Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 32 Day Test – Week One

This is part two of a 32 day test of the Merax WBV Platform with Straps and Remote Control.  Overall the tester has had good results and enjoyed the machine.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Machine Review

[Transcript]  Well good morning it’s July 7 2017.  Finished week 1 the first week and I’m starting in the second week today.  I did the program one for the whole first week sitting and standing doing basically minor squats and stretching and man I’m really feeling a difference in my flexibility and my muscles just seem to be stronger and loose you know.  I mean just I’m taking the longer strides while I’m walking and when I sit down to do something with the dogs I get up a lot easier and that’s fantastic.  This made my main goal that I was looking for which was lymph flow and man I’ve seen lymph flow.

And we’ve seen some results that we didn’t expect to see.  So, we’re documenting those with pictures and then if they manifest like it looks like they are I’ll put that in there probably at the end of the four weeks.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Results

So what I’ve got to say for after one week is I’m very happy with the machine and but there are couple things that I think it would like in our next machine seeing that this is you know really I mean 105 dollars it’s right there at the bottom of the models but I don’t know how it’s gonna last.  But I think I would really prefer to have the next month one I think I would go with the stand-up I think with this one I was because I to try the technology and see if everything they’re saying about it was true or anything.  And I wasn’t looking for something else to hang clothes on you know.  I’m going to have the treadmills and the exercise bikes that end up just to hang clothes on.  And they take up so much space so this model I think would be excellent for well it’ll be good for you if you have a real limited amount of space.  You want to push it under a bed when you’re not using it like someone it’s for an apartment or a small home.  And we do have the space for something that we’re using every day.  So, in the future I think I would look for that and another thing was the ability to pause during it a program would really be nice so you can change positions and then resume the program where you left off.  Whereas this one you stop it and then the program has to restart.  So, which is fine you know but that would be just enough feature that I would look for in the next model that we buy.

[Week one weight loss and measurements shown on slides.]

I’m very happy with seeing the results and we’ll see what week two brings.  So, you guys have a good week and I’ll see you next week bye-bye.