Hypervibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Machine with Mobile App

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The Hypervibe G10 whole body vibration plate is small, lightweight and powerful.  It comes with Bluetooth connectivity to give you access to over 100 videos and 40 exercise programs by fitness and whole body vibration expert Gabriel Ettenson.  Based on cost versus power, the G-10 is the best value vibration machine in the world, generating up to 9.7g’s of g-force.

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Hypervibe – A Shortcut To A Better Body

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – A portable powerhouse coupled with innovation
  • POWERFUL – Inbuilt power beyond anything seen in other portable machines
  • BLUETOOTH – Bluetooth indicator on panel which allows you to control or program your machine via smartphones, MP3 players or tablets
  • PERFECT FOR WEIGHTLOSS AT HOME – Includes 40 goal-based programs
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Click wheel with corresponding colored exercise time options

Small, low cost machine, loaded with features and packed with power!

  • STEP 1 – Download APP – iOS and Android app allowing control of machine!
  • STEP 2 – Connect – Bluetooth indicator on control panel – even connect to TV!
  • STEP 3 – Choose program – App controls machine automatically and plays videos to follow.
  • STEP 4 – Exercise – Follow the videos.

How Can a hypervibe G10 Mini Help Improve Your Fitness?

  • BENEFIT 1 – Muscle Relaxation
  • BENEFIT 2 – Improve Balance
  • BENEFIT 3 – Improve Flexibility
  • BENEFIT 4 – Muscle Strength

Hypervibe G10 Mini WBV Machine

Hypervibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Machine will help you feel and look great!

This is one fitness machine that you will actually enjoy using.  Because you enjoy using it and you see and feel all the benefits you will use it every day.

Whole body vibration therapy is an easy, practical and safe way to improve bone strength.  The Hypervibe G10 will help you lose weight, increase muscle strength and experience less pain in muscles and joints.

The Hypervibe G10 is such a higher quality vibration machine that it can offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

Not only does the G10 Mini bring you power that is typically unheard of in similar whole body vibration plate portable platforms, but for the first time ever, Hypervibe brings you a vibration machine with Bluetooth connectivity!  With Bluetooth you can control the Hypervibe G-10 with any device such as smartphones, MP3’s, and tablets.  (Android and iOS)

The wireless connectivity is optional of course.  There are manual controls on the machine itself.  There is also a remote control included that you can use instead of an app.  The advantage to using the app is you will have access to the videos.

Access to over 40 goal based programs is at your fingertips.  With the Hypervibe G-10 you also have FREE access to our iOS and Android app allowing control of your machine and access to more than 100 exercise videos!

Hypervibe G-10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • Frequency:  5 – 20 Htz
  • Amplitude:  Up to 12mm
  • G-force:  9.7 G’s
  • Motor:  200 watts
  • Weight:  54 pounds
  • Weight limit for use:  310 pounds
  • Vibration method:  Pivotal platform delivers vertical force
  • Dimensions:  25.8″ W x 15.5″ D x 6″ H

The G10 Mini WBV machine does come included with straps to use for arm and body resistance training.  The straps attach conveniently to the back of the machine.

Every Hypervibe vibration machine customer gets FREE access to a support website filled with everything you need to maximize your results and to start improving your health.  The Hypervibe support website is full of useful information and videos about your machine, exercises, workout programs and more.

The best whole body vibration platforms like the Hypervibe G10 Mini are used extensively in research studies.  Click the accordions below to enjoy some short quotes from just two of these studies proving the benefits of whole body vibration training.

Numerous research studies testing whole body vibration machines like the Hypervibe G10 Mini prove their benefits for overall health and fitness.

Evidence review: Whole body vibration training—Evidence based exercise or fitness fad?

K. Patterson, A. Barker

"Introduction: Whole body vibration training (WBVT) is increasingly being used in sports performance and rehabilitation in Australia and internationally. There are two main styles of WBV devices - vertical or lineal (Power Plate, I-tonic) and sinusoidal or pivotal (Galileo, Hypervibe). The objectives of this review were to determine the current evidence to support WBVT: (1) to improve strength and power in athletes and (2) to review and critically evaluate literature for physiotherapist delivered WBVT in a rehabilitation setting.

Results: Preliminary searches identified 43 potential articles in the athletic population and 23 in the rehabilitation. After review, 36 studies met the inclusion criteria. Eighteen studies were conducted in an athletic population, three in an orthopedic, five in neurological, five in the aged, three in post-menopausal women and four in healthy young adults. In the athletic population there was evidence that WBVT increased explosive strength (power) as measured by counter-movement jump, squat jump or vertical jump height. Isometric and dynamic strength gains were found to be similar or better thatn those achieved with resistance training. In the rehabilitation population there was evidence of improved strength, balance and bone mineral density and decreased pain with WBVT.

Conclusions: We found preliminary evidence that WBVT is an effective training and treatment modality in athletic and rehabilitation settings. WBVT produces similar strength outcomes compared with traditional resistance training, suggesting it offers a viable alternative for individuals who are unable to complete traditional resistance exercise programs due to co-morbidity or injury."

Whole body vibration as a countermeasure for disuse and ageing effects

A. Kramer, R. Ritzmann, A. Gollhofer

There are varioius studies demonstrating positive effects of WBV, but mostly with healthy young participants. As vibration training does not require any specific motor skills (normally you only have to stand on the platform, but you can even use it in a supine position), it should be a suitable training form for the inactive or elderly. Furthermore, vibration training targets the same problems that are associated with disuse: in several bed rest studies. WBV has been successfully used as a countermeasure for the disuse-induced loss of leg muscle and bone mass. The control group lost about 30% muscle mass and 4% bone mass after two months of bed rest, whereas the vibration training group only lost 10% muscle and 1% bone mass. Based on those promising results WBV has been tested under microgravity conditions in two parabolic flight campaigns, where no differences were found between normal and microgravity concerning the muscular activation. This indicates that the training effects of WBV on earth should be transferable to space, potentially providing astronauts with a training device that counteracts the muscle and bone loss caused by the absence of gravitational forces.

Other studies demonstrate positive effects of WBV in post-menopausal women (reduced osteoporosis risk) and elderly (reduced fall risk). Especially the reduced fall risk is of high importance, as the likelihood of a serious fracture is determined by both the bone health and the fall risk. All in all WBV seems to be a quick and easy way to retain and regain leg muscle and bone mass, thus serving as a countermeasure for disuse (e.g. caused by inactivity, microgravity or bed rest forced by illness) or aging effects (e.g. osteoporosis).

Incredible Warranty

We are not aware of any other whole body vibration machine with a warranty this good.  Hypervibe provides a limited warranty that covers defects of your Hypervibe vibration fitness machine caused by material or manufacturing faults. The warranty period is for 2 years labor, 5 years parts, 10 years motor and begins on the date of purchase by the original end user.  A technician will be sent to your home or fitness center to fix any problems.

Common Question

One of the most commonly asked questions about WBV platforms is;  “How do you actually use a whole body vibration machine?”  Now that Hypervibe has provided an app there is a visual way to see the exercises and stretches that are possible.  The mobile app also will control the settings on the machine, so you can just concentrate on your workout.


The Hypervibe G10 Mini is perfect for those with limited space for fitness equipment.  It is small enough to put anywhere in the house or office.  It is light enough that it is also easy to store away when not in use.  Most WBV platforms without handle bars are not much more that fancy foot massagers.   The G10 Hypervibe is  a serious, well calibrated, powerful vibration platform.


Whole body vibration platforms without handle bars can be more versatile to use.  Without anything in the way, you can do a wider variety of exercises and movements on the platform.  (The G17 model does have handle bars but they are designed to be as out of the way as possible.)  Exercising on a whole body vibration machine without bars is often a better way to build muscle and activate the nervous system.  Using bands or straps is a great way to increase muscle strength and that is done without holding onto bars.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Name “Mini”

Don’t let the name “Mini” that is given to this machine mislead you into thinking it has some shortcomings or is not as powerful.  The “Mini” term refers only to the fact that it is lightweight and portable.  The G10 will provide more G-force and speed than almost 95% of the WBV models on the market.  It is also important to remember that many inferior models make claims about their G-force, Hertz and acceleration but independent studies show these hyped-up claims to  simply not be true.

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