Massage Workout with DKN Xg10 WBV Machine

Any one of the DKN Xg series whole body vibration machines work great for deeply massaging muscles.  The Xg-10 Vibration Plate used in this video demonstrates how easy it is to use.  A massage workout with the DKN Xg10 WBV Machine is great after intense training or just to relax.

[Transcription]Now one of the best parts of the machine is the massage.  That’s right, after you’ve done a workout or a warm-up or any activity you can treat yourself to a great massage on the DKN Xg10 vibration plate.  And you seem like you’re already ready.

DKN Xg10 WBV Machine Massage Workout

All right let’s go into it.  We’re gonna start with a calf massage.  Okay now for the massage you can keep it at a low frequency, you can even keep it at a high frequency.  It’s all dependent upon what your comfort level is.  For Jasmina she likes it at a low frequency and since I’m here to assist if I give her just a little bit of extra pressure into the calves into the machine she gets even that much more massage and it’s very deep into the muscle.  It’s not like your regular tissue massage that we have from the masseuse.  Because all the way down, all the way deep, too close to the bone.  Feel that they’re only doing 30 seconds but she can go a lot longer with the massage.  You go up two to three minutes sometimes.  Just let your muscles relax you don’t have to rush it.

Okay now I have you move closer to the device so you have your hamstrings on top.  Good, right there and your buns will be back here.  Perfect right there.  You can lie back so you’re in a position now for your hamstrings.  You’re ready okay here we go and the great thing about the DKN Xg10 whole body vibration machine is you have a button right down here at the bottom.  So, when you’re doing massage you don’t have to get off the ground wobbling up to the top console.  You can start everything right from down at hand level it’s great.

And even through the massage breathing’s really going to help you get a much better effect so take some deep breaths.  Think of the end of a yoga class think of a meditation class.  You want to make sure that you’re breathing deep breaths that help those muscles relax.  Almost there.  I’ll have to sit out a little bit longer time for this one so in mid massage I’m gonna have you turn over on your quadriceps.

Okay so you’re going to come on up and you’ll come down on the forearms and have your quads on top of the device.  And back up a little further towards me good right there perfect good.  Now same thing you want to relax here but if you can you can keep your head down or if you want to come up into a small plank position if it’s comfortable for you.  Which one feels like you’re getting more?  Yeah so we’re gonna stay in a small plank for you later.

And if you do have a bench and you’d like to use a bench you can use a bench as well.  But you don’t need to because the height of the DKN Xg-10 vibration plate makes it so you can utilize the floor just as well if you want to.  It’s almost there nine more seconds left.  The muscles feel warm.

Massage Muscles with the Xg10 Vibration Machine

Great, so there’s just a couple of quick massage exercises you can do at the end of any one of your exercise routines.  Or if you just warmed up or if you just want to feel good.  If you’ve been on a long flight with you’ve been commuting to and from work it’s really important to get those muscles circulating again and this will do that for you.

Thanks.  Thank you.  You’re welcome. [End of transcript]