Whole Body Vibration Exercises to Help Back Pain

Dr. Mike Moriearty discusses the benefits of whole body vibration machines for relieving and preventing back pain.  In the video a person demonstrates some key ways to stretch your back while on a whole body vibration plate.  Stretching and exercising on a WBV machine will lessen pain but it will also strengthen back muscles which in turn helps prevent back problems in the future.  The actual Whole body vibration machine used in this video is not identified but it seems very similar to the WBV G17 Pro Hypervibe.

[Transcription]  Okay I get a lot of questions from people and one of the main questions that’s coming up one over again is how can I use whole body vibration to help with lower back pain?

Okay, so what I want to do is I’m going to go ahead and explain a little bit on how it helps back pain.  And let me show you some exercises you can do with the whole body vibration plate.  It’s going to help loosen up the joints in the spine and help get more exchange of fluid into these little joints which could promote healing.  And also with the vibration plate at a high enough speed it’s going to cause the muscles in your core to have to find a way to compensate and keep your body aligned so you don’t fall down.  And this and exchange is going to cause an increase in strength and coordination in the 24 vertebrae in your spine which is going to make your core stronger.  So that’s one of the main questions so let’s go ahead and get started right now.  [The remainder of the video is without dialog.  It shows a patient doing some great back stretches and exercises for the spine on a whole body vibration machine.  [End of transcription]

Our Summary:  Some of these exercises are advanced so please start slowly.  Remember the whole body vibration plate will intensify or increase the value of all the stretches you do.  It can take time for your body to adjust especially if you are not physically fit to begin with.  When just starting out you may want to only use the platform for a few minutes a day and then gradually build up.

Back pain can be one of the most difficult to treat types of physical pain.  Everyone is unique and will get different results from different medicines and physical therapies.  Whole body vibration machines are a viable and proven way to help defeat back pain for some people.  It will not happen overnight but over time many people will experience a big difference in their level of back pain.

If you are skeptical there is no need to buy an expensive WBV machine just to try it out.  There are numerous gyms and fitness centers that have high quality whole body vibration machines for their clients to use.  Often for a small monthly fee you will have access to use a whole body vibration plate as a way to see if it helps you or not.