Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 32 Day Test – Final Results

This is part 5 in the series of a woman testing the Merax WBV Platform Exercise Fitness Machine for 32 days.  She gives a summary review of the machine and tells all of her results using the machine.  What is good about the video is that she is not professional athlete or someone in the greatest physical shape.  She is an average middle-aged woman just trying out the WBV machine for the first time.

[Video Transcipt]  Well hello.  Good morning.  It’s finally the whole body vibration end results for the 32 day test and it’s August 4th 2017.  I’m sorry I’m a week late but we didn’t have to go out of town last weekend it put me off.  But we were able to take the machine with us because it fit very easily into the car and took up very little space plenty of room for our luggage.  And I didn’t have to miss my sessions.  So, I was very happy with that.

So, let’s get into it.  So, for the test period my routine was I used the for the Merax Vibration Platform and I used one program each week that they have one through four.  And I’m like one through four and so ended up on the fourth program that we were a little more difficult each one.  And when I find really nice is it you know you can make it as you know more difficult and less difficult and then and when I’m looking forward to it I able to move into past the four week test is I’m planning on you know really kind of stick not sticking to one program but varying them you know because I think there’s a little you know a little difference in the higher speeds.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform

I think I got maybe got a little bit more with lower speeds so I’m gonna experiment with that over the time.  But I do like to stick with the kind of freestyle however I’m feeling that day whatever I feel like maybe needs a little extra tension and so that’s been great.  So, I am usually I was doing two sessions at some days.  Some weeks just you know a day here a day there then did one session.

Before I give the stats, I’d like to talk about the results that we experienced.  My husband didn’t really keep track of his stats or anything.  But I can tell you what he experienced, and he was only doing it about you know three or four days a week for one session and he was taking it easy because he’d had surgery on his neck and on his back.  So, he was he was going a lot slower than I was going into it.

So, let’s see his results were the pain and swelling in his legs that he’s had varicose veins in one leg more than the other.  And he noticed really from that immediately.  But then he also noticed that when he skipped like three days it started returning.  So, but as just doing it you know a day here skipping a day he didn’t feel it coming back.  So, he’s had a lot of pain relief and a lot of swelling relief.  And the main ones are down and flat and he noticed muscle growth.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Machine

Strengthening toning in his chest back shoulders feels like you know he’s get a little strength back in his neck also.  And better oh in his sacroiliac area which is where his surgery was affecting.  And a lot of relief from that he was normally every day at least had a constant four level of pain.  And he said that is either gone down to no pain or a reduced amount of pain in some days.  Anyone what he’s doing that sort of thing so that’s been that’s been really nice.  Oh and better sleep because he could sleep in like his favorite positions and he hasn’t been able to sleep in due to the pain ah and so that’s huge you know.  For a lot of people when you have to sleep in a position that really isn’t the most comfortable one to sleep in.

So, then the results that I experienced were which I’ve stated from the beginning is such a difference in the flow of my lymphatic system.  As far as not getting the buildup not feeling the need to do any manual movement and massage on it which is very tiring.  And it’s you know sometimes just like they’re almost creating more the more you work your muscles to clear out that it’s well anyways my lymphatic flow is moving.  I’ve got a lot of buildup so I know it’s going to take time and I’m looking forward to the results over time.  But what it’s doing now for me has relieved me from that need to do the massaging and the physical manipulation of making it move and having the build-up pain.

So that has been my main focus of going of getting the machine in the first place.  And so right there it met my biggest expectation.  And my back pain which standing like when I’m cooking and in doing dishes and that kind of thing.  And that has been the level of pain has been reduced and the time it takes to start feeling the pain has been lengthened.

And I’m finding that we have an upside-down back thing machine or hanger and I was doing that every day.  And I find that 2 or 3 days goes by and I go oh I haven’t even been on that.  So that’s telling me my back’s not talking to me all the time.

And muscle strengthening, toning, flexibility from the very beginning and all throughout I’ve seen that improve.  So that’s really been nice and I’m looking you know, at the longer-term results.  A month is a good amount of time to see if you’re not going to get any the negative reactions which we have not experienced any.  And then a month to see really more results that I would have thought with anything else and this is yeah been good.  So, we’re looking forward to the future.

I’ll list my stats basically my overall results where was I lost six and a quarter inches and in my waist hips thighs and calves and then lost three pounds.  So, weight loss wasn’t my main my main thing right now because I certainly wasn’t applying a restrictive diet.  I was just pretty much feeding normally as I usually do so we’re both we’re both thrilled with the results and we anticipate using it for as long as we can.  And you know and as easy and even you know looking into the future getting older I still see what the benefits just having it.  If all you can do if all you can do is just sit with your legs with your feet on it to increase your circulation.  And you can get in different positions doing that even and so I just don’t see it being something that…

…okay I’m back.  So as I was saying before my camera cut off that I was talking about you know they billet looking into the future with this form of exercise.  Because you know at who knows that with the MS I’m hoping you know that that’s not going to progress but that I’ll be able to do sitting you know on it if I and I mean sitting with my feet on it or legs on it and finding positions that you know work for whatever my ability is or whatever you know anyone’s ability is.

So that’s really a neat thing because most exercise equipment really is limited with you know your mobility.  Your ability to keep thinking keep something going you know to give the results from it.  And so this is great and we’ll see.

The one thing that I was hoping for was an improvement in my neuropathy which I have felt a lot more flexibility in my hands and my feet are you know I can move my toes and I can tell that the inflammation is down, but the numbness is still there.  So, I’m hoping that you know that’s another thing to look forward to the future is seeing that the numbness might diminish some more or some you know so that would be nice so I’ll certainly update that because that will be huge for me.

So, I would say in conclusion then I believe that you know anyone who is suffering from pain due to inflammation and edema lymphatic flow acne and other skin problems, poor circulation, muscle strength and flexibility, they would benefit from this technology.  And really like I say from any condition that they’re in at the moment you know it’s something you can really regulate how much effort you put into it or no effort at all.  So, it’s really got a wide range I think for uses for people.

And you know another thing I’ve noticed is that especially since we’re in monsoon season and a lot of humidity in fact it was 90 percent humidity outside oh my god this morning and it causes me breathing difficulties.  Well I do fight I do find that this vibration technology loosens up my lungs you know and the mucus and stuff and so that’s a benefit I hadn’t even considered.  And being in this time of year is when I would notice it the most.

And you know after you know for starting something after 17 years of not being able to do any kind of an exercise of gene anything I tried had adverse respect reactions in my body and so that that to me was a pretty good test.  To be able to do this on the average twice a day and not see anything adverse and just see positive.  So that’s been a real good result for might be able to see.

There’s lots of videos you know on YouTube where you can you know go to and find out where find out what exercises is what kind of a part of your body that your targeting or you need to target our condition that your trying to work to improve.  You can find all kinds of videos on that and they’re out there and they’re very good.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control Review

And let’s see so I guess we would just say that we give this a big thumbs up for us and you can see how it could be also a real thumbs up for other people.  So, the one thing that would say for this this particular model, I wasn’t doing it really primarily on the model, just that’s what we’re using is I didn’t like the arm extra the elastic things.  I didn’t like that at all and didn’t find it very helpful.

And I know one thing I would look for in a future model would be the ability to pause it in mid program.  So that you could change position.  I like to use a little towel to lay on it when I’m used to put my hands on or sitting on it and so that would be a nice feature.  Not absolutely necessary but one that I would find to be a real bonus for myself.

And I think that looking in the future and how this holds up we would certainly be willing to spend more on a model because if I say it’s something that I think we will be using for a long time and seeing benefits from.

And I will continue to keep monthly records and will update.  I’ll try to update once a month or when I see significant changes.  I’ll certainly do an update and you know thank you for watching and I hope that it’s been helpful.  If you’re looking into this technology or suffering from certain conditions that would be helped by this technology. I hope you found it helpful and if you did you know give it give it a thumbs up and it will help it come up for other people to find and see in the future.  So all I can say is thanks for watching and good vibrations, bye-bye.