Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 32 Day Test – Week Three


This is part 4 of a series of videos reviewing the Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control.  The reviewer is posting a once a week video describing her results and impressions of the whole body vibration machine.

[Transcription]  Well hi, it’s Friday the 21st of July.  This is the first day of the last week of the 32-day trial.  I have completed three full weeks.  I had some changes this week not as not much.  I had no change in several of my measurements, but I did lose a quarter of an inch and my waist 3/4 inch in my hips and a quarter inch in my calves.  So, weight change staying the same.  I have found this week we’ve had real humid weather and it caused me some breathing difficulties.  I didn’t have any trouble during my exercise or anything and did inhibit that at all, but my overall feeling of energy was down because of having some breathing difficulties.

But all in all, I’m happy with the progress.  I’m seeing again increased strengthening of my muscles and flexibility and I am saying things you know shifting around and I well I’m really happy with it especially as I stated from the very beginning is my biggest issue was my lymph movement.  And I really feel like it’s continuing to move my lymph I’m not having any build up issues that have to be manually moved.

So, I know I haven’t talked much about my husband he’s kind of behind the scenes on this and he’s taking it slow because he’s had neck surgery and back surgery and didn’t want to cause any harm.  And so far he’s been very pleased.  He’s doing more sit-up I’m sorry setup but push-up type exercises to strengthen his neck shoulder and arms and back.  And he’s seen a lot of difference pretty darn quick.  That’s I guess the amazing thing is that that the changes in your muscles from what seems like so little effort you start seeing that them get stronger.

And so, I’m excited to go into this last week but the program for this week.  Again, I try to do it twice a day but like the week before I found that a couple days I was tired.  And I guess if I was actually going to the gym and working out for an hour like they give the equivalent of the 10 minutes to you know a good hour work out in a gym.  Well I could see what I would be tired doing it every day so and with my end with the breathing problems I’ve had this week I can that also adds to the fatigue.  But I’m excited that I’ve been doing it every day.  I’ve been doing it mostly two times a day.  A couple days I did it one and a half or we’ll just say one session on program three.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine

So now we’re going to go to program for this week see how that goes and I’ll post the measurement changes.  And for this week keep it short and next week will be the finale and we’ll see what the end of the test results bring.  And then I do believe that this is going to be something that’s going to take some time and I’ve got a lot of years of built-up lymph and also in activity.

And so, I’m gonna stay with it and I’ll keep you updated at least once a month to show what kind of progress is made on it I hope you’re enjoying watching and this process and I will see you next week you have a good weekend and bye-bye for now.  Thanks for watching.  [End of transcript]

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