Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

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Confidence Power Plus Vibration Plate Trainer

Confidence Fitness whole body vibration machine has been one of the most popular and best selling vibration plates for many years now.  Don’t let the low price make you think it may be inferior to to comparable WBV machines.  It is a very sturdy well-built machine.  It has a quiet motor that is fully adjustable.

The Confidence Fitness Slim features strong stability bars and also resistance bands which increases the number of exercises you can perform with the machine.  Confidence Fitness calls these Yoga Straps.  These straps are great for light workouts and stretching but are not meant for serious strength training.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

  • Enhances muscle power
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves general health
  • Strengthens bone density
  • Impedes cellulite

If you endure joint pain and problems, heart conditions, or depend upon a pacemaker, we advise seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer.

Confidence Fitness Power Plus Vibration Plate

600 W motor, 1.5 hp, 50-60 Hz

Vibrate yourself into better health!

Provides low impact, uncomplicated exercise with rapid results.  The user-friendly instrument panel and easy navigation will change the most timid exercise enthusiast into a confident and satisfied gymnast.  The Power Plus can enhance your casual relaxation time and maximize your usual fitness regime.

The Power Plus will help you achieve your goals of weight loss, improved health and flexibility, and strengthen muscle tone. 

10 Minute Workout!

A ten minute session on the Power Plus equals 60 minutes of conventional exercise.

Simple Instrument Panel

The user-friendly instrument panel has an easy to navigate menu.  There are 3 embedded programs, speed controls and a heart rate monitor.  Specifically you can measure and track, BMI, pulse and more.

50 Speed Positions

A wide range of speed settings are available ranging from 1 to 50.  The Power Plus was designed to accommodate all ranges of ability levels.  The maximum user weight is 300 lbs.

Compact Design

The small size makes it ideal for home use.  The 62 lb. unit is designed with wheels making moving it effortless.  Some of the massive whole body vibration machines on the market take up much more space and are extremely hard to move when needed.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine – NHCFV-2000 Description

The current design from Confidence Fitness they are now calling the new Confidence Power Plus Vibration Plate Trainer, or sometimes simply as the Vibration Plate.  The compact design of this machine provides low impact, uncomplicated exercise with rapid results in the comfort of your home.  The user-friendly instrument panel and easy to use menu will transform the most reluctant exercise user into an avid, confident fitness guru.

The Vibration Plate transforms simple activities into a proven fitness regime.  Whether your goal is to improve your weight loss goal, enhance your fitness and flexibility, or increase your muscle tone, the Power Plate Trainer Plus will aid you to attain your goals.  In either a sitting, standing or lying position on the Power Plate the vibration plate enhances the results of even simple weight bearing exercises.

The Confidence Power Plus Vibration Plate Trainer produces a high-frequency vibration resulting in a stretch reflex action within the body.  This results in  involuntary muscle contractions producing  the same  effect as conventional exercises, minus the exertion.

The Vibration Plate was also designed to enhance yoga  postures.  Using the special yoga straps improves the potential to increase the upper body and arm movements.  Different muscle groups can be targeted by extending the straps to specific positions.  The resistance produced by the straps encourages new muscle growth and toning.

A 10 minute session on the Confidence Power Plus Vibration Plate Trainer equals 60 minutes of conventional exercise.  Results will become quickly visible by using the Power Plate 10 minutes 2 to 3 times a week when combined with a low fat low calorie diet.  This is a fitness machine that you will actually enjoy using.

  • Dimensions:  29” x 27.5” x 48”
  • Vibration Plate Dimensions:  21” x 15”
  • Vibration method:  Oscillating
  • Weight:  70 lbs.
  • Maximum User Weight:  300 lbs
  • Maximum Power:  1.5 hp
  • Input Power:  600 W
  • Input Voltage:  100-120 V
  • Frequency Range:  50-60 Hz
  • Speed Range 1-50

The Vibration Plate Itself

The actual plate is the ideal size for most people.  The plate measures 15″ x 21″ (38cm x 54cm) so it is easy to sit, stand,  or partially lie on.  You can put your hands or feet on it when doing push-ups.  With training guides you will see ways to stretch, massage, or strengthen all your muscles.

One drawback is that there is some minimal assembly required upon delivery of your machine.  Some verified purchasers have said that it takes about 30-minutes and is not complicated to assemble.

If you have health issues or are just not in good shape a whole body vibration machine be just what you need.  It is an easy low impact way to get a “workout” in without the normal exertion.  This motivates some to get started and to stick with it.


There are many hundreds of very positive reviews on Amazon that have been regularly posted for years.  There are numerous people that have also regularly updated their reviews after using this WBV year after year.  Think about it!  A piece of fitness equipment that people actually continue to use?  How many treadmills and other exercise machines are sitting collecting dust in homes?  The fact that people use the Confidence Power Plus Vibration Plate Trainer religiously says a lot about its effectiveness and its worth in adding to your health!


This machine can be recommended as one of the best whole body vibration machines for novices all the way to professional athletes.  It is reasonably priced and a great value for your money.  A 1 year limited warranty is included in the purchase.

The reason this has been such a popular piece of fitness equipment for many years is simply that it works!  Users report receiving excellent results even without exerting too much effort.

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