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Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercises Demonstrated

There are many ways to stretch and exercise on a whole body vibration machine.  This video demonstrates some great whole body vibration machine exercises that anyone at any fitness level can do. There are numerous WBV machine health benefits.

[Transcript]  Well congratulations you’ve just received your ultra-thin body slimmer from vitality for life got it out of the box.  Here it is sitting here and let’s put pop it on and have a bit of a play using the remote today.  The remote comes with your purchase just going to press start and I’ll pop this on the floor.

Feeling the Whole Body Vibration

So, come onto your machine I’ve just got it on level one.  Just to get a nice feel for it start to warm upspread your feet hip width apart and just feel that they’re firmly planted onto the oscillating platform.  As soon as you take your feet there the vibration technology will rise up through the legs and start to create a muscle contraction and release.

It’s this contraction and release that starts to work the muscles in the body starts to turn on the circulation to get the blood flow moving through the whole body and to release the toxins and starts to give you a total body a workout.

WBV Machine Leg Exercises

So, let’s start just feeling into it feeling that there’s a drawing up through the legs the left and the right leg on together strong and you can just start doing this just to feel the muscles of the thighs starting to contract and release.  Then we’ll go a little bit deeper we’re going to bend into this.  So just moving down tuck the tailbone under draw the belly up and come into a squat.  Again, I can feel my thighs gripping and releasing as the muscles start to work and the circulation starts to move through the whole body especially the legs in the standing and then in how coming up.

Increase Heart Rate with a WBV Machine

Okay the next stage we’ll raise the arms.  This increases the heart rate soon as the arms are up really brings the heart pumping extend up through the fingers.  So just feeling that through the whole body again drawing the belly in the core of the body then and then we’ll come to a squat.  So, we’re going incremental a little bit deeper each time.  So, coming into a squat still extending up into the fingers thighs are still on feeling that oscillating platform moving through the whole body and then inhale coming all the way up to standing and exhale releasing down into the arms.

So, you can repeat that a few times just go through that nice sequence of standing coming into squatting drawing back up again including the arms and again coming into squatting and if you want to go a bit stronger just increase the speed on your machine.  So, you can do this as a beginner’s action or you can increase it and do it as an advanced action and then in how coming up and exhale release the hands.

Now if you want to go a lot deeper with the legs we’re going to go into a very deep squat and keeping the tailbone tucked under we’re going to come down nice and low and bring ourselves into a lower squat really that’s using both of my legs to hold me there and then in how nice and strong as you come up and exhale releasing down into the hands.  Okay good so there’s some of the beginning easy standing workouts you can do, and I’ve got it on low so that my heart rate doesn’t get too high and I lose my breath because already I’m getting that workout.  You can see by the thighs that they’re locked on they’re working because they’re balancing against the platform.

Side of the Body Exercises

So, let’s come into some side body work so I moved to the side going to be bringing the right foot forward both legs are nice and straight and just feeling the balancing that’s encouraged in my right leg because of the oscillating platform.  So, it means this right leg is really working quite strong.  We’re going to move forward reaching for my shin or my ankle you can just stay here feeling this and keeping the back leg nice and strong as well or if you feel like it extending up into your top arm and in how coming up.  Okay so really working into the right leg at the moment the leg that’s on the platform yet stabilizing with the left.

Lunges on a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Now we’ll come into a lunge and remember to keep the knee above the ankle so that is support for your leg.  And you’re just staying here feeling again that vibrational energy coming up through the body and the body’s reaction to balance against that extending out through the arms and hands back to the waist and inhale coming up.  So let’s take that a little bit stronger bending again this time extend through the side body bringing the hand onto your platform the right hand and extending the left arm to open the full side of the left waist.  The whole left body but your right leg is really working quite hard and take a few breaths here and exhale release coming all the way up.

Hamstring Exercises on a WBV Platform

Now we’ll turn to face the platform keep the right leg on both legs are straight.  Now this is a really good one for the hamstrings.  So I’m drawing all the way up into the sitting bones as I look forward let them through the spine and then exhale take the spine along the leg and I can take my hands onto the floor.  Good and just feeling all that working into the front leg and then inhale looking forward and coming up.  Okay good and coming back to the center of the machine and working again through a few squats.

So just working at your own pace again I can turn the whole body vibration machine up but I’m just keeping it in a nice simple pace.  Knowing that you work with it as you need.  And you can increase the speed, or you can increase the way you’re working.  So, you can have a lot of play move it around put on some music and really have a lot of fun with it.  Okay my more fun raising your arms and into a squat now being really conscious as we come up this time we’re going to come up and draw up into the belly draw all the way up and start to let now I can feel that vibration occurring in under the belly my glut’s my buttocks is also feeling that vibration.  And there’s a pull up through the core energy of the body beginning to feel that the vibration is coming deeper into the whole body.

I’m just going to turn my ultrathin body slimmer up a little bit just, so you have a little bit more fun with it.  So, the remotes very simple.  We’ve got a low and a high I’m just going to bring that up a bit let’s go for four that sounds like a good number.  And I’m popping that back on the floor.  So, I sped her up another few notches and now you can really see the work that my thighs are doing against the oscillating platform.  So, they’re having to work nice and hard contract and release and now we’re starting to get a real feeling of the muscles being switched on and that’s moving.

Now it’s a little bit stronger so it’s moving up into my belly and shaking out all of that stagnation in my belly while working the abdominal muscles and also feel it my buttocks as well.  So, it’s got a whole body workout.

So, let’s from here go into a few lunges it’s make me a bit more challenging now so coming into a lunge really holding it through both legs evenly again coming up and drawing up through the belly.  Keep the belly on good drawing all the way up and even extending into the arms if you like and keep the arms up as we go again into a squat.  So, working a little bit harder when your arms are up good feeling the thighs working drawing the belly in.  Even just working this little bit is having a good effect on your whole body and in how coming up drawing from the legs all the way into the belly all the way to the fingers.  Good you can see that shake coming all the way to the top of my head.  So, everything is starting to feel the effects of the oscillating platform and it’s really nice just standing here draw the buttock can really grip into the buttock grip into the buttock and release grip into the buttock and release.

So, it’s a joy you can play with it in any way you like so I’m just gripping and releasing gripping the buttock the abdomen is on and release so having a real play with it really feeling what movements you want to do on your platform and it’s so versatile.  You can have such a great play and do anything with it so I’m really feeling this now as I’m speaking in my belly and in my buttocks and just feeling that the weight is evenly distributed in the left and the right foot.

Feel Happier with Whole Body Vibration Exercises

It’s nice to not have high shoes on to really feel your feet they’re getting a little massage there as they touch upon the platform that’s quite a nice feeling every actually you start to get quite happy on this machine because as it moves the circulation in the blood flow it increases the oxygen in the body and in Inked Razak surgeon increases as we know joy comes and we feel happier.

So just standing is a very nice feeling okay so let’s go to the other side and work with the left leg this time.  So being strong into both legs and I’ve got the left foot firmly on to the platform and the right foot is nice and secure and straight I’m just going to extend over the left leg and bring my hand down to the left ankle or left knee or if you like you could have it on a chair.

Don’t feel that you have to go beyond where you feel comfortable.  You just work with your body and then extending into the right arm and inhale nice and strong as you come up and then going for a lunge checking that the knee and ankle are in a nice straight line.  And here you can really feel there’s a stretch coming through the left inner groin and also the right inner groin because I’ve got my back leg nice and strong and holding that as long as you’re able.  And then in how coming up so every move has such a different flavor they’ll work together very well.

So, let’s go again let’s lunge again extend now through the left side of the body bring your left hand to the platform extend up through the right arm side lateral pose extending out through the whole right side of the body look nice and strong into both legs good and release.  Take both hands to the left foot now turning the right foot in both legs nice and straight concave look forward exhale, hold, bring your hands to the floor.

Now if any of these postures your flexibility isn’t there you could have a chair you could be by the couch just using the furniture around you to help you or by a bench at home.  So, don’t feel that you have to push it beyond your means and releasing the ultra-thin body slimmer also comes with resistant bands which really help make your workout that little bit stronger and a little bit more exciting.  So, there’s just a little clip here I’m going to clip that to the front of the machine really simply and there it is it’s secured in place.

Exercises with Resistance Bands

So, we’ve got two resistance straps we’re just going to play with that for a little bit of upper-body strength.  So just coming into just working with it really simply to start for some bicep curls feeling the legs working but also the arms begin to do some work too.  Okay now let’s play around a little bit go and do some crossover body work, good.  So, working the whole upper body starting to feel that the triceps and the biceps and the deltoids the arms all beginning to get a nice workout good and releasing let’s go a little bit differently.

Let’s take that behind us which is really nice for the front of the arms down through here as we take the belts behind us good and just lifting up through the arms so the possibilities are endless.  You can just play with it as you need to as you feel that’s nice but it’s good to have a bit of guidance.  So, these are some really easy simple things you can do with your resistant bands.  Also taking the belts out to the side is quite nice makes it quite strong as you go.  And you can include a bit of a lunge into that.  So, you could come into it lunge and hold it and release and lunge.  So, starting to get I can feel the heart rate going up as the arms are asked to work and heart is increasing its pump and I’ve only got it on one at the moment.  I’ve gone back down to one as I use the resistant bands and release okay, so they can come back into it later.

So, stepping forward with your right foot onto your platform lunging into the right leg this would be stage 1 or stage 2 is extending up into the arms and opening up through the whole left side of the body as the right leg is working against oscillation.  And release coming up bring the hands down and change feet so left foot forward and start stage one with a bit of a lunge.  I don’t feel like you need to go all the way.  You can just lunge come up lunge again and now going deeper extend up through the arms holding up for as long as you can very nice for balance – it really gets us to balance into it both legs quite well and inhale release bring the arms down and stepping forward again.

Strengthening Abs and Buttocks with WBV Exercises

So from standing let’s go and take a seat on the ultra-thin body slim up so sitting on this is fantastic because the platform instantly starts working all the lumpy bumpy grumpy bits all the bits on the buttock specially for us women we love it so that vibration is getting up into those muscles and bringing a blood flow back again into the muscles and the fat of the body.  So, you could start just sitting up with your hands by your side and just keeping the spine upright just drawing up through the core of your body and going a little bit deeper into the abdomen we’ll bring the hands forward and we’ll raise the heels up off the floor.  So as soon as I raise the heels up off the floor the belly tucks in and up and let’s go a little bit deeper with that so going for the abdominals with the hands behind us we’ll lift up through the feet.

So, starting here with stage one and then we can extend one leg out and back again going with the other leg and releasing so still my abdomen is on quite firmly to keep the feet up off the floor.  You want to rest you can always bring the toes back down and hug into the knees keep the spine nice and upright as you draw up again into the legs so beginning stage 1 stage 2 is alternating the legs and then stage 3 if you like to go a little bit deeper you could take the legs to straight my hands are still on the floor supporting me and the abdomen is on and then extending through the hands drawing the spine up extending out into the heels nice and strong with the belly really working the whole core of the body and release coming back to stage 1 you can repeat that a few times and increase the speed if you like.

So that you’re getting more of a workout the higher up you go they’re just bringing the legs to cross and this I like actually because it’s a nice way of just relaxing into the hips and letting the blood flow come into the hips and drawing up through the abdominal again and letting the oscillating platform really get all the areas of the belly and while you’re here you can take the resistance straps and do a really nice workout for the triceps which is such a tough area for us women.

So, with your hands behind your back bring the hands together and extend up into the arm so straightening up through the arms and release and drawing up good so just going with that a few times and it really starts to work the under muscle of the arm so the tricep of the arm which is often falls away from the bone.  So, we want to get the muscle nice and strong again and gripping firmly to the bone good.  So, extending up my belly is still on my core is still on my spine is upright and you lifting up into the resistance traps it’s quite nice for the arms and exhale release.

So let’s extend out into the feet now start to work a bit deeper into the hamstrings so extend out into the feet push out to the heels just spread the buttock onto the platform it’s really well connected with the platform and take the hands behind you draw up through the belly keep the shoulders down just keeping the belly on lifting the chest up shoulders down and extend up into the arms all the way up into the fingers and already here we’ve still got the belly on.

So it’s still working the belly and the thighs are drawing up the kneecaps are drawing up we’re going to reach forward now if you’re not able to touch the toes that’s okay you could take a strap and just hold onto the strap keep the back nice and straight for those that can we’re going to reach for the toes and look forward.  And moving a little bit deeper we can take the head down and just take the hands by the side.  So, what’s happening now is the legs are strong and my toes are going up I’m drawing the thighs back but there’s also a stretch coming through the hamstring and the oscillating play helping to release that stiffness in the joint.  So, it’s really getting into the joints giving them a gentle shake while still working the muscular body and then inhale bringing the hands to the waist and coming all way up good.

Let’s now take our hands firmly to the platform.  I’m going to move forward with the buttock and start to get a nice work into the arms so I’m just pressing the arms down when I keep my shoulders down.  So not collapsing into the shoulders really drawing the shoulders away from the ears working into the arms.  So, stage one just working the arms this is quite strong just getting the arms down really engaging the whole arm and to go a bit deeper you can stretch through the front of the leg the front of the thigh draw the buttocks you can really feel that work up into the arms and exhale release coming back down.  Bringing the body back down by your side and straightening out through the legs.  Let’s come back to cross legs we’ll do some gentle twist which are always nice because it’s going into the buttock it’s also that vibration is moving up into the belly.

I’m going to turn that up a little bit just because it’s nice to go a little bit higher have a bit more fun with it.  So, I’ve just increased that shake because I want to get it into my belly and start moving the belly around good.  We don’t often get that workout.  There so I’m drawing the core up again I’m going to twist into it to the right side my right hand behind me is on the floor as I look over the right shoulder.  Keep the belly coming in close to the spine and then exhale release to Center and to the other side and exhale.  Release the center extend the legs out again go a little bit stronger inhale up exhale forward conquer death look up and extend forward with the spine moving into the abdominals coming back take the hands behind you draw up through the feet Valley starts to engage as soon as you take the feet off the floor could go Stage one just balancing here.

So, we’re going a little bit harder with the vibration increased slightly stage to the hands behind extend out to the feet and stage three looking for a balance and our core strength.  Chest is nice and lifted extending out through the feet and then back through stage two and releasing back to cross lift and that’s quite nice.  That’s a bit higher I can really feel that getting into my abdominals.

So now we’ll move down into a little bit more arm work and playing with the machine at a different angle I’m just coming down with my hands onto the machine.  It’s very nice for relaxing the shoulders moving back the buttock towards the heels and just relaxing the head down and learning that move into the shoulders.

Push-ups on a Whole Body Vibration Platform

And so, let’s make that a little more challenging we’re going to come up now and go more into a push-up.  So, we want to make sure the hands are firmly spread onto the platform and you can feel that you’re using both arms evenly so you’re not collapsing into one arm.  So, for some of us just being here checking in that we’re using both arms evenly is quite nice that’s giving us the strength we need the work we need up through the arms to go a little bit deeper we’ll keep the elbows straight.  Walk the knees back take the seat off the floor we’re moving into a gentle push up and inhale coming up again you want to keep the elbows in close to the body as best you can.  And then in how pressing against the platform to come up again and then going one more time exhale and in how coming back up and bringing the buttock back to the heels and wrists the head and then coming back up again back on to the knees tuck the toes under.

Move into a plank arms nice and strong and straight valley into the body and remember you can put the speed up or down according to the level that’s appropriate for your body and don’t and then coming forward let’s see moving into a push-up and back to down dog and back knees to the floor and stretch the spine out again coming back into a cat cow inhale up and exhale down but it back to the heels and let the arms take rest here just let the muscles relax allow the shoulders to relax the jaw to relax and rest your head inhale looking up let’s come up.  We’ll keep the hands where they are, but we’ll step our feet in.  I’m just going to come up in to get more hamstring work.

So, coming into the hamstrings placing the hands onto the platform still drawing up through the arms draw the shoulders back and stretching up through the legs.  So, draw the kneecaps up the thighs up all the way into the crease of the hips and I will step onto our machine and we’ll repeat that.

When you’re first starting maybe too low to bring your hands the floor in which case you might want to chair so your hands are just on the chair.  But otherwise if your hands are coming to the floor you’re working both the legs and the arms here.  So, you’re drawing up through the legs so drawing up through the feet drawing up the kneecaps the thighs the sitting bones up nice and high and against that extension up in the legs extend the spine forward and relax the head keep the palms flat onto the platform if you’re able.

So, you’re still getting a resistant work going up into the arms.  It’s very nice for the hamstring good for the leg workout good for the arms and draw the shoulders away from the ears and then inhale looking forward hands waist and coming all the way back up to standing.

So, we’ll move back onto the floor just bring yourself down place the feet on to your platform slide the buttock in nice and close and take the hands down by your side and have the feet firmly on to the platform.  I’m going to press the platform and lift the sitting bones up keep the knees rotating in so that you’re protecting the lower back and keep both legs nice and strong the hands pressing to the floor and inhale pressing the feet to the machine.

Lifting up into the whole front of the thighs gives you a beautiful stretch through the whole front of the groins the buttock is engaged nice work out for the abdomen and the thighs and the buttock and slowly coming down and going again.  So, knees are moving in towards each other size are lengthening buttocks engaging abdomen lifting up towards the ribcage and exhale bringing buttock back down to the floor and going again firm to the feet draw the pelvis up towards the ceiling.  It’s really open this time into the chest a lot more.  So, you start to feel a deep stretch through the whole front of the body.

You’re pressing the heels deeply into the machine to give you more lift into the front body and lengthen vertebra at a time as you bring yourself back down to the floor that’s a nice one to do it has a nice calming effect but also very nice through the whole front of the body and the back body is gripping to the front body so the buttock is very nice for the buttock because it’s working the buttock giving you an extra grip into the buttock area against the oscillation that’s travelling through the body.  And exhale bring the buttock back down good and then you can lay down.

This one of my favorites.  You get to relax here laying down nice way to finish your workout with the calves on the machine the palms up by your side and just enjoying that relaxation.  It’s like a massage moving through the calves it’s very good if you’ve been on your feet all day to help move the circulation that often stagnates in the feet.  Nice deep breath I’m just letting everything go relaxing the belly the jaw the calves even goes up into the thighs this one it’s a beautiful way to finish your workout and letting go completely.  [End of transcript]

This exercise video demonstration is using a VibroSlim.  All of the exercises shown, however, can be done on almost all of the whole body vibration machines.  A better WBV machine than the VibroSlim is the VibraSlim.  They are spelled similarly but are different machines.

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