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Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video

Please enjoy the transcript of this Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video. The Waver Vibration Plate is a popular WBV machine.

[Video Transcript]

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What’s going on guys? So today we’re doing a review of the Waver Vibration Plate by Lifepro, that thing right over here. All right guys so Lifepro introduced me over this vibration plate. But with no programming without you a positive review this is my own thoughts on this product.

So let’s talk about it. So this is a vibration plate I’ve been using it for the last 15 days, actually a little bit more than that. But I did the 15-day challenge on it just to see how well it works or does it even work? The vibration plate technology they also call it.

Okay training, oscillating kinetic energy training. So that’s basically something that is vibrating or oscillating side to side. Like this vibration plate over here this is the Lifepro Waver I actually misspoke on the first look of it I thought it did have both movements where it oscillated up and down and also from side to side but this one only oscillates from side to side.

Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video

So that’s the only oscillation you’re gonna get. And why is oscillating even important, why are we even stepping on a board to do any type of workout? Is this even helping? Well the theory behind that is that through those oscillations that you’re doing from side to side and they do have three different levels on it so if you stand in the middle of it it’s going to be more steady because the more you stand in the middle of something that’s oscillating the less oscillation you’re going to get. So if you stand in the middle it’s considered the walking mode and all at the ends is going to be the running mode what they call it.

So basically the intensity of the oscillation uh but why is that important? Well they say a lot of things actually on the website they say that it helps with this helps with that but the main thing that I got from it is that whenever it’s oscillating and you’re standing on the board your muscles are contracting and relaxing a whole bunch of times.

So it’s basically trying to keep balance. So whenever you’re trying to do a movement like a squat or even you know curls on the machine your body is trying to help balance itself.

Additional Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video

So when you’re doing that you’re contracting more, you’re doing a little bit more work as opposed to just standing there on a level surface almost like a bosu board you guys ever see bozo boards. It’s kind of like a yoga ball on one side and a flat surface on the other side. Some people use it to do squats which is super unsafe. This is definitely a better option for that and also if you guys are powerlifting you’ve probably seen those bamboo bars right? They also refer to them as earthquake bars.

So basically it’s made out of bamboo and the bars whenever they have weight on either end of it it’s going to be super shaky. So same thing you’re trying to use all your muscles all your stabilization muscles to you know keep that bar steady and lift it up. And when you’re actually doing that and even if you’re doing it over here you’re paying more attention to your form because you can’t go super-fast or else you know you may fall or you may do something else. So I’ve been using this Lifepro vibration board.

Let’s go ahead and bring it out. So I’m going to bring it out to you guys all right. So, let’s take a look at the board. I brought it over here. It’s pretty heavy. It’s probably about 30 to 40 pounds maybe 25 or 30 pounds but this is the board right here like I said it has those different walk jog and run modes at the end.
It’s made out of a non-slip type of material over here and on the back. If you turn it around it will also have suction cups. So if you’re working out on tile or a harder surface it’ll suction there so it’ll be sure to stay still and not move.

It also has these little resistance bands over here. For me there wasn’t too much resistance on these things so I used a barbell or a dumbbell to do some resistance training for that. But that’s basically the system over here. So you get this and it’s pretty big it comes in a huge box. What else does it come with? It comes also with a remote control but unfortunately I lost that. I didn’t feel a need to use it. Whenever you are standing on it you could definitely just use your toes and step on the buttons that way so that’s what I did.

Continued Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video

It also comes with these bands I didn’t use the bands either I don’t usually use band and work in my normal kind of workouts so I really didn’t use them it has a heavy a medium and a light band so definitely pretty cool for those people that do use bands the machine it’s a good looking machine it’s not too huge and doesn’t take too much space and since it is flat you could store it away underneath a bed or anywhere else if you need to one thing for me since I am a bigger guy I’m 5 11 235 pounds. It wasn’t wide enough for me.

I thought that it could be a little bit wider but it was wide enough it was just a little bit wider it’d be perfect and also whenever you turned it on you would have to turn on the machine with the power button and then press start and then select the intensity that you want it because it goes from 0 to 99Igenerally liked it at a higher intensity in order for me to get to 75 or 80Iwould have to hold the button a little bit longer in order to do that which wasn’t really a big deal.

But it did put a little extra time in the process to start it up and this machine also has a 15-minute limit so after 15 minutes it shuts off automatically and you can of course go ahead and start it again and then do the whole process again of increasing your intensity until you’re at your desired level all right.

So that’s the machine it vibrates it goes side to side uh but does it work so I did use it for 15 days I started off my journey at about 239 239 238 pounds and during those 14 days I did drop a couple pounds I dropped maybe three to four pounds but that could be from diet that could be from anything else 15 days is not a long time for you to lose weight but I will throw up a little before and after on the screen so you can see that so if you can see here you can see that definitely in my face.
I changed a little bit and then also in my body uh this is actually from the beginning of the year it’s not really a true representation from my body from from 15 years ago but this is from the beginning of the year to now and although there’s not a big difference on there I do think that it got me a workout more you could do a lot of different workouts on it.

It’s up to your imagination for some people maybe just standing on it is going to be what they want to do definitely for older people I know I got my mom one day to stand on it and she was a little bit you know unstable on it so maybe if you’re standing next to something and hold yourself against it so you won’t so you won’t be too unstable or put like a chair in front of you as you’re using it if you’re older that’ll be a little better but for her just getting on it she said she could feel a little bit of difference and like I said I do feel a little bit of difference when I’m working on it whenever I squatting on it or definitely doing push-ups on it was a pretty good workout.

I also liked just putting my hands on the board to loosen up it’s a great way to loosen up you kneel in front of it put your hands on the board and let it shake your shoulders and that’s going to loosen up your shoulders and also after a long run or after an intense run I will go up here and put my legs on the board turning it up on high and just let that board shake my legs and loosen up everything and get that blood pump in get all that lactic acid out of my system.
So it can just move through so uh yeah I enjoyed it that way too but definitely it’s up to you how you want to use this board you can use it many different ways like I said standing on it or just working on it I did feel when I squatted you know you could feel the instability but am I going to use this is this something that I’m going to use I think if I’m doing home workouts I probably will use it.

It’s gonna be something that’s gonna add to my workouts to make it a little bit more difficult uh but do you need one I’m kind of iffy on this one this thing is nice especially for older people or someone who hasn’t really worked out a lot. I just are just getting into it but for me it did light that fire inside of me where I want to go ahead and work out again and work out in the gym so it’s a good machine but you can definitely get a good workout without it it’s not going to make your workout super difficult but it’s going to add a little bit of difficulty to it so that’s why I’m gonna give this a goku runners thumbs like that it’s not a go-to buy for me but it’s something that if you’re thinking about it and you kind of wanna you know experiment with it.

It might be something that could be useful for you definitely good for somebody who’s older but for me definitely it’s kind of like a like an okay product something that I can live without but if I have it I’m gonna use it definitely for recovery and sometimes when I’m doing squats or body squats at home all right so let’s talk about the price of this Lifepro Waver…

So it’s not too pricey for what it is I’ve seen more expensive vibrating boards than this one so I think it’s price right for the market so that’s gonna be my review of this Lifepro Waver let me know what you think about it let me know if you guys are interested in this thing would you guys use a Lifepro Waver in your workouts like I said it’s a goku runner’s thumbs um on this one I could definitely live without it if I don’t have it but for older people or for people that want to do a lighter workout or even increase the difficulty of their workout if they don’t want to do super heavy weights at the gym uh this thing might be for you. But for me it’s just uh all right guys hope you guys enjoyed this video…

Summary of this Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Video: This whole body vibration plate is just right for many people. It is adaptable and can be customized for your needs.

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