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I love it. I love mine too. I love the way it makes me feel this is the first time in my life I’m actually excited to exercise do you want to know what they’re talking about introducing the VibraSlim hi I’m dr. John Spencer Ellis celebrity trainer and fitness experts I have trained hundreds of people so believe me when I tell you you are going to love VibraSlim and the increase in energy and flexibility that it gives you vibration exercise is the fastest easiest way to tone your body it’s unlike any fitness program you’ve done before and it only takes ten minutes a day vibration exercise was originally developed for astronauts to prevent bone density loss while spending extended periods of time in space scientific research has shown that the human body is unparalleled in its ability to adapt to various external stimulus vibration exercise benefits from that adaptation process the muscles are forced to expand and contract just like traditional exercises but in very small movements it’s similar to doing very small and fast squats you really feel the burn let me show you how it works VibraSlim is a scientifically calibrated machine reducing vibration from the feet up this vibration travels through the whole body producing rapid and intense muscle fiber contraction from five to thirty times per second while it may not seem to have any desired effect in fact the way your body responds to these vibrations is truly amazing.

VibraSlim Whole Body Exercise Fitness

Skipping rope is one of the best overall workouts you can do the VibraSlim replicates this exercise and forces your muscles to repeat this action many times per second your muscles are contracting and stretching very rapidly letting you get an hours-long workout done in just 10 minutes what I love about the VibraSlim is that it’s so quiet you can even do it while you watch TV nowadays people are simply too busy or do not want to invest their time or money at the gym but with the virus um it’s a one-time purchase and the workout is only ten minutes a day not only does it work your muscles but you’re strengthening your bones with every vibration movement as we get older bone loss and osteoporosis becomes a major health problem that we all face the VibraSlim is truly the fitness machine of today with it’s easy operation and fast fitness programs everyone has the time to get fits whether you’re in top shape or just starting out the Vibra Slim is for you no matter what age you are the workouts are limitless you can work your thighs calves abs arms back and shoulders when you purchase your Vibra Slim you’ll also receive the detailed VibraSlim vibration fitness guide this guide covers every exercise you can do with your VibraSlim and even tells you which muscle groups are targeted VibraSlim doesn’t shake off your fat but instead it tricks your muscles into doing the work for you just 10 minutes and you’re done a list celebrities and world-class athletes all over are using vibra Slim’s fascinating new technology sports teams universities doctors chiropractors and medical clinics all over North America use vibration exercise as part of their regular training program this is the real deal vibration exercise has been proclaimed by Muscle & Fitness Magazine as quote one of the fastest-growing Fitness trends since spinning since 1996 there have been over 100 published scientific studies done on vibration exercise which showed increase muscle strength bone loss prevention increased blood flow positive hormonal changes and increased flexibility just to name a few if you’re like millions of others who really don’t like to exercise then you need Viper Slim because if you don’t love your exercise program you’re not gonna do it and you’ll get zero results fitness programs only work when you love it and you’re going to love VibraSlim…  [Music]