Review of Hypervibe G17 WBV Machine – Part 1

[Transcription]  Okay I’m here on the 2014 Hypervibe.  I’ve had this for a while now and I absolutely love it.  This one is a 900 watt motor and this one is really powerful, the one I’m sure you’ve been hearing about it.  This is the one that’s on the Biggest Losers that’s the TV show the Biggest Losers.

Hypervibe G17 Review Part 1

And this one will kick butt I swear.  This is a little different this one it goes to 28 Hertz.  And the ones I’ve been on before which I absolutely love a lot of the ones that I have on the floor go to 14.  But this one goes to 28 Hertz and it’s like in a whole different ballgame.  Once you get past those 14 Hertz it’s like oh yeah you know just, it’s like a lot of them you can feel the vibration going up your leg and you feel it you definitely feel it.

But this one it goes like all the way up your spine.  You can feel it in your face you feel it a lot stronger pulses like in your stomach.  If you like bend your legs and tighten your stomach you can just feel it your muscles pulsing.

So, when you are on this one like here’s, well I’ll show you here is like 14 Hertz, but when you ramp it up it’s slow like I’ll put it on 28 you can hear it it’s slowly ramp up.

I’ll turn it a little lower so you can hear me though.  But it took me a little while I had to work up to getting to the 28 Hertz because it’s a very strong very powerful vibration like when you get off this your legs your stomach your legs will be so sore.  And if you hold on to that hold on to the strap the resistant straps of your arms your arms you’ll feel it in your triceps and your biceps they’ll be sore for like two days.  But when you first start it’s like if you do that.

 Hypervibe G17 Pro Whole Body Vibration Machine Review

But the good thing is you can go down to a lower Hertz even like I’ll show you in a minute just laying down and now lessen your recovery time if you go on like a ride on like a lower Hertz and just get a lymphatic massage and massage your joints.

But this one this machine is so powerful it really I took me by surprise when I when I got on this one.  That the plate is actually a little smaller than the 27 inches, but it has that 900 watt motor and that there it’s at 27 Hertz, so I’m at 28 Hertz.  So, it’s very powerful I mean you can go get the same amount plus more even if you keep your feet like at the number one or number two position it is so powerful.

Here we are we’re 6 Hertz and I usually do this afterward just for simple recovery.  This is what you do for a lymphatic drainage you can it’s at a slower Hertz, so it’s become very comfortable.  Just to put your feet at the edge and this one gets 11 millimeters.

So, and I’ve had a rebounder before which is great.  I love a rebounder for lymph drainage and this one it has that same feeling on your body.  Like you can tell it opening closing your one-way valves.  When you get off of it, it’s almost like a tingling sensation and it’s just real easy, very comfortable.

Even as aggressive as this machine is it’s amazing how I can feel so comfortable at a lower Hertz.  Just to get your system stimulated ok good lymphatic workout.  So, I’m just staying here for like you know five minutes sometimes even 10 minutes and just get good lymphatic drainage and sometimes I’ll just do this twice a day.  [End of Transcription]

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