Hypervibe G17 on ABC Today Show – Video

This is only a brief demonstration of the Hypervibe Model G17 Pro but it makes a statement that it was used on the ABC Today Show.

[Transcription]  I’m going to do a little bit of that back at 8:19 with the newest fashion fitness just in time for your new year’s resolution.  To get the skinny Today’s Jenna Wolfe who is also a certified personal trainer is here to put them and us frankly to the test.

Good morning.  Skinny is your lofty goals or easy the word skinny but we’re going to definitely target it and get very very close.  Okay awfully awfully close.

All right we’re all looking for that one thing that gets us fit and let’s face it with as little effort as possible to boot right.  So, it is not surprising that with every new year comes a whole new generation of get fit fast products.  Now the same new year new you great looks and in years past maybe that new you started with a little squeezing.  You’re gonna shape me with some thighs a bit of shaking.  Did you shake it back and forth and some good old-fashioned sweating to the oldies of course.

Your workout with the white rocking chair.  And now that the gifts have been unwrapped maybe you were lucky enough to receive the next generation of these fine products.  From a flexible dumbbell to a bendy body blade.  These devices are designed to give you good vibrations all year long.

HyperVibe Model G17 Pro WBV Machine Demonstration

So this is the HyperVibe G-17 Pro model.  So why don’t you guys hop on the machine.  All right effort of full disclosure that I have a different brand of this.  New they’re like oh I love this here we go everyone hit on off then you can hit enter.  You’re going to 15 or 20 power and you should start feeling it.  No there you go hard to do any kind of yeah good now what you can do from here yeah this is a Oh a little bit of quads.

You’re too young to remember this but now and I remember this.  Remember the machines by the window the belt run around you.  And you hold some milk, ice cream to make a lot to hit.

You can do  push-ups on here you can do one-legged squats on here you can do a bunch of things.  Again when you like in order to what’s that we like this I mean you’re not bringing this while on the road with you in a hotel room right.  You can do dips.  Man you think I’ve done that.  By the way you should if you have neighbors downstairs you might want to check with them first because it does make some vibration. [End of transcription.]

The hosts on ABC were trying out the HyperVibe G17 Pro.  They could have chosen from numerous brands and models to demonstrate whole body vibration training.  They obviously chose the Hypervibe G17 Pro because of its incredible reputation for quality, dependability and effectiveness.