Whole Body Vibration Hypervibe test

In this video you will see the user testing various features of a Hypervibe whole body vibration machine.  He discusses the Hypervibe control panel, the position of the handlebars, the rubberized mat on the plate and the actual vibration power.

[Transcript]  Okay here I am back with a Hypervibe. So I have the opportunity to check one of these just came out. Just came in and was delivered not that long ago. So I have been using it a little bit.

Testing Hypervibe WBVibration Machine Control Panel

And so everything’s pretty simple. Control panels pretty easy to use and which is nice I like the handle bar location.

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Machine Handlebars Test

Again I can’t stand it when there’s uh handlebars that come down the side.  They block a lot of different actions.  But this is good because we’ve got ones that are really low down which is unusual.

If you want to do like certain types of movements where your feet are propped up through there if you’re like trying to do an ab crunch or you wanted to hold on basically it’s really going up the full range here.  So, you can really do a wide variety of different types of poses and movements dynamic exercises.  And the bars again are out of the way.  The angle on this is not really jutting out too much so I kind of like that.  That’s something to look into you got to know what you’re gonna use it for what kind of moves.  And that’s sometimes you’ve got to figure out if the handlebars are gonna shoot out too much or too busy.

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Platform Mat

So also, this one different than the Galileo.  Of course, this one there’s rubberized.  Rubberized on top so I find it a little bit more comfortable to stand on if not using shoes which I don’t normally use.  And I don’t feel like I’m gonna be sliding off quite as much it’s a little bit better grip on the plate.

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Machine Portability

The other thing too is the plate here I mean I’m sorry if you tip it back the machine you notice that it’s actually very easy to tip back and there are some wheels back there and that’s something that I like with vibration machines now that not too many have.  They’re sometimes very difficult to move especially if they’re heavier machines like this one is if you have a machine that’s going up to you know truly proven to go up I guess to you know higher Hertz or whatever it has to be a heavier machine.

Testing Hypervibe WBV Machine Stress and Power

So, let’s turn this on.  All right so this means our around 6 Hertz standing on the plate. I’ll move it up to like right around what I was using on the Galileo.  And so yeah, I like the comfort of it with having the rubber pad.  And going to the edge now this is another thing that tests some machines out is to stand on the very edges and you can always tell if a machine is trying to stress and if it’s under any stress.  The vibration feels very disruptive but it’s a good test and sometimes I even put on my weights and I hold some weights in my hands to add some additional weight and then I stand on the edge of the plate just see how the machine performs.

We’re gonna increase the speed a little bit.  Here I’m going to show you in a little move also for those who basically have any sort of like stroke or like major hip issue or hip injury or anything like that or like if you have like another you know whatever you call it step to step on to or another machine or something you can basically really control how much weight you’re gonna be putting or bearing on that leg.  So, you got full control this is a nice little technique.  And also, you know if you’re gonna go into a deeper squat and it’s actually interesting how that activates your core stabilization muscles.  That’s another like a nice little trick that I’ve done.  Also, you can stand on the plate this way.  And sometimes this is helpful to stand this way for different sorts of people that have different sorts of balance issues or a condition that’s throwing off their sense of balance. So, in general and hold on to the bars and I have this at a true 18 Hertz.

The other thing that I check is you know how much vibration is actually traveling through the handlebars.  And I got to say this is it’s very minimum.  In general, what I noticed about this machine was I’m actually gonna crank it up here to the highest setting.  Okay that’s 28 Hertz and if you notice this machine is not going anywhere.  It is not even budging a bit. [End of Transcription]

This will then lead you to another video on Getting Started on a Hypervibe G17.