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Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing

Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing

A video of a Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing that also highlights the features of this great whole body vibration machine.

[Video Transcription]

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well I decided to put this together outside the lifepro rhythm vibration platform and I wanted to lay it out have more room than in the house and uh see how long it takes me to put together when you open the box it seems well packed so I’m just gonna lay everything out and put it together well it went together pretty easy no problems at all and took about 25 minutes to a half-hour and we just kind of took our time and that should be all you need to put it together.

But anyway I’ll give you a quick rock walk around on it and show you how it looks here’s just a quick view of it all together here’s the control panel and you know it was pretty easy so anybody can do it so I guess we need to test it out.

Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing

Here’s a quick look at the machine before I turn it on has a spot for your water bottle while you’re working out it has two sensors on the handles here that will take your heart rate and that’s displayed up here and uh you use a hand on each side also as these upper body workout stretch bands which you can use while you’re on the machine and these are attached to the plate and I’ll show you that at the bottom here the upper body stretch bands are easily removed if you don’t want to use them just like that.

Additional Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing

Here’s a look at the control panel you have your stop and start and that will turn on the machine and it starts off at speed one goes all the way up to speed 99 and that’s very fast so also right here it has a timer right now it’s on program manual so you can do whatever you want speed it up or slow it down with these two buttons it’ll take your pulse or time that’s time left right now I might on the machine so it doesn’t have a pulse or heart rate and this button here is for programming or for the selection of a program.

There’s three different programs on it and it mixes it up so you don’t have the same program each time let’s see right now it’s on manual there’s program 1 and right now it’s on speed 10 but I know goes up by 10 every minute on this program.

There’s program to program 3 and back to manual but as you can hear it’s a pretty quiet machine I’ll go up to speed 99 whoops that’s decreasing [Music] and we’re almost there 70 and that is full speed and the machine is pretty solid let’s go all the way back down and it’s very quiet so you can watch TV or do what everyone if I’ll have my son tested out here in a second.

Continued Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing

After your first couple workouts on this each one is ten minutes long you’ll be sore mostly in your legs and a little bit on your upper body but they also include those stretch bands so you can work out on your upper body but anyway I plan on using this twice a day and seems like a good solid machine and can’t wait to use it more.

And I’m gonna move out of this spot and probably put it in front of a TV but this also has wheels on the bottom so you can move it out of the way of the TV when you’re not using it but uh anyway that’s all take care everybody

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Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Customer Review

[Video Transcription]

All right so we have upgraded to the Rhythm Vibration Plate which is great because it has the handles and Jim is able to get on it off it without any assistance. Because it’s upright and all the controls around the top and yeah we actually walked up the stairs to get to this and he is working it. Can you change to the program could you change see if you can hit something and see if we can make it a little more challenging?

Because this is easy for you, there you go and just keep it and add nice and then if you just keep your knees soft.

Yes so you’re not locked out cuz you know the feeling when you’re when your legs just to super straight so how does it feel good yeah oh good this is this is definitely I would definitely recommend this for anybody who has any balance issues mobility issues because the upright controls and the handles are a huge help. With the other model it was great but we had to hold on and this definitely makes it possible for more independent Rhythm Vibration Plate working

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Summary of Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate Unboxing: The customer review video and the unboxing video both show the many outstanding features of the Lifepro Rhythm Vibration Plate.

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