Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Benefits, How it Works

A spokesman for Hypervibe answers some general questions about whole body vibration and about the machine itself.  Demonstrated is the G17 Pro Hypervibe.

[Transcription]  Hi everybody I’m Stephanie.  I’m Kimberly and we’re here with Gabriel.  Gabriel would you like to introduce yourself?  Sure, my name is Gabriel Ettenson.  I’m a licensed physical therapist in New York State.  I’m also the owner of amplitude vibration studio and a partner in ENS health distributor of the hyper vibe whole body vibration platform.

Great, so what we’re doing today is we’re doing a quick question and answer session with Gabriel regarding Hypervibe and whole body vibration.  So, the first question for you Gabriel is how does exercising on a Hypervibe platform work well?  The answer to that question is quite complicated and it’s because of the complicated nature that so much conflicting information exists on the Internet.

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

But after using it for seven years and working on answering that question I think the simplest way to explain it is that it works on two levels.  The first level which is a level that most people understand deals with the effects of exposing our bodies or a body part if we’re placing that on the platform to vibration to literally shaking the body.

As most people can understand if we expose the body to shaking we have the ability to obviously increase circulation.  To work on muscle relaxation and improving the mobility of the tissue of the body we can also use that effect to help to dampen opinion inflammation in the body.  This is typically used in physical therapy with something called electrical stimulation where we’re providing an alternative information into the body so that the brain can’t perceive pain as much.

And then finally one of the other effects of shaking the body is that it improves body awareness, and this is a part of improving balance.  Now having that been said there’s a second level at which using a whole-body vibration platform for exercise works and it’s this mechanism that can only be achieved through proper platform systems through equipment that can deliver what we call either medium to high level of acceleration.

Hypervibe WBV Plate

And what that means is that as the platforms moving it’s moving in an upward direction and it’s through that upward movement that we can place a force on the body.  And when that force is high enough when a machine is performing properly what that force does is it tricks the body into believing that it exists in an area where there’s more gravity.  Very similar to what we might do when we add weight to the body.  When we add weight, we change our body’s mass and our brain believes we’re heavier and is more readily available to change our body to adapt.

It’s the same thing with vibration platform except what we’re using is this element of gravity.  When we increase the gravity on the body we increase the speed at which the body will grow muscle, build bone and change our systems function to accommodate this increased demand on the body.

Excellent thank you.  This next question comes from someone on Facebook.  She wants to know what are the most common benefits or improvements that come that people report after use?  Well since the research began in the mid-1990s we’re now up to over 500 studies and those studies are looking at a wide variety of benefits.

However, vibration technology really has been used primarily for fitness benefits up to date.  So, if we’re looking at what are the benefits that most people are seeing it really depends upon the user.  So, some of those benefits fitness related are improvements in muscle strength, improvements in bone density, improvements in performance as it relates to maybe speed in a cyclist or speed in a sprinter.

And then obviously one of the things that has grown has sort of helped grow the buzz on vibration is that it’s been shown to help improve body composition.  So, I would say that at this point that’s really where most the benefits been focused.

However, as the research has shown us there are many more benefits.  So now we’re beginning to see more people using this for systemic illnesses pain syndromes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis where the benefits are more health-related as opposed to fitness.  Great, excellent.

The next question why we’re tricking our bodies into believing there is more gravity can be beneficial?  Well in Western medicine we have a tendency to break things down and look at the effects of one thing on another and in doing so we tend to miss the big picture.

And the big picture nowadays is that through increasingly sedentary lifestyles and not just talking about sedentary in terms of not wanting to do anything but really just more hours sitting in front of our computers sitting in our car sitting on our trains and then exhaust it in the night going home and lying down we are essentially convincing our bodies that we exist in an environment where there is very little gravity.

So, a lot of the major issues that we’re dealing with tightness circulatory problems all these health-related issues that are increasingly growing especially here in the US are essentially related to the lack of exposure to Earth’s gravity.  So, to have a machine that has the ability to simulate gravity is certainly a very progressive countermeasure to these effects and can have profound health impact.

All right that’s it.  The next question is from Peter Lewis from Australia.  Peter wants to know I seem to get bad shin splints from using my Hypervibe, is there a particular exercise I can do to help with that or to prevent it from happening?  This is a type of question that I’ve received many times and the answer is that in order to find out how to resolve the shin splints we would really have to have a better understanding of the body.  Most issues that I’ve seen with shin splints relate to either the structure of the leg in terms of its alignment or more commonly somebody that has excessively tight calf muscles and as a result has overactive muscles in the front of the leg.

So, in order to properly answer this we’d have to know what the source was.  And if we knew the source then we could potentially use the platform for different exercises to help resolve it and then hopefully resolve the shin splints issue that you’re facing.

Good great.  The next question which we talked a little bit about but one of the major benefits one can achieve from exercising on a whole-body vibration platform?  Well as I said before the research base has grown quite immensely and we’re now seeing benefits ranging right across the spectrum.

Primarily the most common benefits that the research is showing us is that whole body vibration when you’re using the right platform can increase our muscle strength, increase our bone density, improve our body composition, improve our circulation, reduce pain and assist the lymphatic system in moving our are the fluid in our bodies which is essentially a means to improve our immune system function.

Outside of that we’ve recently seen some studies showing the improvements in blood sugar control and diabetics we’ve seen improvements in sports performance and athletes and we’ve seen obese individuals losing weight.  So, the there are many benefits those would probably be the primary benefits but we look forward to the future research to show us more.  Great that’s very interesting.

Lose Weight with Hypervibe

The next question comes from Carol Pierce from Facebook.  She asks what speeds you have it at for toning to losing weight?  Well regardless of the vibration platform you’re using in order to stimulate the most amount of muscle which ultimately yields the greatest changes in body composition we want to work at the highest frequencies.  And essentially when we work at the highest frequency and we’re using a greater amplitude we’re achieving a higher acceleration which is a greater force on the body.  So, on the high provide we generally want to work at about 22 hertz and greater in order to achieve the maximum amount of muscle stimulation.  Great thanks.

Is whole body vibration and new concept?  Whole body vibration technology in the form of a platform is actually something that originated in the mid 1990s and it was originated in Germany by a company that created what was called the Galileo which is the first platform.  But prior to that and what you’ll see when you look online you’ll see a lot of references to Russians using vibration with cosmonauts.

The Russians were the first to look at vibration for muscle and bone stimulation but what they focused on were pulleys that vibrated.  And we can actually even go further back where in the late 1800s vibrating chairs were used to treat what at the time was considered tremor syndrome which now we might call Parkinson’s disease.

So there’s always been an intuitive understanding that vibrating a body had a health impact.  But as I said the first platforms actually were creating the mid-1990s.  It’s very interesting.

And the next question comes from Christina Bower from Canada what results does a chronically overweight individual expect to see when starting to use full body vibration?  Well often with any form of exercise individuals that are the most deconditioned or have the greatest weight issues tend to respond the quickest.  So, I would say that it’s upon the research we would be looking for time somewhere between six to twelve weeks of training three days a week before an individual would see significant changes in their body.

Having that been said since in each individual is different and since life style is different.  If somebody was theoretically eating properly and managing psychological stress, then we would probably expect to see those effects much quicker.

In my studio I typically will tell people that by four weeks they’ll feel better and whether they look better it may not be the case but they’ll certainly notice the changes in their body and how they feel.

Excellent great.  And there’s the second part of that question also is there muscle soreness associated with usage and how much usage is too much usage?  In general, after the first session that you’ve used whole body vibration soreness is infrequent and a lot of that is because of the fact that the way the vibration affects the body it’s very difficult for lactic acid and other metabolic waste products to build up as a result of exercise.

Having that been said with all exercise if you train beyond your capabilities you’re more likely to experience soreness so anytime we progress our program we can expect soreness.  In general, however it’s not a problem.  There is always the opportunity to overuse vibration and often we see this when people first start training and dismiss the effect that it can have on the body.  But as a general rule as long as proper form is being used and being conservative with the with the speed at which you progress your programs you will not have problems with either soreness or injury.

Right, who would you say is the ideal client for whole body vibration training?  I would say that anybody using it properly could have a very positive effect on their body.  However, I believe that whole body vibration has been lost because it’s been perpetuated as a fitness tool and as a result has competed with the majority of the exercise market focused on fitness.

I think the ideal client for a whole-body vibration platform is somebody that may not have time to exercise or is disinterested in exercise or more importantly some way that for one reason or other may have difficulty accessing exercise.  Whether it be pain related whether it be mobility related or any of those other variables that prohibit the majority of the population from regular exercise this is their ideal product.

It’s fast its effective and it’s safe and more importantly it’s very easy to use.  So the ideal client is somebody that for one reason or the other does not want to get involved with all the other exercise approaches out there.

So, the next question is kind of the flip side of that question and it’s if there is anyone who shouldn’t use a Hypervibe?  There is a list of contraindications for whole body vibration.  This list is slowly decreasing as a result of the lack of evidence to say that these populations cannot use it.  However, at the moment in the US the contraindication for whole body vibration include metastatic cancer, joint replacements or metal implants that are placed within one year, active infection, kidney stone, bladder stones, or gall stones and pregnancy.

Outside of that there are a list of what we call relative contraindications which are generally conditions where we might want our physician to sort of sign off on using it.  And this can include severe cardiovascular disease other forms of cancer and other various major systemic issues that where there might be a risk that a strong exercise routine might initially be a problem.

I mean the next question are all whole body vibration platforms the same?  Well on the surface the answer has multiple components first and foremost is that there are many different types of movements that vibration platforms can have.  But essentially, they both narrow down to two types the first is what we call pivotal or oscillating.  This is where the platform will move in sort of a teeter-totter direction.

The others would call lineal or vertical platform where the entire plate will move up and down in one unit.  Both have been shown in the research to be effective and the variety of effects and most of the most of the time are similar areas but they all actually do have their sort of unique advantages.

Having that been said what’s most important when talking about the differences between forms is how they’re engineered.  And at Hypervibe the owner of the company has spent a considerable amount of time and money working through 42 different platforms and having them each independently engineer tested.  And what we found is that despite what the manuals say despite what the company claims when tested the majority of platforms in the market are not doing what they say they’re doing.

And as a result, when we when we think of it from that sort of gravitational standpoint its producing a lower amount of gravity or less force on the body.  And with those platforms the results are very questionable.  So, at the moment there are probably about a dozen platforms out of hundreds on the market that are actually properly engineered and doing what they’re saying they’re doing and it’s only those platforms that we can rely on to produce the effects that we’ve seen in research with whole body vibration.

The next question comes from Keirsey Breen from Australia.  She wants to know how can whole body vibration benefit bone health?  Well again we look at Western medicine we have a tendency to sort of break down the body into pieces and as a result of that we’ve kind of separated out osteoporosis and bone density issues in their own category.  But the reality is if we think about individuals going into outer space if you think about our astronauts and some of the concerns we have.

When they go into outer space and they subject their bodies for prolonged periods of time to reduced gravitational load relative to earth we see a couple things happening.  We see that their heart becomes weaker, we see that their bone density decreases.  We see that they lose muscle mass and a whole host of other issues that relate to functioning of the body.

So, if we can sort of think about a reverse.  We return to earth when astronauts come back to earth it’s very typical that they will although it takes some time increase their bone density, increase their muscle mass and increase the function of their body in terms of the systems the heart etc.

So, the way that vibration affects bone is twofold.  First and foremost is that it improves the strength of the muscles.  When the muscles are stronger they produce a greater tension on the bones and bones and muscles communicate.  So, when that tension is greater the bones response is to become more dense in order to better battle against the tension.

Other than that, there is some research using very very low acceleration that has shown it can increase bone density.  And although it’s not a hundred percent clear yet it’s believed that vibration actually the shaking motion of platform to actually improve local circulation within bones to better stimulate bone density changes.

So, there’s essentially those two mechanisms.  But very very important to understand the relationship between bone and muscle and know that by increasing muscle in most cases of osteoporosis you will see a corresponding increase in the density of the bones.  Okay excellent thank you.

Will the Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Machine Help with Fibromyalgia?

So, the next question is from Lin Montford from Canada.  She wrote to us on Facebook will this machine help with fibromyalgia?  The answer is according to the research yes.  There have been several studies done with fibromyalgia.  The focus of the studies have been anything from balance in individuals with fibromyalgia, quality of life which reflects pain and function and I think we’ve also seen one or two studies focusing purely on pain perception

So, the answer is that whole body vibration seems to improve function of the body and pain perception and in that way we can say that it holds great potential for helping mitigate some of the symptoms associated with chronic pain.

Here’s a great question, will the Hypervibe lose weight in ten minutes? Okay well one of the problems with whole body vibration and what’s really sort of kept it down is that you don’t have to go too far to see somebody standing on a vibration platform shaking away and claims that they’re essentially losing a tremendous amount of weight by shaking their body.  This is not the case.

As we said before with a proper vibration platform you will be placing a strong force on the body very similar to the forces you might have on the body if you are using weights.  And when we do that we create a greater demand on the muscles and as a result we gain muscle.  When we gain muscle, we improve our body composition and through that gain and muscle.  We also will burn fat.

So, the bottom line is that if you were to do ten minutes of a relatively intense strengthening exercises on the vibration platform you would more rapidly improve your body composition which is a reflection of weight loss or the concept that we associated with weight loss.  All right excellent.

Another question is this one’s also from social media.  Lynn Brown writes a kind of machine for about 18 months do you have any preset programs or videos available as I find it difficult to get motivated to start again?  Well motivation is a is a difficult thing for most people.  However with the Hypervibe what we’ve worked hard on over the past two years is to develop a support site.  And that site which is [www.???.com] is available to anybody that purchases the Hypervibe.

On that site besides articles and studies and all the information you might need about whole body vibration are our proprietary exercise protocols.  And those protocols range from total body conditioning to massage to flexibility to low back pain.  And there is even more.  You have access to those programs.  And simply following the programs which are videos and include all the settings you need to know you can work towards any goal that you have in mind.

Right and one final question for you.  How is circulation affected using whole body vibration?  Again, this sort of goes back to the two concepts that we discussed earlier.  Local circulation can be achieved by exposing the body to vibration to shaking the body.  However, those effects are limited only to the exposure on the platform.  Once the person is off the platform then the body will go back to the way it was.

With long-term exposure those changes may be able to carry over a little bit longer and longer.  But in order to really affect circulation we really need to improve function of the muscles.  When muscles are working more properly they’re going to demand more blood flow they’re going to demand more oxygen.  So, we can improve circulation locally through the vibration element but more systemically we need to stimulate the muscle system of the body.  And that means that we need to properly train the body and use a proper platform.  Great excellent.

Well thank you so much Gabriel this has been very informative and educational, and we look forward to our next session.  You’re welcome.  Thank you.  Thank you.  [End of Transcription]