VIVO Vibe 260 – 460 – 660 Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine Review

VIVO Vibe 460 whole body vibration platform machine.

The VIVO Wellness company, previously called FBE Wellness, specializes in single motor oscillating vibration machines.  They currently manufacture 3 models that vary in price and features.

All three models are very well built and come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

The VIVO Vibe series of oscillating vibration platforms are all good at producing high G-forces.  This is achieved with large motors along with smaller sized vibrating platforms.  This makes any of the three models a great choice if lymphatic drainage and increased bone density is important.  (That is in addition to the weight loss and muscle building elements like other vibration platforms.)

The Vivo Vibe 460 is the most popular for home use and the 660 is most often purchased for various fitness facilities.

The Vibe 260 and Vibe 460 are often found in chiropractor’s offices.  They are dependable and effective whole body vibration machines that can easily fit into a private office.

VIVO Vibe 260 Description

The 260 is considered the VIVO Wellness entry-level whole body vibration machine but it is still incredibly versatile and well built.

The best feature is its large platform which provides more stability and support.  Hand straps are easily attached to the rear handle bar mounts.

Maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Frequency is 1 Hz – 17 Hz at 1 Hz increments.

Amplitude is 0 to 10 mm.

Size of the machine is 22” width x 31” depth x 49” height.

It has a G-force under 6 which makes it ideal for circulation, lymphatic and therapeutic uses.

VIVO Vibe 460 Description

The 460 workout vibration platform is the most popular of the Vibe series.  The oscillating performance is great as it boasts six auto programs, up to 25 Hertz and a G force of 12.6.

Maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds.

Frequency is 1 Hz – 25 Hz at 1 Hz increments.

Amplitude is 0 to 10 mm.

Size of the machine is 23” width x 31” depth x 57” height.

The VIVO Vibe 460 is sold at a reasonable price compared to its competition.  It is so popular that it is often sold out and you may need to wait for availability.

It will not bounce around or gradually move even at high speeds because the unit itself is heavy and stable.  The narrow platform is just 9” but this helps reduce noise which can be annoying to some people.

VIVO Vibe 660 Description

The VIVO Vibe is for the person that wants the best of the best and has room for this whole body vibration machine.  It comes fully assembled and weighs in at 210 pounds.  It has a base for stability.  This is a premium whole body vibrator.

Maximum weight capacity is 450 pounds.

Frequency is 1 Hz – 40 Hz at 1 Hz increments.

Amplitude is 0 to 10 mm.

Size of the machine is 36” width x 30” depth x 54” height.

It has a G force of 30 and can go up to    Hertz.  There is no question that even professional athletes will achieve intense workouts if desired but still with low impact.


The 260 is a great unit for the average individual that is concerned about cost and that will be using it for the many benefits not including exercise.  The 460 is perfect for everything you are looking for in a WBV machine including intense workouts.  The 660 is obviously the premier model and is incredible.  It is about 20% more powerful than the 460.  Honestly though, the 460 is powerful enough for all but the elite professional athlete.  Even extremely fit individuals will find the 460 is more powerful than they will ever need.

VIVO Vibe 260 Video

The quality of this next video is not great, but it does show a VIVO Vibe 260 at different angles.

[Video transcript]This goes up to 15 Hertz.  I want everyone to hear the sound.  This actually five Hertz.  For the lymphatic flush this is five Hertz.  Very quiet all right but what is unique about this you can actually go down to one Hertz, one Hertz a second and only the sonic ones right now go to one Hertz.  It’s the first one I’ve ever tested that goes to one Hertz one.  Hertz a second look how slow its going.  You can actually hold on good.  Can somebody turn the lights on in here?  Let’s see well okay one Hertz a second.  All right I just want to show everyone how it goes to one Hertz and this is the VIVO Vibe 260. [End of transcript]

 VIVO Vibe 460 Video

The next video is not great quality either, but it does show a great safety feature of the VIVO Vibe 460 whole body vibration plate machine.

[Video transcript]The last thing I want to say about this one this is a VIVO Vibe 460, it’s not belt-driven its shaft driven.  A lot of the machines that I give I’ll give an example, this is an excellent machine you know the thing about 260 is this is belt driven.  But here’s the deal, this belt is it’s just they say this should last about five years the belt you know.  A lot of them last forever I mean but they lose their tension they lose their it’s kind of like the band’s depending on what type of band or type a belt it loses tension.  And it they lose like just any losses it’s like they lose g-force but it’s oh my I can’t describe it.  But basically, this is the Vivo Wellness one with the belt.

These [460’s] are beltless, there’s no belt, it’s basically a shaft and the motors like hooked up like right to the motor I mean the plate.  I mean it’s there’s no belt um and this one is 170 pounds and it’s very quiet too especially at the high speeds.

I’m going to turn it up another level to 25.  Level 25, very quiet.  I mean you can like hear, you can hear me whisper.  Alright this one, can you get all the way down there?  You still see the numbers and at the high-speed and I’ll turn it down.

Most machines out there that I sell go down to 14 Hertz.  Say that actually hides, all right… I’m saying when your body’s moving around, the screen is not shaking it’s me, I’m the one that’s shaking but here’s the funny thing, you step right here it turns off.  Step on the other side it turns off.  That’s the safety feature that they built in.   I’ve never seen one like this.  This is amazing.  I’ve never seen a safety feature anything like it. I’m gonna stand a little bit to the left it doesn’t cut off.  All of you stand all the way to the left, it just shuts off like really quickly.  I’m not going to turn I’m going to step like maybe like half my weight and I’m not all my weight but half my weight to the left, it kind of stops it.  So your body is not like all said if you like it if you just if it didn’t stop it just charges like this linear motion.

It’s a 10 amplitude I mean it’s not a little.  Most linear machines go for like two to four millimeters but at 10 millimeters if you happen like when you get off but just so you get off, I’m getting off um it jars you like you know that little bit of even that like split second of jarring when you’re trying to get off of it.  It that can that jars your back but this one doesn’t do it at all.  It prevents it.  It does that arm, what does that mechanism call it yeah forgot the name of the mechanism but this like it just stops.

Anyway, it’s kind of hard to feel.  It’s funny too it’s just right when you stopped you know it’s coming.  So, like so when you’re when you’re standing straight in the middle and you slightly shift your weight to the right you can see it slows down just a little bit.  That means you know you’re not standing right.  You know a lot of the chiropractors use this and it tells the body you know your body knows when to stand straight.  All right that’s my review. [End of transcript]