Hypervibe Vibration Plate G17 Pro – High G-Force Benefits

This short video demonstrates the Hypervibe vibration plate G17 Pro high g-force benefits.  The parents have a cute young girl handling the LCD console and standing on the whole body vibration machine in a slight squat.

[Transcript]  We’re going to do a little demonstration today about g-force.  This is the Hypervibe G17 and right on the console it shows you your live g-force readings.  Depending on what frequency you’re using and where your hands or your feet are located.

So Diandra can you go ahead and turn the machine on?  Yep, okay.  Right now we’re at five Hertz.  You can see the corresponding g-forces so there’s a lot of rumors out there that g-force is bad for you and it’s harmful to the body.  Diandra can you bring that up to about 20 please?  Okay.  She weighs about 35 pounds you can see right now and her feet are at the low flow position.  [Close together]  Can you bring it up to 30 honey?   Three zero?  Yeah yep.  To three zero?  Yeah push that up all the way up to three zero, keep going.  You okay?  You’re doing awesome.

— On screen messages =  Feet are positioned closer to platform center.  Knees are slightly bent into the light squat pose.

Platform acceleration or G-Force can be changed by the user in 2 ways.  By a change in frequency or by a change displacement which is adjusted by your foot or hand position on the platform.

At the top pf the G17 screen you can see the live G-Force readings are displayed (based on the frequency used in combination with the users foot/hand position).  This machine has low, medium and high markers on the platform that correspond with the G-Force being displayed.

She is using 1.4g’s in this scenario.

If you have been told that WBV machines as they exist today are dangerous if they produce 10g’s of force, this is absolutely false.

Acceleration is the key to unlocking many of the benefits of WBV.  A machine with a higher range of g-force will offer you more benefits, in less time with less effort.  This is good!  [End of transcript]

The g-force of a whole body vibration machine is not the only thing to consider but it is very important.  All three of the Hypervibe WBV models are great machines with high g-force.