Hypervibe G10 Mini, G14 Home, G17 Pro Reviews

This article is a Hypervibe G10 Mini, G14 Home, G17 Pro review.  It discusses some of the unique differences of the three models and the pros and cons of each one.  All three models are high quality whole body vibration machines but each one may be a better fit for a person’s particular health needs and fitness goals.

The Model G14 is currently unavailable.  I do not have confirmation from the manufacturer, but I suspect they are discontinuing it.  They probably did not sell many since the G17 is so popular and more powerful.

The following video gives a brief overview of all three Hypervibe models.

[Transcript]  Hi my name is Debbie.  I’m with HyperVibe up here in Canada.  What I did was go over all the differences between our three platforms that we launched last year.

HyperVibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform

the first model that we offer is our G10 Mini.  The G10 weighs in at about 50 pounds.  It’s light enough that you could take it with you to the office or the cottage.  It packs a punch just under 10 G’s.  Of course, the frequency range on this platform is five to twenty Hertz with displacement or how far you’re moving each time of 12 millimeters.  Still almost twice the g-force of the average platform being sold out there in the market.  So, at our entry level it’s got the force to get the job done but it’s light enough to be ideal for that condo that work space or to take with you on the go.

HyperVibe G14 Home Model WBV Machine

The next step up is our G14 Home.  This one is on what’s we what we call the attachable tower.  There are two towers sold separately for the G10 in the G14 platform.  It’s kind of like getting two machines in one.  The frequency range on our G14 is higher it’s up to 25 Hertz starting at 5.  The displacement on this platform is 11 millimeters.  And both of these platforms are operated by your smart device.  So, you can go into your Google store or your App Store and you can download the Hypervibe free of charge.  As a Hypervibe customer you’ll get access to over 35 video programs and they actually run the machine.  So, they’re broken into five different lifestyle categories.  So, you’ll never get bored with things to do.  If you need any help filling in the blanks just give us a call.

Our last platform that we introduced to the market this year is our G17 Pro.  The Hypervibe G17 Pro is a heavier machine and the frequency range is much higher.  The frequency range offers is 5 to 35 Hertz and the displacement on that machine is seven millimeters.  For those of you that are familiar with our performance model that we sold for years it also offered 17 G’s of force but the frequency range and the displacement were different.  So as a physical comparison I would call our new G17 more comfortable when you get into those higher g-forces.

For the programming and the settings on this machine you can see there’s a large LCD screen and all of those exercise programs and categories are pre-loaded right on the G17 and you can just follow along the video it’ll control the machine as you work through your workout.

If you’re if you’re still having a challenge which machine is for me difference in pricing and delivery options in your area give us a call.  Thanks, and have a great day.  [End of transcription]

Does HyperVibe Make a Dual Motor Machine?

The answer quoted from Hypervibe on Amazon:  “The Hypervibe is a single motor that moves the machine in a pivotal motion which is alternating vertical force.  Regarding Dual Mode machines is it better to do one thing really well, than 2 or 3 things poorly?

Keep in mind that commercially rated, professional machines, are responsible for 99% of the scientific evidence on Whole Body Vibration, and there is not a single commercially rated, professional Whole Body Vibration machine, that produces dual mode vibration.  This is because to engineer a machine to produce more than one vibration method, requires sacrifices in the vibration characteristics of each method. Specifically, sacrifices in acceleration.

There is plenty of scientific research that states vertical acceleration was the key factor to muscle activation, and when acceleration levels were too low, there was no registered increase in muscle activity at all. This is the key in building lean muscle mass for weight loss.”

Why are HyperVibe Machines so Expensive?

The answer quoted from Hypervibe on Amazon:  “The key to vibration training is acceleration, the Hypervibe is a high acceleration whole body vibration machine.  When you have high acceleration, you put more force on the body and cause involuntary muscle contractions.  With this response were able to build lean muscle mass and bone density.

Most machines on the market especially the less expensive one’s don’t have the acceleration power to force this involuntary muscle response and thus you won’t receive the benefits of building lean muscle mass and bone density.  In addition, you mentioned the bluetooth connectivity.

This feature is available, so you can download our app and connect your machine to gain access to our 38 goal-based programs.  These programs are broken down into five different categories, Weight Loss and Fitness, Active Aging, Woman’s Health and Beauty, Performance and Recovery, and Relieve and Revive.  Once you choose your program a personal trainer comes on your smartphone or tablet and shows you how to do each exercise.”

Where are Hypervibes Manufactured?

This is an Australian engineered product manufactured in China. We have our own quality control people in the factory testing all machines prior to leaving the factory

Why Do some WBV Machines have almost Double the Wattage of the HyperVibes?

In 2012 we published test report data produced by independent engineering firms that showed the majority of 40+ machines that were tested were advertising their vibration specifications incorrectly, many by large margins.  In our experience the same can be said of motor ratings advertised.

In order to make their products seem better, manufacturers often inflate the value of their motor rating, or don’t distinguish between the continuous motor rating, and the peak motor rating which is twice the value.  There are also more complex factors to consider, such as the motor type, the energy efficiency of the mechanism driven by the motor, platform size and weight etc.

Rather than dispute the motor rating advertised by competitors, or get into the complexity of comparing motors, we simply point out that when researchers study the effects of vibration on the human body, the dosage of vibration is never measured according to motor size. Instead, it is measured according the acceleration (g-force).

The levels of g-force measured at the platform is what determines the health benefits, and as test report data from independent engineers shows, g-force levels produced at the platform often have very little relevance to the advertised motor ratings advertised by manufacturers.

Zaaz advertises that their top of the line unit produces a maximum g-force of 3.5g’s, with a 500W motor.  Our G10 Mini produces a maximum g-force of 10g, with a 250W motor.  So, if you accept the Zaaz advertising as correct, the question is, do you want almost 3 times the g-force, or do you want twice the motor power?

Summary:  All three models of the Hypervibe line of whole body vibration machines are remarkable quality units.  Choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Hypervibe G10 Mini is small, lightweight and easy to move around.  This might be the best choice if you need something for travelling or if you live in a small apartment.

The Hypervibe G14 Home is ideal for someone that wants a full experience on a whole body vibration machine.  It will help with numerous health issues, lose weight and help you gain muscle.

The Hypervibe G17 Pro is the top of the line whole body vibration plate.  This is the model to choose if you want a commercial quality whole body vibration machine with all the power you could ever need.