Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 32 Day Test – Week Two

This video is part three of a series reviewing the Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control.  She reviews her third week using the Merax Vibration Platform with Straps and Remote and shares some of her important results.

[Transcription]  Hello it is July 14th 2017 the beginning of my third week of the 32 day trial and this would be on this video will have the results of my second week which I was very pleased with because I had more inch loss and I also had an additional pound.  So, with the first week giving me 3 pounds of weight loss I thought oh you know some of that might you know that might have been just the time of the day.  But today confirmed another pound down.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control

So, ok so this week I start out with program 1 for the first week.  Then on the second week I did program 2 and so this week I’ll go to program 3 and see how that goes.  And let’s start off with picking our program 3 and starters.  One thing that I have found a lot of improvement in is my balance and my ability to engage my abdominal muscles.  And which you know the first week it was like you know they hadn’t been engaged for quite some time.

I have a lot of bloating in my abdominal cat area from the lymphatic buildup.  And so, I’ve seen a lot of reduction in that area.  So, what I’ve kind of done is I just get on and kind of freestyle it.  However, I feel like moving you know and when you do that every time you do that you go a little further.  You know it just amazingly loosens up your muscles.  And so, I find it you know that I can do my side and then come up and then I need to go again I go down a bit farther and hold it and you can really feel it coming up your side.  And that gives you gives you when you make the contact with your hands it really helps to transfer the vibration on up its your arms and you can even do your you know your arm positions that would engage different muscles.

And I do a little bit of isometrics you know all grab onto the bar and just kind of do a little bit of a pull.  And then you can come down and on my knees.  I like to do that and I can feel that really going up into my arms and I kind of do you know my push-ups but it’s so much easier.  And I like to do that to my toes you know you’re flexing some different muscles still keeping my knees bent and then coming back on my heels.  Keep my knees bent I have to remember to do that.

Merax WB Vibration Machine Exercise Fitness Machine with Remote

So, it’s nice to have something you know that you can grab on to when you need a little extra help for balance and positions that you choose.  Hey, you know some days I felt like oh you know I don’t know I feel I got a lot of energy and I’m just going to get on their and stand but before long I find myself you know just doing some stretches.  You know where I find the biggest burn in my legs is when I do a little bit lower squat.  And I try not to put any of my weight even off I’ll put my hands on my knees but not really to add any weight on to that area, but it transfers the vibration.  I’ve been to my arms and I can even do some push-ups while I’m doing my squats but this one I’ll feel really start burning pretty quickly.

So, you know I just changed position and kind of remind myself of my stance of engaging my abdominals and tuck in my rear.  And it’s not surprising that the biggest loss in inches that I’ve seen is my waist because of the abdominal inflammation that I always have.  And it’s so nice to feel that bond or going away.  I’ve got a long way to go but you know I see it I see the results continuing and the changes I’m finding that you know I have a little bit of a definition starting to appear in my calves and my calf muscles.  And again, you know my arms I’ve got more of a bump up here and less flap down here.

So that’s about it.  We’ll go on this week for program three and I’ll post the results that I have thus far.  And then I’ll see you next week and we’ll see how week three goes.  So, you guys have a good week thank you for watching and talk to you later bye-bye.

[No sound – slides show weight loss and measurements.]

Hi so I just wanted to kind of go over my notes and what I wrote down for this week.  And I put that my inflammation had gone down even more and then my balance had improved even more.  Because I noticed that also in the first week but even more so this week and no adverse effects which is just beautiful.

And I did a 120-minutes of the program two – which was an average of two times to 10-minute sessions a day.  And I skipped a couple days because I just felt tired and but the main one of them one of the main interesting things and if any of you suffer from this you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I have had since my puberty probably, what they call Milia.  And it’s they say it is actually a milium cyst.  And it couldn’t it presents itself as bumps on your face and they don’t come up to be a blackhead or you know anything that you can even pick.  You really have to puncture the bump with a needle to extract it and even then, they don’t all want to come out and sometimes they are in spots that are a little too sensitive you know into your eyes and stuff.

But what I’m finding is as this lymph is moving things aren’t coming out and I mean that the milium cysts are expressing themselves and the skin just peels in that area.  My nose just keeps on peeling because I had such a buildup of lymph.  I mean if you ever noticed an old person whose nose just keeps getting bigger, bingo, they’ve got that buildup of lymph.  So as it’s coming out it’s shedding the dead cells on the top and then releasing this built-up lymph that’s in every hair follicle you know and underneath it made it’s all in your skin.  And it’s just amazing it comes out some of them come out like plugs it means like they’re there they’re not malleable you know they’re just hard plugs they’ve been plugging up that pore.

And so, what I’m finding is we’re all my wrinkles form they’re just lying on either side by this milium cysts and it just accentuates the wrinkles.  So, I’m also I’m finding a lot of lymph reduction in my eye you know.  I kind of have those chipmunk cheeks going and they’re getting more reduced and my wrinkles are actually becoming more reduced my nose is getting smaller.  And I just got to say this, this is a miracle.  You know I mean I’ve never ever did I mean I have you know done so many different things on my skin and I have done the unforgiveable picking you know.  And the older you get the thinning your skin gets and if you had to use steroids your skin is even thinner.

And so, it was just uh it was just an impossible problem and then I never could see an end to it.  You try something and see a little improvement you know I wore a mask or you know scrubbing it or whatever loofah but it only it never it never got what you needed was the lymph coming out and mine just was stuck.  And so, another way it expressed itself which I had from my adolescence is skin tags.  And I’ve noticed that in the recent, I would say over the past two years, I’ve gotten more skin tags.  And I’m finding that those skin tags are getting smaller.  And so, we’re watching them we’re taking some photographic evidence of what they look like to begin with and what hopefully you know they look like at the end of four weeks or if I after four weeks I’m gonna try to do monthly updates as I continue to progress and get this lymph out of my body because it’s um it’s got to go.  And this baby’s gonna do it.

Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine – Merax

So anyway, so we’re watching skin tags I’m watching my complexion and the shape of my face come back.  I just looked you know bloated and you know what you should know your first reaction is you know I’m just getting fat you know.  But it is fluid and lymph fluid and edema.  And it’s amazing that this is just pushing it all out where it needs to be outside my body.

So that’s what I’ve got for this week.  I’m gonna post the inches and all that stuff in the video and again thanks for watching and see you next week bye-bye.