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Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

This video shows the effectiveness of using the Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss. The Lifepro Waver is a great WBV platform.

[Video Transcription]

Hi everyone. In this video I’m just doing a Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate review. So I decided to buy it as just an additional tool to my weight loss and what it is it actually you stand on it and it vibrates through your system like you’re exercising and working out.

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Now you can exercise on it you can do lunges um and different movements on it and I do it three times per week for 15 minutes. And I definitely feel that it’s working um the one week that I started. And I did it very consistently I actually lost that week 6.5 pounds. So I think it’s a great addition to everything else to eating you know healthy, going for walks um I think it’s like great to add it.

Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

So I just wanted to show you guys in case you guys wanted to kind of add it on to your weight loss journey if you’re already subscriber thank you for subscribing and if you haven’t subscribe and join the family. So I’m going to show you the unboxing and then I’m actually going to have rand go on it and kind of show just a little bit of the video of how it works.

Additional Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

So my Lifepro Vibration Plate has arrived and I got it off of amazon it was 249 dollars. So going to just add it as an addition to my whole workout that I’m already doing I’m just gonna add it. So here it is I took it out of the box and here is the power cord here is the you put them put one on this side one on the other side and you kind of like pull it.

It’s supposed to be used as a part of your workout. Okay this is a controller and then these I didn’t expect these. I guess these are like resistant resistance bands that you can use to help in your workout.

Yeah actually it’s way bigger than we thought it would be. I don’t know what we thought or that would be because it does have to fit a human being on it to stand on it um. So I’m gonna put all of this together and then show you how it looks. There’s our cat he’s very inquisitive yeah.

So put it all together and then see how it actually looks. They say when you stand on it in the middle is easy um then in the middle yeah in the middle you put your legs together easy you stretch out your legs. If you want more intense workout and then right to the end if you want an even more intense workout.

Continued Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

So yeah let me take the stuff off of it. Somebody you want to help me show everyone simmer he’s occupied with the box because the box is quite big okay. So take everything off and yeah that’s how it is. So yeah I’m gonna just attach what needs to be attached and then i’ll show you that okay. So here’s the book.

So I can tell you guys exactly what does come in the box. So here we have the mini bands which you can use in your workout. You get the Waver Vibration Plate which is up here um the remote control. And then that’s what they were called the resistance bands that you put one on each side. So this it was everything that comes into the box and all.

Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss Features

So you get this book that kind of breaks everything down for you okay. So I have put these on and this is like the resistant bands. So I have them um plugged it in and all. So we’re going to pick the program one okay? Great and then we’re going to actually press start. Okay he’s shaking okay.

So now when you have your feet right in the middle as close together as possible that is the lowest that you’re gonna feel it through your system. So how are you feeling it right now Ryan? We definitely feel it going all through my body yeah.

Okay now open up your leg just a little yeah good and they say when you do that you’re going to feel it a little bit more. Do you feel it a little bit more? Yeah definitely. Okay and now open it all the way to the end okay how do you feel it? Yeah for sure it’s really vibrating now yeah okay now come back in the middle. So do you feel it throughout your whole body yeah for sure okay and now.

So let’s go you’re holding the he’s actually holding this at the side. So you’re supposed to like pull it pull it yeah it can it add to your workout you can feel it yeah you can feel the tension red is in his workout gear. So you definitely feel the tension now do. Something add just a lunge just go down a little just a little uh do you feel it yeah okay you guys this is great.

You really should get it like I can actually feel it when I do it I feel a workout and I normally do it with my feet out to the end to try to get everything in and do a couple lunges with it and everything but yeah it’s really good would you recommend it Randy?

Oh yeah I definitely would tell people I could hear the vibrating in your voice but yeah it’s a great workout just to add to your workout um if you’re going for walks already um it’s just a nice um tool to add.

Schedule to Use Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss

I don’t do it for more than 15 minutes um and yeah that’s it okay you can put it on the program like I did um and this is a 15 minute program and I normally do it on six or seven I just have it on ran on one. So that I can show you with ran. So it’s a great workout tool okay and it feels like it actually your body’s vibrating.

So much you feel like you’re do you feel like you’re running a little yeah a little bit yeah it feels like you’re actually running um when you’re doing it and don’t quote me on this but I was told that 15 minutes burns around 250 calories 200 to 250 calories. So that’s what I was told it might burn a little bit more than that actually but yeah.

So yeah if you guys are looking to get it it is on Amazon thank you guys so much for watching… hope you guys are all doing well.

Summary of this video Lifepro Waver for Weight Loss: The Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate is a popular whole body vibration plate that people use for a variety of health benefits. As discussed in the video some people are able to lose weight with the Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate.

Enjoy some images or purchase a Lifepro Waver Vibration Platform here.