Pain Management with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Pain management with whole body vibration therapy.

In this video two medical professionals talk about the benefits of using whole body vibration machine.  They specifically highlight pain management with WBV therapy.  They mention the Lifetime Vibe but their comments apply to any of the better whole body vibration machines that are on the market.



I’ve been really pleased using the lifetime vibe machine with all kinds of pain conditions.  I can use it in the same settings for somebody with low back pain as I do for shoulder pain or knee pain.  It’s been an amazing machine that as it lines up parts of the human nervous system, pain complaints seem to decrease.  It seems to increase range of motion very quickly.  It helps increase the blood flow to an area and it helps calm down the individual, it’s a pleasant process and they seem to really enjoy that.

Pain Management with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

I think part of what contributes to that decrease in pain in musculoskeletal issues is back to the motion.  Most of our joints have passive circulation which means the actual nutrients that get into the joint and feed the cartilage and the parts of that joint that are critical is passive, it’s only supplied by motion.  There’s no active pump like your heart pumping your blood that pushes that fluid in.  You have to move to get that fluid in and also if you have junk, metabolites, broken down tissue or garbage in that joint swelling due to an injury you’ve got to push it out as well.  That also happens only with motion.

So, adding that motion using lifetime vibe and using the frequency and oscillation that we have and getting all of that movement up to ten minutes on the machine is up to 60 minutes worth of actual walking your motion.  That helps to clear the joints, helps to feed the joints and everything feels better when that fluid and that junk gets cleared out and when new tissue supplies and new energy comes in it’s all better.

A major part of my practice is dealing with people in chronic pain.  I love the lifetime vibe and its ability to help those people in pain immediately feel better, which helps me to help them make great gains in overcoming their condition their chronic pain condition.  [End of transcript]

Most medical professionals recommend starting out slow when using a whole body vibration machine.  Start at a lower setting for just a few minutes and then daily increase the power and the length of time you use the WBV machine.  Hundreds of people have testified to the wonderful pain relief they have experienced with whole body vibration therapy.

Some fitness centers have WBV machines that you can use to try it out.  That might be an inexpensive way to see if you will find pain relief with a whole body vibration machine.  Like anything else, don’t expect miracles.  Many people find incredible pain relief but they also need to continue to use the WBV machines to keep experiencing the benefits.

Many patients are finding whole body vibration therapy a good alternative pain management strategy.

The two doctors in this video are among thousands of medical professionals and therapists that highly recommend using whole body vibration plates, primarily because they continue to see great results.