Hypervibe Company WBV Machine Review

The Hypervibe Company has been engineering and manufacturing great whole body vibration machines since 2008.  They make great high quality WBV plates like the Hypervibe G10 Mini machine.

[Transcript]  Hey yo buddy this is Alex from health hacks review.  So this review video is on the whole body vibration machine Hypervibe and if you haven’t heard of that you have now.  And so this company was based still is based in Australia and so that’s where the core engineers way back when to start to design their machine many years ago.

And so they now have divisions in Canada and again that was years ago.  Basically they have a division Canada and they have a division in the United States which obviously makes their brand available in all these different regions.

So and interesting a few things to say about this machine because it does stand out.  As I’ve said in general with this product category there’s really only a handful of brands of whole body vibration machines be it vertical or pivotal that are actually unique or actually have some custom research and design and engineering and put some real money and a lot of time into designing something different.

Essentially the other 95% of brands and if you don’t know when you’re looking at brand chances are if falls that 95% are basically the same old same old rebrand coming from the same three manufacturers in China.  And pretty much other specs on those are about the same ones and I’ve talked about that in other videos and they’re usually grossly overpriced after the importers importing companies resell them.

Hypervibe Company Review – Whole Body Vibration Machines

So anyways Hypervibe one of these unique companies that is actually it took them many years and what they had done specifically to make such a powerful line of machines that were like and similar to this the performance rating of 50,000 dollar machines for example like the Galileo Fitness also sold as Vibraflex in the United States.  Is they really looked at the core mechanisms that they were using in what was considered and so it is kind of considered the gold standard as far as a pivotal oscillatory machine.  Galileo which is a class 1 medical device that also they ran some studies with the European Space Agency again they were kind of the forefront of pushing that type of plate movement years ago made in Germany.  And so they studied that machine and as you could imagine it took a while to try to was – there’s two challenges.

Here one of course this machine that had fantastic performance in terms of g-force amplitude speed had a lot of patents right on some of these exclusive technologies that allowed them to achieve this.  So they had to do two things not just to create the same results for less money because they want to market their machine to the consumer market but you also can’t have patent infringement.  So wow, you know you really have to also find a way around that without pouring in oodles of money they still did have to invest a lot of money and a lot of years but they were able to do it.

And so the mechanism is very similar to some of their patents in there this is pretty much the only way you can achieve a huge amount of amplitude and magnitude g-force acceleration force and frequency coming off a plate.  That the whole plate is basically falling apart.  That’s the main challenge you create too much friction of vibration just like the worst thing for any equipment or motor as we know and whole thing it simply shakes apart, move across the room, it’s dangerous, it shorts out, fries out, you know in a few months.  All these different things when you’re dealing with that much movement.

So, it’s actually probably one of the harder things to design in terms of just health equipment out there.  So, what they then did and this point is a very important point to go over is, because there’s a couple other companies have done the same thing, is just because something is manufactured per se in China doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad right.  It’s just right off that I mean if you’re of the mindset that you you know what you live in in Canada you’re looking at States or whatever and you want all everything you purchased all the income to stay and make jobs and all of them to stay in the United States then that’s one thing obviously you’re not kind of compromised you believe.  So and that your integrity is right.

But if you’re not in that boat of huge national pride let’s say with everything that you purchase then there’s not necessarily anything bad per se when it comes to quality about China.  Sure 95% of all the machines they produce her are not good but their facilities there in terms of labor costs in their factories and it’s not just necessarily because they have cheap labor and there’s much their slave drivers or anything.

I’m not saying that that’s certainly either they just have really worked on their infrastructure and factories the technology that they use they have all that existing infrastructure there it’s well run and so a company that could go in there with their own set of engineers and plans have custom components grated parts come in but basically have it assembled essentially in one of their factories.  As a manufacturer over there you save a lot of costs to produce something.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean again that you’re compromising on quality.

You could actually hypothetically, theoretically and this is true for some of the brands it could actually increase your quality from the state of mind and a win-win for the customer from the standpoint of this.  Well it can be a win-win because it’s design and starts of reduce some types of products and equipment out there with a very high grade of components custom engineering.  Okay it’s a very high grade of performance standards.  You know if you were produce some of what’s produced in China like a few of these companies and their factories producing the United States and Canada for example on you’d see a huge increase of costs which would have to be passed on to the consumer.

And I can just tell you right now just working with people there is definitely a price threshold for most people that they don’t want to spend passive a certain amount.  Most people aren’t going to be very excited about spending an extra a thousand or two thousand dollars on a machine.  But that’s going to be the reality if some of these types of high performance machines were actually fully manufactured in Canada United States.

So then you have to ask yourself that question you know why are you willing right now to spend a thousand or two thousand dollars more to have something I think most people I can tell you are not okay but they are concerned about quality and that’s basically how I got how I’m a consultant and how I help people figure that out.

So yeah it can be very confusing when you hear okay Hypervibe made in Chinese factory that factory also makes some other brands that are resold or rebranded that are really poor quality.  Yeah sure it’s coming out of the same manufacturer those manufacturers then they’re make a huge percentage of the market but again a company can come in to a facility like that with their own engineers with their own components that they want used which is important quality components custom engineering and Hypervibe by the way it’s one of the few companies that also then had a employee couple employees permanently stationed as operation managers oversight supervisors at the actual manufacturing facility.

That is unusual by the way and it’s a good idea because anybody that knows just kind of kind of dealing with China in terms of business for this type of thing I the best way you can ensure the quality of your product that you’re having made over there essentially is you really have to have somebody supervising this situation.

I’m trying to say that the trust level isn’t necessarily like always good.  And really this should be the case probably with any manufacturing facility even if it was in the United States or Canada.  If you’re really concerned about maintaining and absolutely making sure that there is a certain uniformity of product quality you really should have always a supervisor at the actual facility regardless of where it is.

But for sure over there just because we all know the stories.  We know that they will swap something out if nobody’s looking to make a better margin but it’s also they have an employee over there as well to protect cotton and that’s actually probably the bigger reason also and that’s it’s very hard when you’re with China to reinforce patents.  And again if you know people that dealt with just business in China even if you bring over your lawyers it so cost and you usually don’t even make any headway suing people and for patent infringement all that kind of stuff in that country.

It’s just so you really have to have somebody over there like in the moment.  Saying up you know I can’t do that catch them before you know they took your unique you know million dollars and years of technology and start to put it into all of their devices and equipment.  So that’s those really impressed when I actually discovered that so it’s okay.  I’m okay with you know a few these companies actually making in those facilities the question is what are they doing over there and there’s ways of course of assessing and backing up your specifications that are then coming out of the engineering out of the manufacturing facility and third-party test to see if hey, are those specifications really matching up.

You can’t and as I said them in another general education whole body vibration video with like a Hypervibe you know you can’t pull off 35 Hertz on a machine with you know 17 G’s of force acceleration force you can’t pull that off and not have the machine fall apart for some period of time without there being great engineering inside of that device period.  It’s like you know I can’t build a car perform at its how to perform like a Ferrari and not have the quality to be near or as good as a Ferrari right you can’t fake that.  So same thing you can’t really fake these specs as far as when you’re actually testing them.

If you’re actually getting those results with the Hypervibe company line this brings me to the point if you didn’t watch the other educational videos about think specifications keep in mind that that 95 percent of machines out there at least 85 – 90 percent of the time I found that the specs are at least some of the specs upon the performance ratings on particularly model of machine are made up or there’s errors okay.  Whether it’s intentional or not I always say it’s intentional because if you see how much they’re jackin at the price based on how much it actually cost them you know those price points would be theoretically reflective of if their specs were true right.

Like again if we were invite Ferrari we would expect to see the price tag you know one hundred fifty thousand dollars or whatever tech it is right.  If we saw a Ferrari I claim to be a Ferrari and it was like 25 thousand dollars you know buy Ferrari 25 thousand dollars.  We’d say wait a minute okay something’s wrong here this should be like a hundred thousand dollars I know that.  I am not a car enthusiast, but I know that this is really cheap what’s going on here.

So, the same thing in this industry which is now very confusing to people.  So they say they see a price tag and I think almost be good quality because it’s multi thousands of dollars.  Not always the case usually not the case.

So Hypervibe now has two different lines in the United States which is the g10 the g17 and soon going to be a third model.  And then in Canada they still sell their original performance.  It’s called original performance machine that’s their three now available in Canada if there’s three options performance HyperVibe g17 and g10.

So I’m going to briefly describe each of those in a separate different videos here.  But what else can I tell you about the company is they basically been able to recreate machines that have the performance ratings that match up and fall into the right range that the clinical studies have shown to have efficacy.  In other words, if you don’t know that word is have shown to have some positive physiological health benefits that were measurable and significant.  And so, you need to find a machine or modeled machine has the right performance specs that again allow you to be in that category.

Again I’ve said you know if you’re not in that range I’m talking about of amplitude and g-force this performance ranges if you’re not within a certain range and experiencing that with your body I’m not saying 100% you’re not gonna get any health benefits whatsoever.  I don’t think that’s true I think you still do get some health benefits for sure even with the really low g-force machines that are overpriced and not that great quality you still get them it’s just majorly reduced.

We’ve seen in those studies then literally sight you know if your g-force rating is this amount and your speed you’re gonna see about 50 percent as much activation 50% less activation of muscle spindle cells in different parts of the body and then these other 95% of lower g-force machines lower performance machines are even lower than that.  So one would assume it’s probably another 30 – 40 percent even less than that except now you’re getting maybe 10 maybe 20% of the benefits if you’re using the machine with a lot of different moves maybe.  It’s all basically a grey area.

So you’re gonna spend a few thousand dollars on overpriced machines I mean it doesn’t make any sense especially when the price point is very similar.  If you know the better machines and then suddenly at least you know that you should be there’s a better assurance that you’re gonna get certain health benefits that you’ve heard about right.  With so Hypervibes a good example of that.  I will cite a few other brands because there’s just very few of vertical and pivotal that keeps into that category that are reflective of the studies have potential efficacy.  And this is still all not theoretical we know how Hypervibe holds up in commercial situations.  I always get a lot of data from some of the few people out there that run health clinics rehabilitation types of centers training types of centers and it’s interesting to see exactly what brands machines do they prefer.  It definitely always have Hypervibes in then holds up commercially for a very long time before even needing some fine-tuning or tightening which they can easily do themselves and heavy commercial settings a while before they even need to replace a part on that pretty cheap we know how Hypervibe holds up in commercial settings.

So what’s interesting is these same few machines that higher performance machines coincidentally all of these you know commercial types of places they prefer those same machines because they know they know that they get the results.  They know how they get results when they don’t use the machines what they expect with their clients and they know how these machines hold up.  You can’t have a machine that was overinflated $5,000 claimed to be a commercial machine claimed to have certain specs when they purchased that machines and start using it they’re gonna very quickly see just based on results and how the machine holds up.  Wait a minute something’s wrong this is not a good machines and not what I expected it to be and they’ll never purchase that machine of brand again.

So I consistently see in a few these facilities that have multiple brands of machine it’s the same brands and machine over and over again that they’ve chosen.  That they’ve figured out on their own.  So again I provide this usually in that category always see in those settings.

So now if you’re using it at home as a residential user wow that’s great because we know that it holds up great in commercial settings we know that has efficacy.  So in a residential setting it’s great because you’re gonna hardly use the thing compare it to the heavy use that it could be getting in some of these other commercial settings.  So it’s a machine that would last a very long time.

So, a lot of machines it’s not unusual for the 95 percent cheaper machines out there cheaper quality to have to have something replaced within a year to two years or just have the timing of the motor go off or something go wrong basically and then have to get a whole other machine again.  Okay a lot of money to have to send back to the factory and it’s just complicated.  So that’s something you want to look into before you buy or invest in something and have it last.  Anyways thanks for watching.  If you have any more questions about the Hypervibe company in general or the company let me know.  Stay tuned for the other particular breakdown of the other couple models that they have, thanks.  [End of transcript]