Review of Hypervibe G17 WBV Machine – Part 2

[Transcription]  Yeah but this one, the funny thing is you know when I got this I’ve been on I’ve been on the vibration machines buried for years and have several years now and you know of course they go to 14 Hertz the ones that I’ve been on in the most of them and I wasn’t used to this kind of power.

Hypervibe G-17 WBV Machine Review – Part 2

So when I first got it you know I thought okay I’ve been on these for a long time and if people say you know kind of take it slow if you go higher in power but I got on it and ARBs revved it up to it I was like let me see what the 28 feels like and I’ll let me tell you it my feet my joints hurt my feet like it felt like I was standing on an earthquake, I mean I really did.  I felt like you know right on top of an earthquake.  I felt like I was kind of like my feet were like tingly and prickly.  I was barefoot at the time, so I mean that I mean you can feel a tremendous amount of difference between what you get out of this one and then the 14 Hertz.

But yeah once I decided I need to like work my way up to it because like when I first did it like the next day my back hurt my knees hurt a little bit.  It was so powerful.  But now that I’ve had it for a while and I’ve worked up to it like now I can totally do it.  Like I can put it up to 28 and not think twice.  You’ve actually even put my feet at you know like toward the edge.

Where at first when I first got it after my initial two days I would stand just like this on luck on foot position one.  And then I slowly you go to two, three, the four.  And so now I can go all the way to 28 and not blink an eye.  I mean it’s a powerful workout.  You definitely get a workout you bet it doesn’t work I mean I could I could do it all the swamp positioning you as you can hear me.

But yeah if you get in a squat position at the 28.  If you work your way after that you can feel your quads like just burn up while you’re on it.  But then but then afterward you know especially if you just lay down on it or just stand yeah it works it out.  So, you know you actually don’t even feel sore.  Like the next day you just feel like you got a great workout and it fills that form it feels awesome.  [End of Transcription]


The Hypervibe G17 Pro is considered one of the best whole body vibration machines on the market.  It is powerful but can also be set to lower vibrations for gentle massage or for beginners.  Whole body vibration platforms are a great way to help with health and fitness goals.