Upper Body Workout Using Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine – DKN

This video will show an upper body workout using the Xg10 whole body vibration machine.  It demonstrates 4 easy exercises that can be adapted to any fitness level.  The Xg10 Vibration Plate is used but these can be done on any WBV machine.

[Transcription]Are you ready for an upper-body wortkout?  Yes I am.  Alright we’re gonna do four exercises for you that will quickly warm up your upper body and actually help tone your body at the same time.

Push Ups with the Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine

First one is to push up and have you come down on top of the plate.  Now for the plate push-ups what I want you to do is I want you to make sure your arms are nice and wide.  Your arms are at least as wide as your shoulders.  You’re gonna come on down into push-up position and as you’re pushing down you want to push firmly into that plate.  And as you come up I want you to push inward.  You’re not moving your hands but you’re trying to crush the plate at the same time and keep going if you’re that as you’re coming up you’re gonna feel that your pecs are actually being engaged a lot more by pressing inward.

The vibration is making you stabilize your hands on the plate and it’s also contracting your muscles right now I have our contract you forty times per seconds.

Back Exercises Using the Xg10 WBV Machine

Alright, great and we’re gonna reverse this and go right to a back exercise.  So I’m gonna have you stand up you’re gonna take the earth hold him like just like that we’re gonna go into a back movement or you’re gonna have your legs bent for me you’re gonna pull back with your shoulder blades and holding right between the shoulder blades so you’re working directly behind your body we work the front of the body now let’s work the back side.  Now look at all the contraction going on through her back.  Now for this one because we’re using the straps I’m going to bring the frequency up all the way to 50 to make sure that we translate all those little vibrations through the straps to the upper body.  And you can see it’s working.  So we’re working the back of the shoulders the center of the back as well you’re working also a part of the lower back and at the same time you’re actually getting some stabilization for the legs on the ground.  You can actually do this exercise on top of the plate as well but that’ll be more of a full-body warmup we’re just focusing on the upper body right now.

Bicep Curls – Xg10 Vibration Machine Straps

Awesome we’re gonna take the same straps can I haven’t put them in either hand.  I’m gonna have you bend your legs a little bit and this is a bicep curl.  We’re gonna come straight up with the biceps holding that one position for me.  Gonna bring down excellent perfect timing now as you do the biceps because the straps don’t flex and change movement so they have as much translation of the frequency you’re gonna bring your body down towards your hands good.  Seeing those biceps contracting and then coming right back up pulling with as much might as you can like you’re trying to lift the Machine off the ground.  The more you try and pull those straps the more the vibration will translate to your arms the better the warm-up feel it good.  You see a strain a little bit make sure you do breathe they’ll hold your breath.  Once again more oxygen more muscle perfect.

Tricep Dips with the Xg10 Vibration Plate

Now we’re gonna turn around and it come down on top of the plate.  Take those for you let me do a tricep dip.  Now the tricep dip I want you to make sure what you’re doing is that your heels are down the toes are up.  Excellent, here we go start right away.  Bring the frequency back down again, perfect, now go ahead and do a little dip for me pressing the elbow straight back and as you come up exhale and this is translating right to the very back of the arm.  And again you want to push firm flat even through your hands on top of the plate.  The more even that resistance you have on top of the plate the more you’re going to get the reaction right through the back of the arms and a little bit in front of the shoulders as well.  We’re almost there.  I’m gonna help you hold halfway down right now hold it right there almost done pull in excellent.

And that’s a quick upper body warm-up for you.  How’d it feel?  Great!  Excellent.  Thank you guys.  [End of transcript]