Lower Body Workout with DKN Xg3 – Xg5 – Xg10 WBV Machine

A professional trainer to celebrities demonstrates a lower body workout that can be done with either the DKN Xg3, Xg5 or Xg10.  The video is showing the DKN Xg10 but any whole body vibration machine will work.

[Transcription]All right we’re gonna go through a couple of routines now and joining me is Jasmina.  Hey how are you?

Lower Body Workout with DKN Xg3 – Squats

We’re gonna start with a lower body routine and one of the best movements in the basic movements which is a squat.  So when I have a get into a squat position and for this you want to make sure that all your weight is through both feet evenly.  I’m going to start you here.  We put your frequency up to 40 and your time down to one minute.

Now the most important thing about when you’re on the plate is your connection to the plate.  You want to make sure that your feet are very flat.  You don’t want to lift up with your toes you want to try not to squeeze with your toes want to keep everything very flat and even through both feet and when you do this you’re gonna get a lot more reaction through the entire body.

Now for a regular squat you just need to stand there nice and flat.  If you want to increase this which means it is very strong you can press down into the plate and try and pull the plate apart like you’re trying to press the plate apart at the same time and actually tighten your buns.  What that’s going to do is you can feel ya it increases that resistance even more.  It’s all about increasing the resistance because we’re going to take a nice short period of time we’re gonna get a lot of resistance out of it.  Okay there’s a couple more seconds here you must stop it right there.  So we went for 40 seconds they’re just a little bit past the 30-second mark because I want to show you a lot of different movements.

Lower Body Workout with DKN Xg5 – Lunges

Now let’s go right into a lunge alright.  So you’re gonna have one foot in front you’re gonna take the other one behind you and let yourself hang away back.  Now for this movement we’re going to go ahead and start and to give you 30 seconds for this one.  You want to make sure that your foot in the front is completely flat of course to the plate and this one is leaning back just a bit excellent.  You see it’s going to make you I’m going to come around this side work a lot more through this outside of the thigh and hip.  Okay, feel that excellent.

Now you do want to make sure that you’re breathing nice and relaxed just like any exercise activity the more oxygen you get to those muscles the more those muscles will be able to contract the more you’re gonna get out of each exercise.  A couple more seconds and the DKN machine will always tell you when it’s almost done.  The last three seconds are counted down for you good.

And we should do the other side as well.  Okay all right now the same thing you want to make sure that you’re using just the same amount of focus as you were on the first leg on the second leg.  We all have a prominent leg so one that we feel more comfortable balancing on I think if you played kickball just one leg you balance on the one you kick with.  So they have different roles but let’s try and make them have equal balance on the plate.  As you do this you try and make your body much more even.  I don’t take noisy breath excellent.

I might have to reach that leg back a little bit further and when you reach back free with that leg you get a little more through the hamstring and the glute and that’s exactly what we want to do.  Now for beautifying those thighs inner thighs outer thighs and glutes we’re gonna go directly into a plie position for me.  So your feet are going to go diagonally out and you want to make sure when you plie that you’re not doing like a squat where you’re bringing your buns back.  You’re going to keep your buns underneath you and your shoulders straight up and down.  So we’ll go ahead and start the movement.  We’re going to start the machine perfect and you can move through a range of motion we can use a little bit of a dynamic movement this time she’s going to go down a little bit and then come up as we come up squeeze the buns and pressure the heels and then right back down.  The more you squeeze the plate with your feet flat down to the plate and then where you tighten your buns once again you’re gonna get a lot more reaction from the outer side of the thigh and the butt.

Now for this one I want you to hold it right here now.  I want you to squeeze the butt and press your knee slightly out with your feet down and you feel that reaction to the glutes?  How’s it feel?  Great excellent that’s it three seconds you get a very quick workout.

Lower Body Workout with DKN Xg10 – Calves

We’re gonna go right to the calves now.  You can bring your feet into the center and have you lift your heels up for me.  Hold onto the very top and then bring your hips back you have knees or bends perfect.  You can see here nice contraction.  The calves the feet are on top of the plate but they’re not flat this time so it’s the ball the foot in the toes they have to be in contact with the plate driving down into the plate and pulling your heels upward at the same time.

And you can even if you want to get a little more of a stretch put one heel down and lift it up and the other one down and lift it up just like that excellent.  All the time you’re keeping your body in one position so you really focus downward through the plate.  It’s a great exercise for the calves.  And we’re almost there.

So these four basic movements will warm your entire body up as well as work all of your legs.  And that’s it just 30 seconds at a time.  [End of transcription]