Key Benefits of Whole Body Vibration – G10 Mini Platform

Important benefits from using whole body vibration plates.

Using a whole body vibration machine like the Hypervibe G-10 Mini platform will bring numerous benefits.  With just short workouts you will look and feel better. Lose weight, tone muscles, reduce pain, lower cortisol, lower blood pressure, increase bone density and more with whole body vibration.

Short Sessions on the Whole Body Vibration Machine

[Transcript]  Use the VT 400 [or any good quality whole body vibration machine] every day for 10 to 15 minutes and not only will you notice the vast improvement in the way your body looks but a huge positive improvement in the way you feel.

Lose Weight, Tone Muscles, Reduce Pain with WBV

You’ll feel energized and ready to lead an active life.  People who use our machine have experienced some incredible health benefits.  Almost everyone that regularly uses this machine has lost fat, toned up their muscles, but beyond that many are convinced that the VT 400 has massively reduced previous back pain.  Well, men and women over 60 in particular, have reduced their arthritic pain.

Lower Cortisol, Improve Blood Pressure with WBV

Others have noticed a calming effect after use because whole body vibration lowers stressful things like cortisol that we carry in our bodies.  This amazing technology fights against the depletion of energy storage, high blood pressure and stress induced hypertension.

Improve Bone Density Strength with WBV

Then of course there is the benefit of building bone density.  When our bones lose minerals at a greater rate than they can be replaced bone density drops and our entire skeletal system loses strength.  It’s called osteoporosis.  By using the VT 400 you actually strengthen your bone density and retain your bodies structural integrity.  This keeps you strong and well supported throughout your whole life.

Improve Blood Circulation and Oxygen with WBV

And if these health, if these specific health benefits aren’t enough, the increased blood flow caused by whole body vibration naturally means an increase of oxygen carried to all parts of your body.  Highly oxygenated blood has significant restorative power.  So, when you use the VT 400 you’re helping to accelerate the renewal of the cells in your body.  All of your cells those in your vital organs your muscles and your skin.

Reduce Wrinkles and Cellulite with WBV

These good vibrations will not only assist your recovery after injury or surgery but also by stimulating your skin’s elasticity the VT 400 will help tone your skin reducing the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles.  Keep up your 10-minute workout each day and you’ll keep cellulite at bay.  Of course, it is important to maintain a healthy diet at the same time.

Improve Balance, Flexibility and Coordination with WBV

There are additional benefits such as improved flexibility, balance and coordination to keep you agile mobile and independent whole body vibration says it all.  The key benefits of whole body vibration are this holistic all-in-one training program benefits multiple areas of your body simultaneously.

More Efficient Exercise with WBV

The VT 400 is more efficient, so you burn much less energy compared to going to the gym and this is all with very little effort on your part.  Using the VT 400 just once a day will improve the way you feel not just about yourself but about the world around you.  With all these benefits you can see why this technology has spread to gyms, spas and physical therapist offices across the world.  It’s also why the world’s most elite athletes use it.  They demand results and the VT 400 delivers.

You want to become fit healthy energized for a long full life right, so imagine yourself using the VT 400 for just 10 to 15 minutes a day and getting the full benefits of a complete one-hour workout.  Well then the answer is obvious you really should own a VT 400.  [End of transcript]

We recommend the Hypervibe G-10 Mini platform over the VT 400.  There are many more benefits of whole body vibration not mentioned in this brief video.  The key is to use a high quality whole body vibration machine and to be consistent.