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Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

Enjoy this short Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate video. The Lifepro Hovert 3D is a quality WBV platform.

[Video Transcript]

What’s up… Welcome back to another video.

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And today we are unboxing the recovery and fitness Hovert 3D Vibration Plate. What I call shake a body machine because you know it’s extra body ah umm I went ahead and marked out my address. But yes I know the sticker has that covered up so I’m just gonna try to come here and show you guys.

Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

So I ordered this off of Amazon. This is the vibration plate it does say have you on there and it is pretty darn heavy um I did not expect it to be as big as it was. So that’s actually pretty cool and I’m just gonna get right into the benefits of this Hovert 3D Vibration Plate machine.

Now the benefits of this specific plate it does boost your metabolism, does decrease your stress, improve your circulation, increase strength and flexibility, develop stronger burns and it does help relieve joint and back pain. It does have some more information over here just about the machine and there is I believe 3 or 4 different ones. I believe there’s 4 different ones of this recovery and fitness machine.

There’s one that does a little bit less than this there’s this one. There is a one that does a little bit more than this which was 450 dollars and then they have the bigger one that sets up like a treadmill machine.

Now I just got this one. I have not unboxed it or anything like that. Here is some more information on it. I mean this is by Lifepro. Like I said you can find it on Amazon. This specific one was two hundred and fifty dollars. This video is not sponsored. I did order this like I said on Amazon with my own money.

Additional Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

Here are some of information things that they put on the box like ready step pros. There is a video library need to have a lifetime support. So whether you’re good now when you get confused later you can always contact support. I’m not sure how to do all of that just yet but it is available. Here’s another thing is lifetime Lifepro warranty. So you do get lifetime support with that and again this is the machine itself so I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

So let’s get this propped up and open up the box I do have my trusty sharp scissors there. So that’s okay so you guys won’t be able to see me much because like I said the box is pretty big but let’s just do I say let’s just cut the box straight across y’all not the box that worried about keeping its it’s the machine right. Okay let’s see it either get it now. Now what made me want to order this machine I used to have the Planet Fitness membership and we had this huge machine that you stand in but it was like one uh it was one of those huge huge machines. I’ll call it a shake a body machine because you stand in it and it basically shakes your body head to toe you exercise you and all that good stuff and it has like the red UV light and you close yourself in there. Looks like a tanning bed but it’s not. Then you stand up in it and you only need ran for like 15 minutes what’s last bear like my summers come up to that 19 so I’m not so super sure I know on this one is that 10 minutes it’s really what you’ll need in a day ten minutes. There’s enough to do with 30 minute full-body workout so now I personally plan on using the machine 30 minutes a day.

It does have three different so it has eight exercise mode that you can use you it has three different vibrations if that makes sense like can’t go lateral which is the size of thought I don’t know if you guys can still see that what’s up and ripping on everything but has the lateral mode vibration has the isolation on how that which is the vertical mode and then you can do it 3ds file which is combined both of those modes to do it all together.

Continued Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

So I say that I’m going to do 10 minutes flat 10 minutes vertical and then 10 minutes 3d in a day and that I read a couple of reviews and everything was really nice about it. And originally I was going to get the one that had by so many more modes and stuff to it but I was just like 450 bucks kind of out of my price range. This will do this will be fine and I got the one next to it which was this one. Like I said no this one is here Hovert and there’s like a Wave one. That this is Hovert. There’s that one I can’t remember the name of it and there’s this one that has one to stand up like that of our treadmill machine. It has those sidebars anyway.

Ok so now that we were able to finally get this box open let’s pull up this phone here. I’m unreal you guys ready I’m so ready all right let’s see what we’ve got. Wow well well well so it is extremely I really like it I mean you do get some information here you get this ready set LifePro booklet which is a user manual and then sits top note and so at the power cord until you feel a click which indicates that the cord is securely connected.

The power cord fits tightly so it will not loosen during use should anything be wrong with the platform please reach out a heavy product and sometimes get damaged during shipping. Can you guys see all of that? I’m sorry if I was not in frame. And then here’s some information it looks like Sunday through Friday days do have a 24-hour number that you can call and they also have an email information. So that is really really really convenient that they give you that right as the beginning of you opening in the box.

And so yeah like I said again you also have your user manual. So I’m going to go ahead and put these up I’m going to file these away because this is very important information that you’ll need right. All right so let’s look at this oh my goodness I’m gonna get to the machine actually in just a minute and I know you guys are seeing it full screen but let me show you guys actually how big expect it to be so big. So I’ve got my little measure here and we’re gonna measure in inches okay so from one side to the next I put this here right there and come all the way down to the end it is a stunning let me see if I can get it to stay hopefully you guys can see that but it is a stunning 28 inches it is 28 inches.

I know it looks like it says 29 but it is 20 eight inches going across so wow I did not expect that. Let me see I’ll measure it up and down as well just for the heck of it. From the top here and then to the bottom hope you guys can see that but it’s a whopping 15 inches. So 28 inches from left to right 15 inches from top to bottom. Let me put this away Jean. So let’s start digging in to the box because I see some other goodies in here. This is extremely heavy you guys so please do be careful when you are lifting this product.

I’m gonna go ahead and take out the goodies that I see I mean there’s four corners here and so this pointless to do it if you’re not in frame right. So I’m going to go ahead and undo that we have our power cord this is what it looks like this portion here will plug into the machine and then you have this push in here that goes into your wall.

Features of Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

Okay these are your this is to work your arms and stuff can’t think of what the name for the or these cords are but let’s I’m gonna try to get this off here I might have to grab my trusty scissors but these you can hook it to the bottom it has like little latches which I will show you just cut that off there toss that to the side but it has these latches that you can attach this and that way you can pull like the resistant bands so that to get some get even more benefits and workout out of this boom.

So cut that open without cutting the padding get those off and like I said you do get two of those someone for each hand so those are those which is nice give you a little more time to work out it does come with a remote. I’ll see I mean I can’t remember camp not sure let me see if the remote says it on you but I’m not sure or I can’t remember rather if it does play music from this Lifepro a machine. But this is the remote so that you can change your speeds there is 99 different speed modes. So you can make it more tense or less tense however you choose.

So that’s how you’ll do all of that there and let’s see how it battery’s doesn’t meet batteries okay and it requires two triple A batteries which I do have. I just bought new batteries okay and then you have this little baggie here LifePro Fitness I think that is adorable that they send you a bag. So it’s kind of like you are going out to the gym without having to leave your house and go out to the gym.

Alright so what are these let’s see so we have four different resistant bands look at that. So that it gives you an extra light so these will go around your knees these go around your legs and your knees and you can use this to give you more resistance for a squatting and things like that go but you do have an extra light a light medium and two heavy

So they give you several different options and that is so neat and again it comes in this little baggie here and in this little baggie you can also keep your remote in here and not use your arm resistant bands or whatever they may be called you can just put those all right here in this little baggie as well and then just store it somewhere. That way everything is always all together and then you know what this bag is because it has the name on the front of it and then you just kind of pull that tight and kind of just store that as you please. So that’s adorable that’s really cool.

Now for the machine I’m going to do my best you guys to get this machine out and show you guys everything. I may or may not have to pause for a minute to do that so if I do forgive me but we’re gonna get this machine I probably am I’m gonna go ahead and pause this video I’m going to get everything set up I’m gonna get this unbagged plug it up all of that good stuff and I will be right back to show you guys how it works so give me just a brief moment alright.

Also we’re back and I do have it here on the floor I haven’t plugged it up or anything yet. I wanted to show you guys that I wanted to take a closer look here at the machine. So again it does say Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate. You see how pretty big it is. It does have a sticker film that you can pull off here show that brilliant black color so there’s that just toss that to the side and this is what the odometer there looks like.

So you’ve got your speed. This is touchscreen you don’t have to use the remote. Let’s say you didn’t want to use it or you didn’t have the batteries for it you can use this. This increases the speed it lets you sit work outs and all of that good stuff and you have your power on and off okay that’s better you guys bella say hello hey hey she just had to get into the video you guys alright um so it does have ways that you can stand.

So I’m gonna try to show you guys that don’t be judging on making fun of my feet I haven’t gotten them you know pedicures in a little minute but you have running on the outside then you have jogging on the the you have jogging coming in next and then you have walking. So depending on how you want to be or how intense you want it whoa Wow yeah that’s crazy mom you if you want running or more intensity you hear if you want a little bit less intensity jogging is here and then if you want walking you just kind of squeeze your feet in right here and that’s the most least intense.

So yeah you pretty much can choose your intensity and yeah let me get it plugged up you guys um also I wanted to show you what’s here I wanted to show you it does have handles on both sides. That way it makes it easier for to use it is like I said pretty heavy. Let’s see here if we go underneath here on the front that’s your on and off power button and that’s your um your power source and then it has these grips. So even though I’m on hardwood floor it’s not gonna slide anything and it also will work just fine for carpet in there on all four sides.

So next we’re going to see the machine work all right you guys I’ve got the cord and I’ve got it tucked up I’m gonna go and turn this power button here right there my go ahead and power on. So it has immediate response now I don’t know exactly how to control it yet as you guys see I did not check out the manual because I was in the process of making this video but I will go back and do that.

Let’s see let’s see if we can just try something basic let’s get the cord out of the way all right let’s see what we’ve got um can we just press start maybe. Alright so when we press start it just starts to go and it looks like it’s doing up and down in the side-to-side so this would be the 3d all right. So let’s just step right on it whoa Wow look at that you guys I don’t know if you could tell but Wow and you can really feel it and like I said you can do squats you can stand up straight.

Oh it’s very intense when you stand up straight oh my goodness all right let me try to come in for jog. Jog definitely makes it a lot less intense and then walking I can barely feel it at all so I’m gonna Wow whoa whoa so I don’t know how good you guys can see it but like I said I will go back and show you guys I’m gonna step right off of it for now.

All right you guys so here we are I set it up just against the wall probably for the purpose of this video could I have a turn around I’m facing different but I just wanted to show you guys a full visual of its shaking because I couldn’t tell if you guys were able to really see the full potential of the shaking on while I was holding it. So I propped you guys up and I’ve got this one on a low speed. So this is actually on ten like I said it can go up to 99 but this is on ten and we are shaking. We were doing so good so far I’m gonna let you guys know right now it did get pretty intense but yes this is going to shake you into shape I guess tone you out. So I was holding the wall and trying to do squats as well just we’re not really squats but just let it I can’t think what but let it kind of work the legs out a little bit more and oh my goodness you can really feel it in your legs so the different ways that you stand the different positions it will shake you harder in some places like look at that. It shakes so much harder when I’m standing straight up.

First is when I’m squatting but oh my goodness when I’m standing straight up the intensity is really high even on this low setting. For the speed it’s like it started making my that’s what I was telling you guys oh my goodness it started making my like ABS area like hurried like I was just like oh my goodness I had to focus on breathing like yeah it got serious like you guys see it’s like it was really I’m like oh my goodness out out out getting sore getting sore mommy’s like I’m gonna stick it through you know show you guys what’s going to one and everything but it feels honestly really good.

Like this year it was just like oh my goodness I need a break I need two cups with some kind of position because it was it was getting serious and that was just me being goofy. You guys y’all know I’m goofy I know I’m silly but yes it is just toning and shaking but it really feels good. I feel like it is something good to do in the morning when you first get up. Give you an energy boost yourself all that good stuff.

This was really good though I really liked it if you’re thinking about getting I definitely recommend it yes you guys who y’all this machine right here is something serious like is something serious all right you guys I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up this video. It is very intense this one here that’s the most intense one this one the lateral is that’s more for like the relaxed I don’t know I just know that the horizontal was more whoo it was just more this one was more intense than this one oh my goodness that was why I kept grabbing my side like y’all I had to really focus on breathing like and I didn’t even go up like I said it can go up to 99 the highest.

I was able to go was 25 as far as the speed up it goes and oh my goodness so Wow I definitely give two thumbs on the Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibrating Plate machine. I was learning a little bit more how to work it so it’s extremely cool and his debtor will definitely get you in shake in shape. When I was doing the squatting thumb oh my goodness you can really feel it in your legs. It’s like I said I’m gonna start doing 30 minutes a day on there it is really out of the way and it’s nice.

I like it I’m at least satisfied with this purchase and I just you know having like a lifetime warranty you can definitely get a lot out of this machine help if you need it whatever the case may be I think that this is a really good necessity for having a healthier fit lifestyle.

So I’m gonna go ahead read the user’s manual manual get all of that figured out and I’m gonna actually get some exercise then there’s no need to do any more of that on camera I gave you guys all of the information and necessities that you need to decide whether you wanted to order this one or the more advanced one or the less advanced one or the one that’s like a treadmill machine.

But it just you know it’s just it’s just the machine but it has like on things you know like a treadmill whatever the case may be um don’t have to say if you’re really considering buying it I definitely give it thumbs up. I definitely feel like it’s worth it to have in everyone’s life. It does so much I was able to give you guys just a little bit information on it it’s all I hope that helped I’m gonna wrap up this video. Thank you so much for joining me… [to Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate]

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Summary of Unbox Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate shows this customer was highly satisfied. The Lifepro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate machine get high reviews on Amazon and other online stores.

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