Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 32 Day Test – Day One

This video is the first day of someone using a brand new Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control for 32 days.  She describes the basic set up and how to slowly start.

[Transcription]  Hi it’s June 30th and yesterday was the first day of the 32 day trial.  I did two sessions of ten minutes and mostly sitting down, the first thing in the morning.  I only need to stand up for like one minute of the of the ten minutes and then the second session I stood up for like five minutes.  So, this morning a little bit of soreness in the rib cage but otherwise fine.  I’m kind of you know really calming and my body kind of feels energy energized.

So, it came in this box and it’s not real heavy and it’s 37 pounds.  And the setup was take it out of the box and plug it in and so we did that.  And we tried it first on like the speed of three oh no it’s very jarring.  The programs are in like the 20 30 40 50 range and maybe I’ve got left is all programs.  So, start out with a program one so it you know changes it goes start slow and then it goes up and then that ends up slow.  So, I like that one.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform

And so anyways it’s very simplistic it’s got an off-and-on switch down here.  And I’m factoring it off and I’ll turn it back on and the exercise elastic strap deals are very easy to install they just clip on.  I don’t little deal back here and you’re ready to go.

On this one it shows you on the pad that your well your legs are, here your feet I’m sorry your feet are.  Out here you’re running motion and that is a lot more motion and jogging which is I find more comfortable and also then the walking two feet together.

And it comes with a nice little remote control you have to really aim it at the panel because it seems like a weak signal but it works.  And see it’s a turn-on program one and start and when you’re on a program it’s all pre-programmed but then you can do manual and then you can set your timing your speed and so on.

But I found program one to be real real nice to start out with and it’s quiet and smooth except on three.  And so anyways I’m gonna do my morning routine I’ll do a couple videos clips of the positions and I’m usually not very many right now and then we’ll get this thing going.  And I can’t wait till what the results may be in 32 days bye bye.

Oh I forgot to tell you that it also has a roller right here so when you lift this side up you can just move it a lot easier so pretty neat machine I’m really tickled with it bye-bye.

Okay I’m going to start out my second day of my first session with my feet on the jogging position and set the program to program one and turn it on and put my hands on my knees, so I can kind of transfer the vibration on up into my arms in my chest.  And I found yesterday when I also you know can hug my knees and get a little bit more intense you know intense vibration, so it starts off you know pretty slow and then I’ll show you what the stages is that it goes through it feels really good for a minute.  As I said it’s a really nice massage and this I believe it starts off on 20 the first part of the program one and then it’ll kick up to 30.  I believe I need to look at the brochure a little bit more but it this is very comfortable.  You know if you were just looking to get your circulation that gives you a warning that it’s going to get a kick up to the second part of the program and it just intensifies the vibration.  Looks like it’s on 40 so it goes from 20 to 40.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Machine

You come out here and you see how much more movement you get up and down.  But I find this one the most comfortable for right now.  And I put my arms down here it’s really really shaking you know this area oh you know really just feels like it’s getting across back with shoulders and upper arms lower arms.  That’s gonna kick up again oh no look down to 30 action so twenty forty thirty so far.

Now I’m at twenty.  Decided I’d do a little standing and just kind of doing some motions and boy you can really feel that you know coming up at the side of your body.  I’m going to spread out a little bit boy it really really started shaking everything, so this is basically what I’m gonna do today.  I really went through the routine already my camera man of that memory.

So, I did the first three sections of the program of program number one sitting down and then I stood up and it started doing just some basic stretching motions and I really feel a lot more today.  And so probably tonight’s session you know I’ve saw the ones where they put the arm on the platform and also the leg and I think maybe I’ll try again sitting on the platform.  So, I thought maybe I would give that a try today or tonight and do a little less of this.  But because I’m feeling I’m feeling it today so I’m hoping that it is probably because of yesterday.

And so far, I’m really happy because you know if you’re an exercise enthusiast which I used to be, but it’s been about 17 years since I exercised.  I tried buying, I bought a bike on Craigslist, oh a few years ago.  And I got on that and instantly my back hurt.  I said no none of that.  And I thought well but back to the rebounder.  I heard that was really like one of the best exercises for lymph movement and I did that after both of my children are warned to lose weight and get back in shape.  And it was wonderful excuse for me, but I bought that and I just didn’t well I said soon as I started doing it I started having problems with my hip and in my knees.  And so, 17 years out of exercising so this is the test also because I tried it you know a few things and I just instantly couldn’t do it.  I knew it wasn’t working for my body.

Merax WBV Platform Exercise Fitness Machine 

So, we’ll look we’re going to give this a try and I can feel it so I know most people that have been on the Internet are you know real exercise beyond fit.  Well I’m gonna show that you know those of us who are in that position anymore.  Alrighty have a good day.  I’ll see you next week and I’ll give you the results to the first week.  Have a good weekend.  Bye-bye. [End of transcript]

The Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control is a great product that will fit in any home.