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Power Plate MOVE for Balance

Power Plate MOVE for Balance

Many people have had great results using the Power Plate MOVE for Balance and for improving other health issues.

[Video Transcript]

Hello good afternoon welcome to this ten minutes for a better balance session. My name is Sylvie Patrick I’m with Power Plate MOVE and you are joining me here in my apartment here in Miami.

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For this session you need to go and grab your strap of your Power Plate MOVE for balance. They all come with a pair of strap and we’re gonna place it right in front of the Power Plate MOVE on the floor. You’re also gonna need a water bottle so go grab a water bottle and let’s get started.

I have also removed my socks my shoes. I want you to be able to work on balance and stimulate your feet so the vibration will really wake those feet. Okay you ready so I’m going to teach you today from my Power Plate MOVE for balance. And I want you to see how that vibration here is going to stimulate the blood flow in my body. It’s gonna work my muscle harder in a less amount of time. So even if you can do those movement at home on the ground really using them using the Power Plate MOVE will stimulate those muscles.

Additional Power Plate MOVE for Balance

We’re gonna start with the first exercise which is just to awake my foot. So I’m gonna place the foot here and I’m gonna rub it side to side and because it is barefoot I can feel that all the vibrations stimulating the bottom of my foot. Every exercise is about 15-second 30-second and we’re gonna move to the other foot again I keep my bodyweight on the floor.

And I’m using the chair here for support if at home you have a Power Plate MOVE for balance with handle. You have chest because now you can grab on and you don’t need the chair. Good we’re going to work on flexibility of the toe and I want you to be able to activate the ball of your foot. So back to the opposite foot and we’re gonna push on the arch and rise to the ball of the foot and come down keep contact with the Power Plate MOVE for balance and just rise the heel off the platform. We’re doing a series about ten or just fifteen second or thirty second depending on the time that you have.

All right let’s switch feet. You’ll be able to do those exercise every day practice at home and get ready for all the activity you’re gonna be doing. At the end of this confinement I’m doing two more on that foot. Good we’re now going to warm up and activate the quads. Why the quads? This is the muscle that is here and so important for the stability of your knee.

Continued Power Plate MOVE for Balance

So in this exercise it is like if you stepping up the stairs but quite not you’re gonna place one foot on the Power Plate MOVE for balance the opposite leg is on the ground. i’m gonna shift my body weight on that front leg push on that leg like if I want to step up and come back down just to activate. I’m never leaving the floor here just getting on the toe and come back down I push and come back down.

If you’re feeling good today we can actually step and come back down you’re really feeling that quads getting engaged by just shifting your body weight on that leg and pushing your body way up. Good I’m switching legs here. So again I’m in this position my knee is aligned with my ankle and here I’m shifting my body weight and stepping up the stairs. That’s the mimic of the movement I can just choose to stay here or if I’m feeling good today to just push on that leg and lift the opposite leg off the floor.

Let’s do two more and last one good. In that next exercise I call it the ski it’s like being in a ski on one ski. So I have my feet parallel I am in my happy place which is I bring my hip back bend my knee and shift my body weight to the ball of the foot. So the vibration is very mild into the head and I’m gonna go to the left and go to the right. So you see I tilt my feet and shift my body weight to the right and to the left like if I was on ski tilt and we’re gonna do two more and last one.

All right now time to warm up the hip stay there back to your happy place to that get ready position where the vibration is trapping to my leg my core but very mild into my head and I’m gonna do a half circle with the hip back half circle. If you need to hold, hold if you want to challenge yourself by letting go one hand great.

If you can’t let go both hand why not one more here and then we switch by bringing the hip forward. Now I bring my hip forward so if I hold it’s only that hip that is moving forward or one hand or both hands. All right we are ready to tackle the exercise now.

Most of the time when we lose balance is because our joint our band we were doing something grabbing or itching. We’re gonna work on that and that is called eccentric loads. So look we’re gonna be back onto the Power Plate MOVE for balance and I’m gonna use now the strap. Get back into your get ready position and then look I’m gonna reach my left foot to the strap by controlling that movement and come back so it’s forcing this leg to really control and decelerate as I try to step at the exact same spot on my on my strap on the floor.

Good ooh and I really feel it in the quads let’s switch legs I desolate look down for the strap look for the strap and come back up so again try to challenge yourself but letting go one hand maybe or letting go both hands. The goal is that you really stepped down at the same exact spot all right were you successful at home.

Alright let’s try for the next exercise we’re gonna reach a water bottle and we’re gonna come back up on the Power Plate MOVE for balance into our get ready position but feet against feet close by and for this one I’m just gonna do a half circle with my hand. So now this water bottle this extra eight challenging my core has a movement and my base of support is very narrow.

Can you challenge yourself by opening the hand on the handle not grabbing or maybe not grabbing at all? Let’s try to switch the water bottle to the other hand. So I’m gonna place myself like this so you can see me forward and I switch and now bring hold that way or not holding it all. Good let’s try to pass the water bottle from one hand to the other or just stay there if you need to hold on. So if I need to hold on maybe I’m switching the movement of that water bottle from front to back otherwise follow me and let’s try to go around feet against feet narrow base. One more.

All right in the next one we’re gonna change the feet position you can put the water bottle away but we’re gonna now move the head so look I’m back onto my Power Plate MOVE for balance. This time I have one foot in front of the other do you see that I am very narrow base do you see and bending the knee being into my get-ready position.

I’m now going to look over my left shoulder and my right shoulder again try to challenge yourself you can do it with holding on both handle or we’re gonna challenge ourself to let go and go from one shoulder to the other. Look at the work that my feet has to do to keep balance. It’s even really challenging to look to the left and to look to the right and then we switch feet. Now my left foot is forward my right foot is back and again we’re gonna now change going up looking down going up and looking down. Let’s see if I can do it without holding.

If you need to use your one hand only to hold do so let’s go progressively how are you at home successful alright this series of exercise can really be done on a daily basis you can do them from the ground it is only challenging your core your balance by adding little things like a water bottle or stepping exactly at the same spot.

I hope you enjoyed the session this is our ten minute session for better Power Plate MOVE for balance. I want you to stay tuned because next week we have great program for you I will be with you on the Facebook page all week. So I’m very excited. Join me Monday Wednesday and Friday and that’s gonna be at 4 p.m. and then finally on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. I wish you a great weekend and stay safe.

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Summary of the video Power Plate MOVE for Balance: Using the Power Plate MOVE for balance is an incredible way to use this whole body vibration machine. It will help with balance and many other health issues.

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