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Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises

This video will cover some basic Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises and how to use the whole body vibrating machine settings.

[Video Transcript]

Hi, my name is Julia with LifePro Fitness and today I’m gonna be talking briefly about the Rhythm Vibrating Platform. This platform actually utilizes oscillating technology.

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Oscillating technology is very good for fat reduction cellulite reduction increasing your balance increasing your muscle increasing your circulation and so much more. There are actually four different positions that we provide on the console of this machine. But in addition to those we have a full online video library for you to access at any time. We also are including four circle resistance bands with this machine.

Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises

I love these specifically because you can take these on the road with you. Just throw them in your suitcase and they’re great for adding to any routines. We also have two resistance bands right here on the machine that actually attach to the Rhythm Vibrating Platform and you can use these for so many different exercises specifically for upper-body.

If you have any additional questions or concerns we are here to help. You can contact us anytime via telephone or email and we’ve provided our contact information right here on the console for you.

Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises Machine Settings

So let’s go ahead and jump in and demo this machine the Rhythm Vibration Platform is very user friendly. So right now we’re gonna go ahead and go over the seven buttons that you’ll find right here on the upper console.

The first of which is the start/stop button to the far left which is very self-explanatory. The second button is program select. We have pre-programmed three different programs for you. Just as a heads up you’ll want to start with the manual setting first which is automatic right when you press the start/stop button and get used to the machine before using any of our pre-selected programs for you.

The third button is time and any time you want to see how much time that you’ve been on the rhythm platform you just press the button time.

The fourth button is pulse. We’ve actually included a heart rate monitor so when you grip the handles to either side of you it’s actually reading your heart rate. So press the pulse button to see what your heart rates are.

The last two buttons are speed up and speed down and we have actually given you 99 different speeds on this machine. So you can you’ll want to start out at level one actually and when you get more accustomed to the machine you can take it all the way up to 99 depending on your skill level. I’m gonna start on position number one so I’ll press start. Now we started you out at speed number one. You’re gonna want to stay here for about two or three weeks because you want to be sure that you’re very familiar with the machine.

Additional Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises

When you stand on your machine you’ll be standing hip-width apart and when you’re standing on the machine you always want to be sure that you have a nice firm grip on either of the handles on either side of you. We provided you with four easy to start positions that are described right here on the console in addition to that on our website.

You’ll find a full video library with so many other positions that you can try. So we’ll start with these to begin the first one is a traditional standing position which I’m doing right now. Again with a nice soft bend my knee. The second position that you can try is a single leg standing position. So you’re gonna move shift that way right to the center on one foot and lift that opposite foot be sure that you’re holding the handles firmly. Now this position greatly exercises your quads and your glutes and it also assists with balance.

The third position to try is very classic it’s a squat position so you’re gonna bring your feet hip width apart. Keep that soft bend to your knee and if you want to increase the intensity go ahead and bring that squat low. So depending on your range of mobility you can go ahead and play with it and see how far you can bring that squat and you’ll see that this is a great movement for the quads the glutes and the overall strengthening of the legs.

The first thing we’re gonna do for the fourth position is step off the machine and then we’re gonna stagger our legs and then take our palms press it flat against the vibrating platform and this is fantastic for shoulders back and abs.

Hi everyone we here at LifePro Fitness value you so much as a customer we have a lifetime warranty with every one of our products. Just be sure when you receive your product that you register it online and we will replace it at no cost to you. We also have an online video library accessible to you on our website and in addition we have a facebook support group. So no matter what you can always reach out to us at any time again we value you so much. Thank you.

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Summary of Rhythm Vibrating Platform Exercises highlights the easy-to-use settings and the many exercises that are possible with this great whole body vibration machine.

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