so that’s a little confusing because red actually means to turn the power on which kind of means like go and green means stop so that may be a little confusing because usually in the US here are traffic lights or opposite of that but power on for red and stop for green. And overalls it’s really easy to control the remote is simple it takes two triple-a batteries.

Very cool machine from Hurtle and I’m going to turn it on one more time to show you and make you my favorite which is the up-and-down mode and we’re going to push start in the middle and that starts on level one and then if you want to jump up to ten you just hit ten and if you want to jump up to 20 you hit 20 and at the full-speed bed and stop very easy to control and it gives a really nice stimulating workout I think it would be great for people who have circulation issues and great for diabetic patients elderly patients or if you just need a really good relaxation after a good workout.  [End of transcription]

So this Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVTBR60 Review video gave many pros and cons of the machine.  It is obviously a great buy!  A powerful and versatile machine at an affordable price!

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