Why Whole Body Vibration Is The Best Exercise Machine Ever

[Transcript]Hello everyone!  I am the owner of Gogastudios in McAllen Texas and Gogastudios is a whole body vibration studio health and wellness center.  And I wanted to make a little video today explaining why I think whole body vibration is in my opinion the best exercise machine ever invented.

Whole body vibration was discovered by the cosmonauts.  And in Russia when they would go in space they would have zero gravity, So, they would lose bone density and they would have a lot of muscle loss.  So, when they came back from space they had to go through months of rehabilitation.

So, they tried to figure out a way that they could mimic gravity in space and prevent or slow down bone loss and muscle density loss.  And So, they discovered whole body vibration.  They made a machine they put into the space station.  The astronauts, they would use it and they would experience a g-force for gravity in space in a zero-gravity area.

Because of that they were able to stay in space three times longer than the Americans because their bodies physically could handle that challenge.  So, time passed by and they realize body vibration is actually very beneficial for most people for most people.

WBV Is The Best Exercise Machine Ever

Why I really like this machine there’s So, many reasons but one of the main reasons is that anybody of any age or any physical ability can use this machine and benefit from it.  Be very athletic can benefit from it and the people who are very physically challenged can benefit from it.

For example, they’ve used it in the Olympics, professional golfers have used it, professional tennis players, professional football players.  I have a picture of football players all lined up each one of them on a whole body vibration machine as part of their cross-training.

On the other side my father-in-law who is a who had a stroke about 10 years ago he walks with a walker So, he’s not able to walk around the block or jog or get on an elliptical or get on a treadmill.  But he can get up on this whole body vibration machine and he can experience 3 to 5,000 muscle contractions in 10 minutes.  And with all those muscles contracting it increases his circulation and also, stimulates a lymphatic fluid.

So, in 10 minutes he is going to or anybody who stands on this machine will circulate approximately a gallon of lymphatic fluid which is incredible because we have to move that lymphatic fluid to get the toxins out of ourselves.

And most people don’t move the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like your heart pumps the lymphatic system relies on you to move to exercise to get those toxins out of you.  And since most of us are not moving we’re becoming increasingly more toxic which increases our chances of getting cancer or some autoimmune disorder.  Some strange disease.

Whole Body Vibration Machines Testimonials

So, my 9-year-old can get on this machine for 10 minutes that’s all it is another great thing is just a 10-minute workout.  You can stand on it and let the machine do the involuntary muscle movements or you can work out on it which I’m about to make a video showing you some exercises you can do on it.  But whole body vibration I have seen it lower people’s blood pressure.

I have one client that came to my studio she’d been on for high blood pressure medications for most of her life and after six months of using whole body vibration she was taken off all of them.  Now I can’t guarantee that I’ll do that for everybody but any time you exercise there’s amazing benefits that happen to your body it releases all these wonderful hormones and chemicals in your body that promote health.

I have seen it um people who had insomnia that now can sleep people, who had migraine headaches or migraine headaches leave, people with diabetes where the absolute circulation is So, poor to their lower extremities if you’re actually brown from the knee down, now they get there actually because of the increased circulation they’re getting their normal color back on their leg starting from their knee and moving down it’s amazing really truly amazing.

Myself my testimony before I started using whole body vibration I had arthritis in my right knee and it started I was a runner I had to stop running I was a walker to stop walking So, we thought well if I ride bike there’s a ride a bike there’s zero impact I should be able to handle that.  I would get off the bike and my knee would just be in horrible pain.  I’d have to take pain medication.  Then I started having to take pain medication to sleep at night because my knee would keep me up

I was using whole body vibration or two months and it’s completely gone.  It detoxified my knee.  It got all the acid waste crystals out of my knee and it’s been three years since I’ve had any problems with my knee at all.  My shoulder my right shoulder had bursitis gone.  I was having hot flashes they’re gone.  I couldn’t sleep, I suffered with insomnia, now I sleep totally fine just So, much energy.

So, my top three testimonies in my studio, number one people have more energy, number two they sleep better, and number three is chronic pain relief.  Those are huge but the real reason that I like this machine is the bone health.  Detoxification and bone health are So, important.  I’ve seen in my studio people whose osteopenia and osteoporosis have been reversed using this machine.  That’s why it was invented it was invented to help prevent or slow down bone loss.

So, if you got on this machine for ten minutes a day just to keep your bones strong and healthy wouldn’t it be worth it?  To be committed to be consistent yes, it’s so amazing.  So, what encouraged you?  If you’ve never tried whole body vibration come by my studio try it out for free.

Go find one somewhere and try it whole body vibration will change your life.  What I have found is the more pain a person has the quicker and more effectively they’re relieved from their pain.

I spoke to somebody today at the farmers market she says every joint in her body hurts and she has all this pain sounds kind of like fibromyalgia to me how she described it to her please come to my studio I can help you I can help you that with this machine.

It’s one of the things you can do to help yourself.  So, I’m going to do some exercise videos right now and I hope you give whole body vibration a try.  Take care. [End of transcript]

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