Hurtle Whole Body Vibration Platform HURVBTR60

This video is just a short demonstration of the Hurtle whole body vibration platform HURVBTR60.  This is a great whole body vibration machine at a very affordable price.  It is rated well and the Hurtle brand is known for reliable whole body vibration platforms.  Every good Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVTBR60 review will show the pros and cons of the machine.  Honestly it is hard to beat this WBV platform especially at this low price.

[Transcript]  Hi everybody I want to tell you today about the Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform. This is a vibrating Fitness machine and the husband who do you is going to show us how it works.

Demonstration of the Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVBTR60

So you get on it comes with a remote control. The machine will go right and left it’ll go up and down and you can bend your knees you can do squats on this as it’s moving it has two resistance bands that aren’t very strong I mean they aren’t gonna I mean they will work but they aren’t you know like really super tight so it gives it a minute it loads up everything it’s very and it will get going you can do speeds up to from 1 to 10 to 20 I’m sorry and it just starts to go.

It’s great for balance it’s great for muscle tone it’s quiet so whoever is watching TV isn’t going to be disturbed by this the time is 10 minutes and simply just either stand on it you can sit on it you could do your push-ups on this this will just give it added strengthened resistance to your workout sitting on the couch if you need to get your legs go in there and your circulation just sit on the couch and get your legs on here and get it started so many different ways to use this I think you could use it to do yoga moves on here and it would really strengthen up your balance.

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform WBV – Model HURVBTR60

It has a timer on it it has suction cups on the bottom it has hooks so that you can attach your your nah you can attach your resistance bands it also has a wheel on the bottom and a handle on one side so it’s so easy to move because this puppy is heavy and then that’s it sorry for all the stuttering this is a great machine ten minutes a day I can do 10 minutes a day I’ll let you know how I do thanks for watching.  [End of transcript]

Whole body vibration machines come in many different sizes, powers and modes of vibration.  It can be confusing to know which type of WBV machine to purchase or which one will be best for your individual needs.  At some point you just have to make a decision and try one out.  The Hurtle HURVBTR60 is a great choice for anyone.

There are many impressive features to the WBV machine.  See all the details first before you decide to buy the Hurtle Vibration Platform HURVBTR60 online.